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  1. Haha
    K41105 reacted to SquaryBone in There’s no end in sight to XRP’s downtrend as transaction volume wanes   
    I think Ripple is trying to tell us something but they could've done it in a nicer way (next conspiracy theory incoming):

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    K41105 reacted to Caracappa in Is Ripple the official of XRP coin?   
    Well, I think they are, despite trying to be jurisdictionally seperated from the coin.
    They are the biggest party working on it and hold most of it. So yeah, thats a leader imo.
    That is not to say that it is open source and some other entity could take over that leading role if they come up with a killer app. But Ripple has quite a headstart.
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    K41105 reacted to Trisky in Nexo - My own bank?   
    I hope I posted this in the right spot, XRP is my primary hodl bag and was looking to use it together with banking services for convenience. I have looked for other (EUR) ways to get a good solid and reliable way to get some interest on my money without bunch of restrictions because my bank is getting more and more expensive and a lot more reasons for sure.
    I came across a platform called Nexo. Created an account for experiences and immediately was sold.
    Great interest on your EUR (and/or $) account of 8% (also on some stabilecoins, for XRP etc. interest is coming as well) and your account insured for $100M, if I am not mistaken by spelling, by Lloyd's London. There a re many benefits within the account to be found like a crypto credit line, a platform coin for a form of dividend (lol) by ratio and time (2018: 7,6% and 2019: 12,7% annual rate). PAXG is offered as well for those who are still saving for a safe but already have a computer with internet .
    To good to be true? They are focused on lending (also based on your crypto assets) and with the usage of the Nexo coin (and the Swiss banking background and regulations in place) makes this an interesting option.
    The negatives are you cant use other named accounts to transfer money, depositing salary by an employer isn't possible yet. Long waiting list for the credit card. And some other smaller issues I have to dig in. Don't get me wrong it's not perfect but by far the best thing I have seen this far for what I need.
    I think this is a great option for a savings account with a form of crypto liquidity by a relatively solid fin. partner. When the interest rate on XRP goes live I will be using some coins for the annual rate if this will be in the range of the stablecoins 8% that is.
    Another point is the security. I am no IT-specialist in this area but only one Authentication option and no hardware security key option yet seems to be a missed opportunity. The combination of both is way more secure (so always check when dealing with your finances, especially what YOU REALLY NEED TO DO YOURSELF, in relation to safety and security). Invest time and money for those coming in recently and unaware. Safety is relative we know now.
    8% interest on my EUR account, crypto's available from my account, combining my XUMM app and so on. This is something I can really use and was waiting for it. I believe a lot of people with me.
    This is in no way a promotion and/or my way to refer people to this service and always check it out thoroughly please.
    Maybe I am missing something and am aware of the possible risks, so should you.
    I believe I am more at risk with my current old dino bank and the insurance on my account is only 25k (backed by the government, I am paying for my own crappy insurance payout ). But that's personal  and got nothing to do with you.
    This is a taste of the future imho. Liquid accounts, full of assets transferable into another in an instant, cold/hot storage by providers, investment options all in one place. If better regulations are in place, I can see these accounts becoming useful real fast (and my old dino bank falling even faster making it even more risky besides the ongoing printing press operations by the FED company).
    So, my own bank? That's for you to judge. Enjoy and stay safe!
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    K41105 reacted to thinlyspread in Currencycloud To Process Cross Border Payments On RippleNet   
    So the other day I noticed during testing various products, that Nexo uses CurrencyCloud to wire some transfers. In my case, I was testing GBP corridors. 
    I think something big is happening behind the scenes with Nexo, CurrencyCloud, Ripple and others. Ripple is making a play into loans, which Miguel Vias talked about as being a future venture for the company as it expands. Loans would wield immense power and control over the financial ecosystem.
    Think about this: Ripple have an XRP warchest. They can use that XRP to incentivize (e.g. liquidity partnerships, whatever). Nexo provide COLLATERALIZED loans. This takes loans one step further and due to crypto requiring no intermediary removes all kinds of friction; basically instant loans at favourable rates. But you can also now get interest on crypto assets. Including XRP, currently 4% along with every other crypto. 
