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  1. I recently read Hodor's April 26th blog titled, "This Is Crypto". In it, he mentions how he'd like Ripple to report the volumes that are a result of xRapid being utilized rather than having the community try to estimate this. Here's my counter-intuitive thought about it: Maybe we should be careful what we wish for. What will investors do if Ripple begins providing this information and we see volume continually increase, but the utility of xRapid usage has little to no affect on the price? Perhaps it's best for investors to only guess what the volumes are and how they may be influencing XRP's price. Thoughts? - Shane M
  2. From my understanding, the soon to be released Facebook Coin will be a stable coin comprised of a basket of fiat currencies not dissimilar to the SDR. If this is the case, do you guys see this as the same kind of threat, or lack of threat, that the JPM coin is to XRP in terms of its usage for cross-border payments?
  3. I appreciate all the responses. I'll look into all of those mentioned
  4. If crypto becomes adopted worldwide, I can see Xrapid becoming less useful as people will have no need to go to the bank to transfer money cross border. They'll just do what Coinbase is suggesting, which is a simple crypto wallet to crypto wallet transfer. Let's just hope by then through education, liquidity and marketing, that XRP becomes the de facto method of transferring value
  5. Hey guys, I'm looking for a $100 lottery"ish" crytpo ticket to take a chance on during the next bull market. I'm curious what this smart community likes that's outside of the top 100
  6. That was one of the most comprehensive discussions I've ever seen on Ripple and XRP. 2 hours of jammed pack info
  7. I really love the fact that running a validator isn't profit motivated. With XRP not having scaling issues and not having a financial reward from mining, I'd imagine it significantly lessons the likeness of a fork, as opposed to POW.
  8. Another important thing to consider is that as price goes up due to demand, less XRP will be needed to transfer value. To transfer $100 today, you'd need about 322 XRPs to do it. At a $10 XRP, you'd only require 10 XRPs. Putting it another way, you'll need about 97% less XRPs at $10 than at 31c.
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