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  1. @mouradski Thanks for the feedback, and most of all, thank you for designing the ODL utility scan website, it is truly a fantastic tool. I am aware that this USD-BAHT transaction is just a first step/test in view of fully opening this corridor. However, I doubt that the recently spotted transactions in from USD to various new currencies such as EUR, RUB, BAHT, JPY are all pure coincidences. I believe these are early test transactions which need to happen before rolling out the real volume. What we are witnessing are hopefully the tiny pre-shocks preceding the Ripple Earthquake that will unfold over the year.
  2. https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard More and more corridors are being opened with each week. Exciting times
  3. Thanks. The most interesting metrics for XRP are however missing: the number of ODL corridors and ODL volume. ODL volume went from barely launched/inexistent in December 2018 to around 3.5-4 Mio USD daily volume in December 2019 (not taking this Christmas week into account). That is very impressive progress which should continue exponentially as more and more corridors open. Curious to see the comparison in one year, hopefully price will follow utility!
  4. No. Brad only makes predictions under his alias bearableguy123
  5. Oh please just **** off. Just because you bought high doesn’t mean everybody was late to the party. Many people on this board lost millions of XRP bought at below .006 USD because of Gatehub, so stop the inappropriate comments.
  6. People in here have been adjusting trendlines for 318 pages. Love the optimism though
  7. None of the marketcap websites such as livecoinwatch specifically measure the trades happening via ODL/xRapid, but capture all the trades happening on exchanges. So the data you state is not precise for measuring ODL activity. For ODL activity, where actual volume is still low, refer to specialised websites such as https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard. The low volume will ramp up once new corridors are online, we are still between « crawl » and « walk » phases. Galgitron is also posting interesting data on Twitter.
  8. Very impressive. Thanks for setting this up. Curious to see how this unfolds over the next months.
  9. I also don't see why you are so adamantely positive about Litecoin. It is not used, there is no development going on, it's founder jumped the ship. It's simply piggybacking Bitcoin, that's all, and that wont last forever.
  10. Ripple has been present at Sibos/Swift events for years. Cool your jets.
  11. Thank you for posting this. Very interesting to note that, with the website re-design, Ripple seems to have further shifted away from labelling their different products as xCurrent and xRapid (no mention of either on their website), but prefer to market their RippleNet product as a bundle with the option for «On-Demand-Liquidity ». I like this approach as it probably makes it easier for Ripple to market their products and the nomenclature provides an instant explanation of what xRapid/On-Demand-Liquidity is all about.
  12. The Finhub of the SEC just published a framework for “Investment Contract” Analysis of Digital Assets. This framework provides guidance on when a digital asset is susceptible to qualify as a security. However, it should be stressed that, as per footnote 1 of the framework, "This framework represents the views of the Strategic Hub for Innovation and Financial Technology (“FinHub,” the “Staff,” or “we”) of the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “Commission”). It is not a rule, regulation, or statement of the Commission, and the Commission has neither approved nor disapproved its content. Further, this framework does not replace or supersede existing case law, legal requirements, or statements or guidance from the Commission or Staff. Rather, the framework provides additional guidance in the areas that the Commission or Staff has previously addressed." Can anyone knowledgeable on the subject elaborate whether this framework helps with the legal qualification of XRP as security or not?
  13. ING is a big deal - great news. R3 will be extremely valuable for XRP usage
  14. https://ripple.com/insights/ripplenet-surpasses-200-customers-worldwide/
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