    Ripple could partner with Nexo (IMO they have already approached them) to up the XRP interest. This incentivizes both XRP holders (to buy XRP over other assets AND to hold more than they otherwise might), while also bringing more collateral onto the Nexo platform to expand their books. 
    To blow the roof of your brain completely, Nexo provide loans, and there's no reason these can't be sent via ODL (even via a partner to BOTH companies like CurrencyCloud). So we can kill multiple birds with one stone here, we get:
     – Better interest rates for holding XRP
     – More loans flowing over ODL
     – Interest repayments on loans adding more to the buy side of lop-sided ODL corridors (thus solving the chicken-egg liquidity dilemma)
     – Ripple and Nexo access new corridors, markets, partners
     – Customers and partners get faster loans and payouts
     – Ripple/Nexo control loan terms and strategic placements 
     – Etc
    As Ripple go into loans and leverage XRP as collateral for cash flow, they get more say in WHAT loans are made and on WHAT terms. It could even get to become politically relevant one day, in the way the World Bank, SWIFT or even the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are in research/charity. It means they can start to loan to businesses who are doing things that in turn help Ripple & partners. It become an endless positive feedback loop and virtuous cycle. And on top of all that, I am guessing Ripple themselves could just park XRP with Nexo when required and is mutually beneficial to reap the rewards of interest payments on loans. Endless ways of doing it with such a gargantuan warchest that goes anywhere in ~3 secs. 
    If Nexo were able to be acquired (or acqui-hired), I think it's a PRIME target along with the other crypto lenders. But I think a deal is in the works or maybe under NDA already but Nexo are quite big for their boots at this point. 
    The possibilities and combinations here are immense for Ripple, Nexo, crypto loans and ultimately XRP as well. 
  5. Confused
    K41105 reacted to MrX in Serious Accumulation among XRP Largest Wallets. Could This Impact the Price?   
    No, there is no accumulation. Just a little glitch. 

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    K41105 reacted to Jotaro in Anytime soon   
    If you want to tell people it's time for take off, this is the correct way to do it, which is Back it up, not to remain secretive/pm/showing a Deer avatar.
    I dont need you all to request pm, here's my take, no you dont have to send me 1,000 xrp and i wont send you 100,000 xrp back either.
    Some lifeform pm-ed me here's the stages of progression:
    1. under the descending trendline for 1 year
    2. started to use the descending trendline as support in the 2nd year
    3. lift off

    and look where we're at now in the pic below:

  7. Thanks
    K41105 reacted to QWE in Whats everyones take?   
    This data is for Bitstamp only:
    You currently need 8.5 million USD to move XRP from 0.20 USD to 1.00 USD, but you need 46 million USD to move BTC from 10k USD to 50k USD.
    This is just Bitstamp, you have to take into account other exchanges, so it would of course be much more than that, but I believe the comparison still stands. Interestingly enough it takes roughly the same amount of USD to move ETH by 5x as it does for XRP (at Bitstamp).
    It is hard to extrapolate this data for ranges that you mentioned (0.2 USD to 10 USD and 10 USD to 100 USD), because my data is just the amounts of different digital assets at market sell orders at this time. As soon as prices start moving, market orders get added and removed, so market psychology takes it from there.
    Generally, when prices move up quickly, there are a lot of new buyers, and at the same time, a lot of sellers remove their sell orders, because they are afraid they might miss higher prices. This means much less hard cash is needed to move the price up.
    The only thing that market capitalization of a digital asset really tells you, is how much money it would take for every seller out there to be able to cash out at the current price.
    For example, the current market cap of BTC is about 175 billion USD, so it would take 175 billion USD of hard cash to allow every BTC owner in the world to sell their Bitcoin at 9600 USD.
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    K41105 reacted to WarChest in Whats everyones take?   
    I can't see anybody being able to put a figure to the price in 3 years time. It's just a gamble.
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    K41105 reacted to Caracappa in Whats everyones take?   
