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  1. Thanks for letting us know. Ignore the naysayers. Do you remember what you had said that caused Leo's reaction?? eg was it something like " Christine Lagarde will be the next head of the ecb... mark my words!" In which case he could have been commending your inside knowledge of Brussels politics. Or was it more "all the banks will be using xrp... etc"?
  2. Looks like MGI is up 13% at $1.64 at the moment. Its almost as volatile as a crypto!
  3. and they would immediately start undercutting WU etc who would then need to sign up to use xrp in order to compete.
  4. No idea if this is true or not. So far there seems to be just one source (crypthawk) but you ask why would Ripple go for this? Well one reason might be that it guarantees a certain level of liquidity because if they own Moneygram they can use xrp at every possible opportunity and this might then allow them to crack customers who are waiting for the liquidity to increase before signing off.
  5. No. What do you use to set the buy and sell prices?
  6. Anyone this dumb will already have sent all their money to an african prince.
  7. new pic on rippled https://imgur.com/a/PPEmbbJ Are those swifts??
  8. She may not have meant a date, maybe she was referring to the cost of compliance for smaller banks.
  9. I may be wrong, but I think DividendGamer may have been aiming his remarks at Zerptime.
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