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  1. Was wondering if anyone has an opinion on the new Tzero exchange and wallet. Tzero claims their wallet is more secure since they don't have possession of your private keys; everything is stored on your cell phone. They say they have a proprietary way to recover your crypto if you lose your phone. But isn't this actually less secure than a traditional exchange since a hacker just needs to compromise your cell phone? How likely is that? Right now they're just trading Bitcoin and ETH, but they say they're adding more assets soon... XRP seems like the next logical step.
  2. No XRP, but they have listed Zcash of all things. Discuss.
  3. Also, Trump told me he will have "yuge" announcement about XRP once we reach 2,000 signatures for the Token Taxonomy Act. Sign now! https://www.change.org/p/congress-pass-the-token-taxonomy-act-to-keep-america-at-the-forefront-of-blockchain-innovation
  4. This is great news! Let's all celebrate by signing the petition for the Token Taxonomy Act! https://www.change.org/p/congress-pass-the-token-taxonomy-act-to-keep-america-at-the-forefront-of-blockchain-innovation
  5. A little birdie told me that XRPTrump is in Washington lobbying for the Token Taxonomy Act. You can help him by signing this petition: https://www.change.org/p/congress-pass-the-token-taxonomy-act-to-keep-america-at-the-forefront-of-blockchain-innovation
  6. They literally do this every quarter and report on it publicly, which they are not required to do.
  7. Good, then you saw several of my posts about signing the petition for the Token Taxonomy Act, which can be done here: https://www.change.org/p/congress-pass-the-token-taxonomy-act-to-keep-america-at-the-forefront-of-blockchain-innovation
  8. If the White House came out in support of the bill, it might actually hurt its chances in the Democrat-controlled House.
  9. Every time someone signs the change.org petition, a message is automatically sent to the 50+ members of Congress that the petition is targeting. Congress has to pass the legislation before it gets to the president, but a White House petition wouldn't hurt either.
  10. So they should just give away the XRP to distribute it? Charging money for it ensures that it goes to the institutions which can make the most use of it. Giving it away to Joe Blow so it can sit idle on his Coinbase account doesn't further the ecosystem.
  11. Are you getting tired of seeing my posts about signing the Token Taxonomy Act petition? Then click the link below and sign the petition. Once we hit a certain number I will stop bugging everyone about it. Not sure what that number is yet. https://www.change.org/p/congress-pass-the-token-taxonomy-act-to-keep-america-at-the-forefront-of-blockchain-innovation
  12. I'm not the one making a claim, you are. No one knows for sure because as a private company they aren't required to report their revenues. There are good reasons for not disclosing what they charge for software (if anything). Maybe they're giving away xRapid right now, but I really doubt that xCurrent is free. The fact that they have different access levels suggests that they are charging for the services: https://ripple.com/ripplenet/join-the-network/
  13. Again you are assuming they are giving it away. As I said, that is pure speculation.
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