    That is an impossible calculation to make. XRP being at 9bln marketcap does not mean that 9bln dollars were invested in it. I've read so called 'analysis' that predict that the total amount invested in it is between 50x and 200x lower than the achieved marketcap.
    But simply said. You could throw in 100k or 1bln and price does not have to move theoretically. The divergence between buyers or sellers wanting to buy/sell is what makes up price. If everybody gets enthusiastic about XRP and starts holding waiting for highe prices then price goes up because people wanting to buy need to pay more. But if more people are looking to sell it it can drop.

    Imo price will go up when whales decide it can go up, or they can not suppress price anymore because it costs them to much to keep (invisible and visible) sell walls up
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    K41105 reacted to Dario_o in Whats everyones take?   
    Let's get back to $0.21 first
    XRP is completely disappointing price-wise, 0,00002112 BTC today FCS
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    K41105 reacted to Caracappa in Whats everyones take?   
    Every cycle the growth will be less and less as more capital is needed to make it grow. The step from $0,005 to $0,40 in 2017 was easier then going from $ 0.20 cents now to $10
    That is also why I believe the growth for XRP (and other alts) will be more percentage wise then for BTC for example. Going from $10.000 to $100.000 takes so much capital, while the same 10x growth from $0,20 now to $2.00 is much more feasible (as it did $2.00+ allready).
  12. Haha
    K41105 reacted to LetHerRip in Bitcoin halving   
    The face of a Ripple Fanboy Hide the pain, everything is great.
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    K41105 reacted to mandelbaum in Ripple will buy R3, is this article True and legit?   
    We still do not know what the settlement between Ripple and R3 was. We only know that R3 made an attempt at "buying" the Utility Settlement Coin project. This failed and SBI suddenly came on to the scene, made a joint venture with R3 called SBI R3 Japan through a pretty large investment in R3. R3 made XRP the first settlement Oracle with its settler application, and then Kitao became a board member of Ripple.
    BTW: In David Schwartz Block Stars podcast, Chris Larsen talked about meeting Yoshitaka Kitao back in 2005/2006 and they discussed digital tokens. Remember, this is 4 years before Bitcoin. (Starts talking about this around 3 minutes)
    Sept 2018:
    December 2018
    January 2019
    April 2019
    The dates seem pretty important in this series of news.
  14. Haha
    K41105 reacted to cannylad in Ripple will buy R3, is this article True and legit?   
    If it was true XRP would of dropped to $0.10, 
  15. Haha
    K41105 reacted to xrp_sea in Ripple will buy R3, is this article True and legit?   
    I trust this about as much as an email that I got stating that I have an inheritance from a lost relative in Uganda. 
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    K41105 reacted to Archbob in Bank of America confirms Ripple partnership   
    I can see where the investor money is flowing and its not going into XRP. The money flow into crypto is much smaller than what the crypto community thinks and over 95% of it is going into either Bitcoin or Ethereum, not to other Alt coins. When I see brockerages offer service to only one coins, its always Bitcoin. The big dealers of OTC mainly deal with Bitcoin as well. Its really obvious to anyone who is paying attention that the excitement in the outside businesses world isn't the same as the hyped up theories in cryptoverse and that most all investment money is going into Bitcoin of the money that is coming in.
    The reason XRP can't move independently of Bitcoin isn't that hard to figure out. Its because there's very little demand and a extremely high supply. This is true of most, if not, all Alt coins. The mass adoption isn't here yet and by the way big investors are acting, its not that close.
    XRP is better for swing trading than it has been for holding because its not going to dip to 0 and its not going to moon anytime soon. Even when it has bursts, it always comes back down in terms of Bitcoin ratio so sell after it goes up 10 or 20% and then buying back in every once in a while is almost a sure strategy for longer term gains.
  17. Sad
    K41105 reacted to Staigera in omg $ 0.19   
    You know whats hilarious? 
    For a measly 20k i can almost at 0,10c buy the same amount of xrp i spended 100k for just 2 years ago.

  18. Sad
    K41105 reacted to Viggo in Who is buying the dips?   
    Down 80K, not buying anything any time soon! 
