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  1. First, I'm sorry, Mahatma, for paraphrasing your famous sentence. I guess we are at the top of phase 3 - fight: SEC lawsuit, CMC manipulating XRP price by intentionally decreasing circulating supply on their shitty page.... I hate to say but with every new Elon's tweet I see more clearly that crypto regulation is not a bad idea. And more and more I am convinced that "HODL XRP" strategy is the right way. Technologies that simply work, are cheaper, more useful, and for many other reasons better than what is currently used, will eventually prevail on their own. Fire, raft, wheel.... p
  2. CMC is manipulating XRP marketcap? Regarding coindesk, it seems they calculate marketcap as Total supply x Current price (not Circulating supply x Current price) BTW - Total XRP Distributed 46 030 731 641 (as of April 25th, 2021) source: https://ripple.com/xrp/market-performance/
  3. Yes, Poloniex is another exchange trading FLR (IOU), thanks for sharing. Considering actual prices (Jan 13, 2021 at 13:10 UTC) XFLR/USDT=0.067 - https://poloniex.com/exchange/USDT_XFLR FLR/XRP=0.599 - https://www.bitrue.com/trade/flr_xrp XRP/USDT=0.298 - https://www.bitrue.com/trade/xrp_usdt This is how I imagine arbitrage trading works: 1) buy 1000 FLR on Poloniex (spending 67 USDT) 2) move 1000 FLR to Bitrue 3) sell FLR for 599 XRP 4) sell 599 XRP for 178 USDT Of course this is not possible now since FLR deposit/withdrawal (ie. moving between exchanges, step 2
  4. So far I have found only two exchanges where FLR trading is available (IOU): India's crypto exchange Giottus: https://www.giottus.com/tradeview?basecoin=INR&paircoin=FLR/INR1 Bitrue: https://www.bitrue.com/trade/flr_xrp Considering INR/USD=0.014, at the time of writing this FLR to USD in Giottus gives approx. FLR=$0.30 (FLR/INR=21 -> FLR/USD=0.30) In Bitrue FLR/XRP=0.58 -> approx. FLR=$0.16 I've been watching this for several days, FLR price varies significantly at least on these two exchanges ($0.16 vs $0.30) I guess once FLR will be fully supported on more exchang
  5. You can participate by delegating your Spark to scandinodes.com or any other delegation service running FTSO. This Spark is very new, we all have to wait for more details.
  6. Interesting, I didn't think about it that way. I agree it is more expensive and it takes much more time to transfer money between bank and crypto exchange. I have no experience with other exchanges, I use Bitstamp and their withdrawal fee for SEPA is 3 EUR - this is crazy and absolutely unusable for me considering every single payment. However I personally see no need to transfer money from my Bitstamp account to my standard bank account, perhaps once a time but not very often. I simply consider Bitstamp account to be just another bank account where I can hold and convert any asset (
  7. No we are not market-makers or something like that. To be more specific, we're friends interested in history, genealogy and numismatics, so we exchange our collectibles or assist collecting new coins, banknotes etc. And we pay each other via XRP. And once in a while I also process geographic data for my friend currently living in Canada. It is mainly routine manual work (digitizing maps and georeferencing raster data using QGIS/GRASS) at fixed hourly rate he pays via XRP. It is not a big business - but that is exactly why I still find it amazing you can send small amount say $30 and
  8. I have successfully sent and received money several times between EU, CAD and US via XRP. Yes, me and my partners, everyone has his own exchange account (Coinfield, Biststamp, Kraken) so these were "raw transfers" - no financial service providers, no insurance etc. But we all trust each other and we're willing to accept the risks, eg. XRP address incorrectly entered - and these mistakes we try to avoid by sending initial small amount of XRP, rest is always submitted after receiver's confirmation. Based on this experience I can honestly say there is no easier, cheaper and faster crossborde
  9. Considering procedure I have described above, your goal is met, fees are low, transaction is blazingly fast. Tested. It works. And you can transfer any amount of money, only limit is liquidity and regulations. I'm curious what you mean when you say entering the stock exchange is expensive? Please see transfer/trading fees at Bitstamp, Coinfield or any other exchanges.... Actually I have also been looking for cheap and fast money transfer service and found XRP as the most suitable. Moreover, working globally
  10. Let's assume legit money transfer: Sender in Europe having Bitstamp account wants to send EUR, Receiver in Canada having Coinfield account wants to receive CAD. 1) Receiver provides Sender his Coinfield address and destination tag 2) Sender in Europe sends EUR from his local european bank account to his Bitstamp account (SEPA payment) 3) Sender use EUR to buy XRP at Bitstamp 4) Sender sends XRP from Bitstamp to Receiver's Coinfield address + destination tag (provided by Receiver in step 1) 5) Receiver receives XRP at Coinfield 6) Receiver use XRP to buy CAD at Coinfield 7) Rec
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