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  1. If I'm lazy and just leave them on kraken will I get them automatically?
  2. International Group of Finance Leaders Says Ripple’s XRP Remittance Network Leapfrogs Traditional Banking System The Daily Hodl has an interesting report of a report... DIGITAL CURRENCIES AND STABLECOINS Risks, Opportunities, and Challenges Ahead by the Group of 30. Not sure who they are but they seem to have a few finance and economics experts amongst them. Ripple gets a mention. "COORDINATING THE INTRODUCTION OF GLOBAL OFFICIAL-SECTOR STABLECOINS Carney (2019) has raised the question of whether a globally coordinated “systemic hegemonic currency” could dampen the spillover s
  3. Looks like xrp has regained 3rd spot from tether.
  4. According to one article I read, the data came from Ledger.exposed. https://ledger.exposed/rich-stats
  5. In fact it looks like there has been no odl at all spotted by utility scan for 2 1/2 hours. Is this normal?
  6. I know its Saturday but very few transfers going through on https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard and they are mostly in the hundred dollars or so range.
  7. What does this mean for odl and xrp I wonder?
  8. Interesting that the daily liquidity is up about 10 million which is just over the daily odl according to https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard
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