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  1. He wrote that 6 hours ago. He/She has 18 hours more. Wait for it.
  2. Yes sir! Alright sir! Understood sir! I'm so sorry sir!
  3. Bradley "Kent" Garlinghouse? Born in Kansas? Kent + Kansas? Sounds familiar.
  4. Well, i hope 50cent...if you know what i mean.
  5. I give you a Like, i mean a Heart for that. :-)
  6. "It is understood that you are a BTC maxi and that is why you are visiting this thread..."
  7. I was really surprised how many people live in Japan. Est. 126 million. This is nothing to do with SBI, tho.
  8. Omg, it hurts to see these numbers. Why don't you just kick me in the nuts. Would be better than this.
  9. "When is the rally starting ?" When i sell my XRP stash. The moment i sell, the price goes to infinity and beyond. Sooooo, when? Never. Sorry.
  10. Just me, or he looks like a younger version of Aidan Gillen aka Petyr f#ckin' Littlefinger Baelish. Coincidence? I don't think so, i don't like this guys, not one bit.
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