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  1. This is starting to look like the classic 'R&D' trap. The product is never ready for market. We need more testing, we want to add another feature, we want to optimize this aspect etc. Very disappointing.
  2. What am I misunderstanding? The Flare launch would launch in june/july. Now only a testnet is launched?
  3. Some explanation would be nice. I assume that the Flare app needs to be installed on the same Nano used for generating the ETH like adress. In that case I can see how it works as both apps have the same seed for generating the secret key.
  4. Try your nano with XRP Toolkit.
  5. The negativity of some in this thread is mind boggling. You don't like what Flare is doing or people changing their mind? Setup your own crypto system and stop whining. Btw please send me your Spark tokens when they are released.
  6. Public ledger maybe? Your XRP are there for the whole world to see. They are on the ledger. Your nano only holds the key.
  7. Don't think you can use Ledger Live to claim Spark. Follow this tool https://flare.wietse.com
  8. Unfortunately it seems the txt file does not contain the decrypted secret key (starting with an 's') but needs to be decrypted. Sorry can't help you.
  9. If so you can import it in e.g. Xumm
  10. Does it contain a string starting with 's'? Same format as the public key.
  11. Reset with new 24 words (which creates new secret key on its secure chip). Buy 16 XRP (ca. 10USD). Probably easier than trying to recover it understanding you are new to this. If the 16 XRP on your current account becomes really valuable you can always recover it later with the 24 words you have now (assuming you do still have them).
  12. @Dario_o to be fair. Setting the ETH adress with the XRP toolkit is not hard at all and will take you only like 10 minutes.
  13. @jargoman the whole idea of the Nano is that you don't enter your private key into a wallet/computer but that it stays 'offline' on the Nano's secure chip. So I hope a Nano compatible wallet will become available.
  14. Using the XRP toolkit and my Nano Ledger I have added a Flare ‘ETH’ address to the message field of my XRP accounts. After the airdrop how can I access the Spark tokens? Not via the Ledger ETH wallet as the Flare network is a different network. I don’t know the secret key as it is stored inside my Nano. Do we have to wait for a ‘Flare’ Nano wallet?
  15. Okay thank you for providing some context. This was not clear to me from reading your post.
  16. Yes of course. Freedom of speech is essential to form ideas and keep things balanced. My reaction was to your ad hominem and ignoring someone you disagree with. In this time of censorship on social media and the whole 'cancel culture' I felt I had to react. I find this trend worrying.
  17. Wow. What happened to freedom of speech? What is it these days that people have to be ignored/censored/ridiculed when they have a different opinion than you? The stuff of dictatorships. Shame on you. "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."
  18. Sorry to hear about your loss. The good news is that you are still early to the game. Re-buy the XRP and store them safely (e.g. a Nano Ledger). When XRP goes 10x or 50x you will look back with a smile on this learning experience.
  19. Although paper wallets are considered safe you still have to trust the software/website and your computer not having Spyware when generating the secret key. Personally I prefer a hardware wallet like the nano s which should be safe even on an infected computer. Btw. you can also use it for 2FA to login into Binance (not sure about CB) which is considered a safer option than 2FA on your mobile.
  20. Xumm has the ability to import your secret key (in the app it is called the 'family seed')
  21. @Sharkey were both transaction amounts the same? I wonder what would have happened if you send your entire balance. Were they sent at exactly the same time or one before the other?
  22. This indicates that it is possible to ‘sneak in’ an unwanted transaction which doesn’t require physical confirmation. That is troubling. Please let us know what Ledger comes back with.
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