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  1. Gives you some hope if you want to see a pattern into this. Because the actual descending channel makes you cry, that's for sure...
  2. Folks...i read ECB, i read SWIFT, i read Ripple...just a reminder. ECB = European Central Bank. EUROPEAN. Can you really imagine that, they will choose a US Based company in any circumstances, over SWIFT, even if Ripple has way more better, faster, cheaper solutions for cross border payments. I can't.
  3. So....a typical Tuesday then? I cry and laugh simultaneously.
  4. Seriously, i'm really concerned about this. I'm just a regular XRP holder, and I already feel the need. You kidding me? Owning an actual share from Ripple instead of this highly speculative asset? This is crazy. What will happen with the price after this? Goes below zero?
  5. Sigh...i just rated this year. But, sure, come up with some smart counter answer.
  6. 2019 BTC mid JAN low around $3300 now ~$6600 still up ETH mid JAN low around $100 now ~$120 still up even LTC mid JAN low around $30 now ~$37 still up XRP...-40% of the value from mid JAN. Was a great year for us...so far.
  7. This interview was a big nothing to be honest. Vague answers for the direct questions. Infos that we already know, and heard 100 times. And now i drop the A-Bomb. At some point in the future Ripple should really go to be a public company.
  8. Like above. What if Ripple found their own banking institution? They have the starting capital, that's for sure. Could they? Why? Is that an option, benefits? Dunno, i'm stupido & i'm just thinking about stupid things. Sorry. The ultimate partnership Ripple Bank.
  9. Euro Exim Bank, Cuallix, and my bad, but even SBI. Honestly, I never heard of them before Ripple. And after i checked them out, i mean just look the website's they have. Seems like the dotcom era. Santander in the other hand, that would be a great deal, for real. If they actually would use the XRP system in big term.
  10. Agreed. At ~70% Bitcoin dominance with ~2500 coins. Expect nothing special, just following the captain in the team. Atleast following, lol, don't mention this year. Except if Ripple drops an Atomic Bomb News, like an OFFICIAL partnership with a superdupermega/bank/firm/conglomerate. Until then, try to work on your trading skills.
  11. I agree, mix the emotion to this can be very destructive. Keep saying, we can't go any lower. But, yes we can, very easy. At 70% of BTC Dominance. BTC farts a little and we can find ourself at the stone age. We have the worst performance from the top coins, you can't even call that, we moved backwards, and we are in a very dangerous zone right now. Other, what do you guys think about this opinion? (Tradingview Idea) XRP: Huge Support Break! Don't HODL Until Death.
  12. Interesting, and i noticed they switched the order. I mean just look, the first was BTC now they put the XRP in the first place? (nexo.io) Ps: Now BTC is the first again...i swear to God it wasn't...or maybe i'm tired.
  13. CryptoTwins are funny. But i see their newest video was 4 month ago. They lost the enthusiasm? Well, we can't blame them for that.
  14. My plan in this utopian dreamworld would be more investments. Real Estate, which sounds obvious choice. I live near border, where people leave their town daily, for the better work opportunities, in a healthier country next to us. The rent is huge here...*Evil Laugh*
  15. When i see the Tether outperforms the XRP, i want to launch an RPG into my head!
  16. Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, and Chris Larsen, co-founder and executive chairman of the firm, have jointly penned an open letter to U.S. Congress over regulatory issues in the cryptocurrency space. In their letter issued Sunday, Garlinghouse and Larsen say, without regulatory clarity, there is a risk to innovation, tax revenue, and jobs that blockchain technology has to offer. https://www.ripple.com/insights/open-letter-to-congress/ “We urge you to support regulation that does not disadvantage U.S. companies using these technologies to innovate responsibly,” they write. The
  17. I would like to see Brad Garlinghouse instead of Jeremy Allaire (CEO of Circle) on the upcoming hearing (Tuesday, July 30)...but still interesting, tho: THE COMMITTEE ON BANKING, HOUSING, AND URBAN AFFAIRS will meet in OPEN SESSION to conduct a hearing entitled “Examining Regulatory Frameworks for Digital Currencies and Blockchain.” The witnesses will be: Mr. Jeremy Allaire, Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Circle, on behalf of The Blockchain Association; Ms. Rebecca M. Nelson, Specialist in International Trade and Finance, Congressional Research Service; and Ms. Mehrsa B
  18. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says U.S. regulators are likely to issue new rules on cryptocurrencies to ensure that they don’t negatively impact the financial system. After staying mostly quiet on the issue for more than two years, the Trump administration has been raising alarm over potential risks associated with virtual money since Facebook Inc. announced plans for a digital token last month. Mnuchin on Wednesday repeated concerns that Bitcoin is being used for criminal activity and pledged that financial regulators would work together on the issue. “We’re looking at all of th
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