  19. Like
    K41105 reacted to XRP_to_20dollars in Feb 2021 Update to Nov 2019 Thread: What's your drop dead give up date?   
    Let us be honest. There is no such thing as "money you can afford to lose.'
    If there was, you would not need to invest it in hopes of a return.
    There is just 'would hurt a little to lose money' and 'wife, please do not leave me money.'
    Let us see how this all plays out. I am pretty confident the next 2 years will make up our minds for us. We will either be sub cent or over 10 dollars. 
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    K41105 reacted to AlejoMoreno in Charting the course of XRP   
    I don’t see the reason to beat the crap out of you over your analysis. Your analysis are obviously based off of technical indicators. Whether the market abides by those technical indicators is anyone’s guess.
    Cryptocurrency is obviously an unfair market with different players having unfair advantages. Trading in this market by design cannot be regulated. So people should not be surprised that technical indicators can easily be ignored by the “market” for no reason at all. 
    When you have a single person or small groups of people holding majority shares in every single digital asset, how does anyone think this market will obey technical indicators 100%?
  21. Sad
    K41105 reacted to Staigera in CEO Brad Garlinghouse says '' Ripple Would Be Unprofitable Without XRP Sales''   
    First off all i don't know how reliable this news is since the crypto space is filled with shilling shady articles that hype sh!t up more then it means. But if it's true then this is another sign that Ripple is dishonest with us.
    And notice how i'm not talking about them using XRP sales to build the railway perse because most of that has already been done.
    I'm talking about the fact that he says that they need the XRP sales to keep the lights on, because i recall either Brad or DS saying they do not require the sale of XRP to survive but do it out of necessity to spread XRP on the market to increase the liquidity.
    If the article above is accurate, then this is yet another thing that contradicts with what Ripple said earlier.
    We already have the famously overly optimistic predictions made by Mr Garlinghouse about the big bank(s) using XRP. And now this.
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    K41105 reacted to Bettergoham in Does Novogratz have a point?   
    I literally can't comprehend why this is still a talking point surrounding XRP beyond.  If you invested in a emerging asset class with the expectation of high returns and without the expectation of incredibly high risk you are a moron.  If you didn't understand or ignored the fact that one of these risks could be that Ripple is a renegade company looking to bamboozle thousands of investors with the largest ponzi scheme ever then you are a moron.
    Even though I am a huge investor in XRP the truth is that this "investment" is a gambling with better odds than a lottery ticket.  If you are making this gamble you must accept a few things:
    1.) The largest owner of the underlying asset on this gamble is a corporation who, in their own interest, wants the price of XRP to rise substantially but will use its value periodically to drive an ecosystem that will make that happen
    2.) There are incredibly large risks related to regulations and these regulations must be set ACROSS THE GLOBE
    3.)Even if the first two come to fruition, there is a chance some competitors product is chosen as "The Standard" over Ripple's solution
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    K41105 reacted to Ripple-Stiltskin in Scenario: Ripple Goes Public   
    Ok 3 scenario’s: 
    The good:  they have big strategic plans which include XRP and will cost a sh*tload of money. An IPO raises that money and will fulfill their dream of #XRPthestandard
    The bad: they don’t care about XRP, as it is a lost cause or at best a very tiny niche. But their software company needs money to grow bigger and dominate the software market, hence the IPO 
    The Ugly: they don’t care about XRP nor about their company, they just want to cash out and living la vida loca. 
    And several scenario’s in between. 
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    K41105 reacted to ADingoAteMyXRP in Scenario: Ripple Goes Public   
    Sadly I agree with a lot of these sentiments. Public companies are simply different — in behavior, in motivation, in (obviously) who owns them.
    No one understands the value of digital currencies better than the people who control Ripple today. As soon as they become profit motivated I’m concerned they will begin (and I feel weird even typing this) dumping in earnest. Partnerships and profit will become more important than vision and values. It won’t happen instantly but within a couple years leadership will have vested and be able to run with a truckload of cash.
    Or maybe they’ll be different! One can only hope.
  25. Haha
    K41105 reacted to Walter_S in Scenario: Ripple Goes Public   
    So....a typical Tuesday then?
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