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  1. They presumably felt that they had to develop actual use cases because until they did that it could only be deemed a security.
  2. Unfortunately you are just plank-ton at the moment! :-)
  3. I think they are holding onto Brad so as he can be the fall guy after the court case.
  4. Is it possible to short XRP? Not that I want to but is it possible to even have a short squeeze?
  5. I've set my sell order with a limit of ten euros just in case I get locked out during the frenzy...
  6. From 24th december... Just before we pop off for the holidays we thought we would bring you some of the highlights of the SEC’s filing against Ripple Labs. Because its 71 pages really were hugely insightful reading. Emphasis ours throughout. Let’s start with the assertion that the defendants were aware of their venture potentially falling under federal securities law as far back as 2013: Ripple engaged in this illegal securities offering from 2013 to the present, even though Ripple received legal advice as early as 2012 that under certain circumstances XRP could be consid
  7. The trial by jury is interesting. Does it mean basically the outcome would be decided by non-experts in what could be a very technical case?
  8. Seems to me this is what the oddly high values using odl picked up by https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard might have been for.
  9. Credible Crypto has a nice little video on loom. Seems like if we can hold 30c for the weekly close we are good to go. His tweet below..... Over 8,000 people have watched my video update on $XRP that I shared 2 days ago. The weekly close discussed here is about 36 hours away. Everything discussed in the video still stands. Watch it below if you haven’t yet to see why this weekly close is so important. Quote Tweet Credible Crypto @CredibleCrypto · Dec 24 $XRP. https://loom.com/share/d8539c2c4cda43cd9888dc054baf14e5
  10. Do they take holidays in Dec/Jan in Japan or are we likely to see some more SBI ODL over the next week?
  11. Interesting... why do you think that would have an impact?
  12. Have used Kraken since 2015 and had no issues. The only problem has been for some people getting the approval sorted during busy times can be slow. I'm in the EU.
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