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  1. Moderators, why were my two topics merged? The title of the thread doesn't match my first post now. Very confusing for new readers.
  2. I suggest that you tell them you will no longer do business with them unless they relist immediately. Along with Mr. Clayton, they have done serious and unnecessary harm to ordinary XRP investors. The exchanges should have waited until the "security" question was resolved in court.
  3. Then why didn't Clayton just charge Garlinghouse and Larsen personally and leave Ripple out of it? 99% of donations from Ripple employees went to Biden/Democrats.
  4. Ok, but if you're in the unique position to totally screw a company that gives money to your political opponents, why not do it?
  5. But he didn't donate to both sides. He just donated to Biden and the Democrats. Yeah, you're probably right though. Government officials would never EVER do something politically motivated.
  6. Everyone should support Uphold. Kraken didn't lift a finger. They've been completely silent.
  7. They should be rewarded for their stalwart support of the XRP community.
  8. In February the new people in charge of the SEC under the Biden administration are required by SEC rules to meet with Ripple lawyers to see if it's possible to settle the lawsuit. I expect the Biden administration to view Clayton's action as punishing Ripple executives for being Biden supporters.
  9. Very interesting development. https://modernconsensus.com/cryptocurrencies/xrp/xrp-investors-sue-sec-demanding-damages/
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