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  1. I'll know AI is ready for universal adaptation when the nuance of human communication can be communicated via posts in a forum. We are indeed good. Thanks mate! ?
  2. I appreciate the reply, but as you wrote, this is from their user agreement. Everyone has security in their "DNA." Everyone takes a "holistic approach" to security. This UA is part marketing propaganda and part policy information about their security processes. Fine. Uphold is secure. They hold hands and sing Kumbaya in the data center whilst praying for some deity to protect their owner's equity. But the user agreement doesn't answer my question, with or without having researched it. I was asking why Uphold receives what seems to be a good amount of criticism. Sorry to all to have asked what seemed to be a fairly straightforward question. I'll retire back to my ignorance. Have a nice day.
  3. And one terse reply doesn't my question. I believe that we can all agree that we've read multiple disparaging comments about Uphold. There are even a couple on here that seemed to indicate contempt for them. May someone else has a more enlightening response.
  4. I have a question about Uphold. (Sorry mods if this has to be moved for mis-posting.) Why the hate for Uphold around the interwebs?
  5. What are the USA member's most prized venue for USD exchange into crypto? I'm having headaches with them all.
  6. What stands out to me is that the USA is no longer in a position to make independent decisions in a global economy. Granted, it is one of the largest currency grantors on the planet. It also may be the major global military power, though one could argue that its power is no stronger than the nearest non-NATO nuke. Cryptocurrency adoption is going to be a global decision. The regulators in the US will not be able to stand alone if the remainder of the world wants things to follow another path. Both China and the EU have larger GDPs than the US, according to the IMF. Some sources claim that the US has the largest gold reserves in the world, but there are ample sources that claim it is a lie. The US is no longer the world's 1970s Perkinsesque financial hit-man.
  7. USD to ETH on Coinbase > ETH to XRP on Bitsane > Bitsane to CoinPayments wallet (or paper/flash) for long term sit & wait. If not, why, and what's a better one?
  8. But the wall is my safe space where I get my participation trophies. And Mother likes my participation trophies. Us crazies have a lot in common.
  9. One last comment here, then I will lurk for a while. My apologies to you and your staff at Bithomp. I know just enough to be dangerous and obviously not enough to be giving sage advice.
  10. Now that I have been properly schooled, I will return to my little room and my cloistered life. Thank you for the information.
  11. I never said anything about Binance, nor did I mention a transfer fee. I said that I was charged $10 for using Bithomp's wallet, and they did not disclose the charge up front. There is indeed 20 XRP in the wallet, but its status is "reserve," and I can't remove it. I assume it's forever lost to Bithomp. Is this not incorrect?
  12. It depends on the vendor who generated the wallet. I just spent the past three hours going through the archaic interface on Bithomp to complete the same action. To add insult to injury, after the initial transfer from my primary online wallet to the paper one at Bithomp, I was charged approximately 10 USD for the user experience, and was subjected to the exorbitant fee without full disclosure from the vendor beforehand. Just be patient and read/watch as many tutorials as you can. The ah-ha moment will eventually come. But it will cost you a ridiculous amount of psychological pain and some crypto.
  13. I'm here to discover the benevolence or lack thereof in those who purport to be supporting the XRP community. Exorbitant fees charged by ancillary vendors are detrimental to the community. If one wants to get rich on fees, maybe one should go into government service. Moderators love me, so they should go ahead and put me on their watch list. However, I am genteel, which does not actually preclude one from being opinionated. Please try and not confuse the two.
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