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  1. Does anyone know why samiam's Twitter account is suspended?
  2. This is indeed baffling. Sorry to hear about your loss. Curious. Did your nano pass the Ledger Live genuine test? If so than I really would like to hear an explanation from Ledger
  3. As I understood the RR something would happen on the 5th. Not perse an earth shattering rise as you suggest. More a starting point. We will see what happens toward the EOY I guess. Personally I think we will just see organic growth (with and influx of institutional money) and the usual speculative crypto movement. I give it a 10% chance that RR/BG are insiders. Would be something though
  4. I have been skeptical about the RR but also fascinated. The jump in price on the 5th of November has IMHO added to the credibility of the RR not the other way around
  5. To be clear I like the initiative, the interface, the speed, the fact that you are expanding the XRP ecosystem. That is why I opened an account. However transparency is important because it inspires trust. That's one of the things I like about Ripple the company. Their transparency and open source mentality. Also I am still curious about the RR angle
  6. Yeah. Why the anonymosity? Why the association with Ripple Riddler imagery (e.g. matrix background, 589)? Are you 'borrowing' from RR to hype your new exchange or are you RR? Both of you are capable at producing high quality video's. ?
  7. Agree that crypto and stock have different characteristics. I am looking at it more from a portfolio diversification stanpoint. An investor wanting to have X% of his/her investment portfolio in crypto assets. I don't know what percentage but 5% sounds reasonable. Then that percentage would go from the other asset classes (not only stocks but also bonds, commodities etc.) into the crypto sphere. Hence my bottom estimate of x10 just looking at the big numbers involved Personally I think that utility and FOMO will drive it much higher. Guess time will tell
  8. Signed in. Currently going through the verification process. Do like the clean interface
  9. @P3T3RIS your new exchange is not yet an established name. One of your main challenges (next to user friendliness) in my opinion is to gain trust of new customers. How can I trust you will not just run away with my money? Not trying to be mean here but I am curious to your answer
  10. Tried to post this under 'price speculation' but this option is greyed out for some reason. With crypto's becoming available in the near future to mainstream investors (via. Fidelity, Bakkt etc.) and crypto's being considered as a new asset class I tried to draw some comparisons with other asset classes like cash, bonds, stocks, real estate, commodities etc. to arrive at an order of magnitude feeling for the upward potential of the crypto market. It turns out there are different definitions of what asset classes there are and also finding consistent info on their value is harder than I first expected. Therefore, I continued the comparison with the stocks market only. Total value stock market is valued around 75 trillion (75,000,000,000,000) and total valuation of the crypto market at 210 billion (210,000,000,000). I know market cap is a poor measure but for my 'back on the envelope calculation' I can live with it. I then rounded this up to 300 billion to include the valuation of exchanges etc. (e.g. with Coinbase valued at 8 billion). If 1% of the stock market value would shift to crypto we would be a little over 1 trillion (300 billion + 1% of 75 trillion) that means a multiplier of 3,5 At a 5% shift we would be a little over 4 trillion. That is a multiplier of 13,5 This is a conservative approach not considering the value of the other asset classes Please let me know if my reasoning/calculation is correct. A lot of big numbers and zero’s involved here. A mistake is easy to make.
  11. Like the interface. Think I will open an account to check it out
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