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  1. You should mention that it is a bipartisan bill and that Warren Davidson is a Republican and Darren Soto is a Democrat.
  2. Brad should start a food fight with Jamie Dimon just for the publicity.
  3. When every bank has their own competing stablecoin, that is even more of a reason to use XRP.
  4. Great news! But what is the Cold Storage OS's advantage over Ledger?
  5. Ready the facepalm memes... I'm so tired of hearing "Ripple owns XX% of XRP, therefore it is centralized." Ownership of the token is meaningful in measuring centralization only in a PoS model. Who owns the tokens has nothing to do with consensus on the XRP ledger. Someone needs to explain this for the masses... @galgitron ?
  6. Ripple is trying to attract the best talent. What a scandal!
  7. You'd be hard pressed to find a Trump supporter in San Francisco.
  8. @LucidRain You might be interested in www.minds.com. Similar to your idea.
  9. It is not hypocritical. @Hodor has his opinion on the future of Bitcoin and the buyer has a different view. They both freely choose to enter into a mutually agreeable transaction with the other.
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