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  1. If Kitao doesn't make you an instant millionaire (with you haven't done anything to earn it) he should commit suicide. Spoken like a true member of the entitlement generation
  2. Why not send half? And keep your XRP on two nanos
  3. Send it from the S to the public adress of the X. You can find this when clicking receive in the ledger app when the X is connected. I would first test a small amount. On your own risk of course
  4. The case I know of the 2FA and IP check were somehow bypassed. I am not an expert but this sounds like GH itself was compromised. Now they take this 'formal' stance with long emails instead of owning up and quickly solving the issue. I always liked GH but this is disappointing CZ Binance was quick to act and communicate. Owning up to the situation and reassuring his customers. That is the way to do business nowadays.
  5. The way GH is handling this is appalling. So much different than the speed, ownership and transparency we have seen from Binance.
  6. No need for panic. Just install the XRP app to access your balance. Fyi. Your XRP is linked to the secret key in your Nano (which can always be restored with the 24 words) even on another nano. In other words the 24 words are the most important.
  7. Sry. Disagree. The question is what if you invest today? Ripple/XRP is more mature (partners, network, presence, size) so that imho makes it a less risky investment. On the other hand the upside potential of CSC is huge. Don't choose. HODL both
  8. Does anyone know why samiam's Twitter account is suspended?
  9. This is indeed baffling. Sorry to hear about your loss. Curious. Did your nano pass the Ledger Live genuine test? If so than I really would like to hear an explanation from Ledger
  10. As I understood the RR something would happen on the 5th. Not perse an earth shattering rise as you suggest. More a starting point. We will see what happens toward the EOY I guess. Personally I think we will just see organic growth (with and influx of institutional money) and the usual speculative crypto movement. I give it a 10% chance that RR/BG are insiders. Would be something though
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