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  1. Thanks Buddy. Looks like it's a Binance ****s up. Will try to find older version. Not sure if it can be set to manual update only, will check, pretty sure it's an auto updater.
  2. Latest android O.S. up to date on Samsung galaxy A5 /6. I suppose it must be the Binance update. So annoying though. Tried reinstalling, updating phone, cleaning up the phone memory etc. Just use it a lot, not good not to able to respond to market changes.
  3. yep, on wifi. All was good on wifi and on the mobile network, until the last update and now cant trade on the move.
  4. Hi, is anyone else having issues with the buy and sell pages on the Binance mobile app? The trade pages will not update and it makes it impossible to use it to trade. Have reinstalled and emptied memory on phone without success. Any ideas?
  5. That seems to me to be a good enough reason why BTC maybe shouldn't be ruling the roost anymore Rikki.
  6. That's for sure. That's why my investment is on XRP Julian. It's the coin with the product and not just the pie in the sky.
  7. xWelfare, seeing lots of laughs and few posts amigo.
  8. Totally agree Enrique11, but then I suppose the Institution would prefer to see the destruction of all Cryptos. For what other reason is this continuous foot dragging for.
  9. Eventually we want our assets to be worth more, not just have more and more that are worth the same or less.
  10. Well aware of the opportunity to sell and buy more at the bottom, but surely a confident market brings in new money as well.
  11. Must say that it's getting a little boring that when Bitcoin goes south virtually all Altcoins follow. With the current BTC crash today, it would have been pleasant to say the least to see XRP hold its value against Fiat trading pairs. Although XRP it has been holding its value against BTC better than most, it is somewhat disappointing to see the value of XRP decline against the dollar once again. Surely it is time for XRP to stand on its own two feet and let Bitcoin crash alone.
  12. Hi, Any comments on why after the latest announcements of x rapid going live with the Japanese banking consortium and other recent positive new, the Ripple price has dipped so much, when one would have expected the price to rally? Could this be because many traders reject Ripple as it is working with the banking system? Or maybe that Clinton spoke at the recent conference. Not the most popular person to invite along really.
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