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  1. instacharisma

    Buy and withdraw NOW

    Agree, I have good experience with them as well
  2. instacharisma

    One Thing I Have Noticed

    TA is largely based on supply and demand, which in turn is largely influenced by emotion. It's all about fear and greed.
  3. instacharisma

    I give up

    Buy When There's Blood in the Streets.
  4. Well, to be on the safe side, I'll put my profit limit @ 588 ?
  5. instacharisma

    XRP medium-term price analysis

    ? Oh and I am not a day trader, I consider myself a tactical investor.
  6. instacharisma

    XRP medium-term price analysis

    Then I understand your cynicism. Markets can be funny places indeed. Just don't let it get into your mind whether it goes up or down. It is the end-result that counts and you made a good bet for that matter. XRP has a lot of real potential.
  7. instacharisma

    XRP medium-term price analysis

    So I presume you are short XRP? May the force be with you™
  8. instacharisma

    XRP medium-term price analysis

    Lol, well that's fine. I prefer to get my emotional satisfaction elsewhere though
  9. instacharisma

    XRP medium-term price analysis

    Then set an alert for $100 and do not look at the charts till then. This way you don't have to worry if you can handle price extremes I will HODL at least 70% of my stack and trade the retracements with the remaining 30%.
  10. instacharisma

    XRP medium-term price analysis

    That's very understandable and a shake-out can be very explosive with extreme prices albeit probably for a very short time. Do not forget that a lot of people will regard upper 20s a premium price and will get in, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. It is better to think ahead what you will do when the price reaches $1 or above. You don't want to sell in panic when you see big red candles, but you don't want to sell in greed when you see big green candles either. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that you plan your trade in advance and then trade your plan along the way.
  11. instacharisma

    XRP medium-term price analysis

    It might seem immune to news now, but that could go the other way just as quickly. In the end it is raw supply and demand that dictates the price action though. Indeed the price can retrace pretty hard, as said to 0.27 or even lower which will probably shake out a lot of weak hands, which unfortunately is nothing new either. Often the harder price retraces, the harder it bounces back after that.
  12. Hi, I have noticed there is a lot of (wild and emotional) speculation going on and although wild things could always happen (it is crypto after all), I hereby share a medium-term price analysis which I think is a bit more realistic. XRP was trending down since the ATH. On Sept 18 we see a breakout from a clear downward channel which started in May. The price then also took out the resistance @ 0.68, which helps to confirm that this is likely the end of the downtrend and signals a possible uptrend. At the moment the price is retracing, which is normal market behavior after the rally that started Sept 18. This retracement could stop at current price levels or go back all the way to 0.27 (0.44 seems pretty likely though) after which I expect a rapid climb towards 0.85. There we will see another retracement towards the old resistance of 0.51, which will then serve as a support from where the highs of April could be taken out. This is around EOY and corresponds with a price of about $1. Starting 2019 we will see another retracement which could either be quite strong or just be a sideways market for some time. After that, of course also depending on news/results, I expect prices will eventually soar towards the ATH, somewhere during the spring of 2019. Of course it is very difficult to make predictions in this market, so I definitely stopped this analysis after 6-7 months. But I think it is likely that we will eventually see a cup and handle pattern which could send us to $6-7 by the end of 2019. Disclaimer: please keep in mind that this is just my vision and is not to be regarded as advice. Your guess is as good as mine, so do your own research and make your own plans. A bit of advice to some: 1) Stop looking at 4hr charts or less. Prices behave erratically in any market, especially in crypto. 2) And also do not invest more than you are willing to lose, which makes 1) a lot easier. Kind regards and good luck.
  13. instacharisma

    A Simple Explanation for XRP

    Seems like something a 7yo would understand, so ?
  14. Lol, started a topic about this 1 minute after you, i will remove it and leave the link here. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-10-05/yale-is-said-to-invest-in-crypto-fund-that-raised-400-million
  15. instacharisma


    Hello, I learned about crypto in 2008/2009, even did some mining on my laptop back then. I threw the laptop away at one point and it's a good thing I can't remember how much BTC there was on there ? Actively traded BTC somewhere in 2013 (I also trade stocks and derivatives). Decided it was too much of a circus for me and left the cryptomarket. In 2017 I learned about ETH which caught my interest, so I bought some at $17 only to sell them again at around $28, thinking that was a nice profit. The following months were pretty awkward :) In the meantime I bought some other alts, among which was XRP. It didn't convince me last year because of the amount of XRP in escrow, but in all fairness, I didn't do that much research. A couple of weeks ago a friend tried to inform me about this crypto called Ripple. He bought some, speculating it would go up. So I then got interested again in Crypto and of course mainly Ripple. This time I did do my research and I must say I am very enthusiastic about it. I have been following this forum for a couple of weeks and decided to join, because I have an idea, which I will share with you soon. Fire away if you have any Q's and nice to meet you! Kind regards, IC