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  1. That’s cool. I bought in at a much lower price and I’m still holding. I could make a fortune now if I sold but I believe in what ripple stands for and what they are doing long term. Sure btc will go up but I think xrp will be worth much more for me in the long term.
  2. Actually looks like the Black Friday crypto sale started early. Look at those discounts
  3. Seems like everyone is selling their crypto to buy stuff for Black Friday. I mean not only has the nano gone on sale, all crypto’s have as well
  4. What happens to your XRP if someone defaults on their loan? I’ve been wondering about this for a while. Your xrp isn’t insured in any way through these companies in any way to protect the individual lender is it?
  5. Yet xrp is really only coin in the single digit % negative. That is a positive.
  6. Apple Watch. + built in stocks app lets you stare at xrp price every time you look at your watch. Just make sure you watch the road while driving!
  7. Too bad they don’t take xrp yet. Seems like an interesting concept. Although it doesn’t state the actual dividend payouts I wonder if it’s better to use this strategy or cash out with long term gain taxes. All cryptos besides their own coin have a 16% apy interest. Capital gains are 15% in my state. I’d do it if the dividens were higher than say 4-5%
  8. I’m selling 10% of my holdings at 10$. Should always sell increments instead of hodling for a number that may never happen.
  9. I’ll still wear a tin foil hat and go streaking just for you! But it will be out in the desert where I live!
  10. At 589 I will buy a plane. Fly to Antarctica, and run around naked with a tinfoil hat on! Then get back into my plane which will have a hot tub and fly home!
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