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  1. Is this a known thing, I've been looking and I've found a few other posts concerning similar stories. The address is the binance wallet. Apparently, they can't do anything unless I get the authorities involved. Im not even sure whos jurisdiction that falls under?
  2. Hey mate I've created it on a separate computer, im trying to figure out how it has happened i think it may have been emailing but he swears he hasn't clicked anything. What I find weird is the didn't clean the whole account they left a few in there maybe in a rush. I have decided to take the loss on my portfolio and give him back what he lost haha. Apparently, he emailed Brad Garlinghouse today lol.
  3. The ironic thing is I actually ordered one for him the other day for his birthday later this month ?
  4. Hello everyone, I am hesitant to make this post as i know i will kop a lot of hate but I have exhausted all options. Ill try to keep the story short. My old man has invested into ripple and has been a long term holder since June buying chunks of XRP when he can. He absolutely loves the project and doesn't stop talking about it. Today he came in pale as a sheep and said that his funds have gone he had about 12400 XRP all up. He was storing his ripple on a rippex wallet, which after doing some reading has stopped running its services. I dont think this would affect the balance of his account and looking at the transactions it looks like he may of been hacked :( this is his old address rDgrKAmfs5b3MusVk3aqRj8t6LyK6XnUHv. What makes it worse was these transactions happened back in June and while ripple had its run he was so excited for the future. He was literally unaware of what happened cause he's a hodler. Can any of you to help him reclaim his xrp from the hacker (we have contacted theft report and the binance and kraken exchange to where these funds had been sent). Binance have pretty much said meh we can't do anything until the authorities are involved. I have created a wallet for him on Toast (heard its a good one thoughts?). I am going to send him some of my XRP if no one has any better options on trying to recover his funds. His address is rL1R3kedKh94RQs1VmGdeUNBbqSAHH6GtP if anyone is feeling kind enough to help. Of course you don't have to and i can understand that some of you may be offended for me to ask this of you. But otherwise, any advice is extremely welcome I just want to get his xrp back! MUCH LOVE <3<3<3
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