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  1. I wonder if Moneygram is happy that Jed(?) apparently leaked this information. The reports just say that Stellar/Advent offered to buy Moneygram, not that there is an active negotiation. Sounds like Moneygram hasn't even responded yet. Jed has always struck me as someone who is extremely intelligent but lacks the ability to deal with others effectively.
  2. Hinman's deposition is going to be way too embarrassing for them.
  3. They must feel pretty confident about a favorable resolution in the SEC matter.
  4. Sure, but let's not forget this is a great mess to be in. 🤑 🤑 🤑
  5. Crap on Americans as much as you want. If US taxpayers face large tax burdens from the distributions they will sell and sell hard; they will be forced to sell just to afford their obligation to the IRS.
  6. 😭😭😭 crybaby 😭😭😭 Any of the options are fine with me. I do have a preference, but wont share it here.
  7. bitrue.com it's not possible to stake xrp
  8. If Ripple had gone to the SEC in 2012, no one would have known what the hell they were talking about. SEC in 2012: Crypto-what? Sounds fishy. Don't do it. Innovation summarily destroyed.
  9. Clayton had to file the enforcement action before the investigation was completed because his boss lost reelection...
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