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  1. I've considered this possibility and I think it's entirely probable. The thing that the anti-XRP types don't want to understand is the the SEC is not here to destroy companies because they've possibly run slightly afoul of securities law while trying to innovate treasury management functions. That's not what they do. They're here to protect investors and the public and they only want to destroy bad actors. I think we'll possibly see some amount of fine being paid by Ripple for past misdeeds, corrective measures being taken (or referred to that have already been taken), a letter of non-enf
  2. I personally like when the anti-XRP lobby takes non-news and spins it negatively, such as in this article. It shows how threatened that world and their BTC-heavy portfolios are. You take a massive company like MG, with massive legacy systems in place, and the fact that it can't all be run on Ripple tech within months is just reality. Not news. Not the end of the world. Maybe they'll use ripple tech later for remittance with FastSend. Maybe they'll use ODL for settlement. That it's not being used means nothing other than not all great things happen at once. The sad part is the
  3. Ok, so first off. Thank you for the topic. While I am going to play devil's advocate below, I want to say that don't really disagree with you. And for those of us who aren't into XRP because we simply are trying to make some fast cash, your timeline is entirely acceptable and - in fact - in my case I accumulate gradually and HODL based upon literally the price projection you have suggested; $30 USD in a decade. I suspect this is very conservative, but that's literally the number I use. I would be delighted to reach that. And... I would like to first support your point by stating someth
  4. I've analyzed that situation very thoroughly. He indicated he had a "source" and the manner in which he got the prediction both right and wrong is consistent with there being a language barrier. Crypthawk's native language is English and he's UK-based. He received massive backlash when making the prediction. He defended the prediction in a way that was not consistent with a guess. He was deeply adamant which is why it caught my attention. Before he was proven somewhat right, I had deduced he either had a credible source or he was borderline unstable. He defended his position as a hill to
  5. I don't intend to disagree with the overall sentiment of your statement. My experience is that - by and large - things of significance do tend to get leaked. I agree. I will just note here, however, that the largest Ripple announcement was with regard to Moneygram and the only "leak" came from a relatively obscure crypto personality called CryptHawk (who is much less obscure now since being the leaker) who only sort of got it right. My assessment of his source on this leak was that - most likely - he had contact with some sort of Russian hacker who had a RAT installed on the computer o
  6. Everything Ripple has been doing with XRP positions it not as a primary currency, but a bridge currency. Let's just get way ahead of ourselves and say that all of the nations of the world converted to digital currency. There's still a need to conduct FOREX, to send money overseas, etc... in fact, it's arguable that there's a greater need to do so. Never has There has to be a pool of liquidity, technologically aligned to properly transfer and settle between various digital currencies. I don't see any digital currency better positioned to do this.
  7. It's a badass visual for sure. It brings a lot together for me. We hear about all the clients and partnerships and such but often seeing it like this is truly valuable for understanding the progress being made.
  8. I don't think this is anything big. At least people have been suggesting in the Twitter XRP world that this is some indication of something with Google. I don't know if that's what you're suggesting. But I think it's just a visual display of Ripplenet that some pro-XRP developer overlayed upon Google maps. I think the person who originally posted it probably clicked on the link below at some point and then forgot. Then saw it later.
  9. So... I think I understand the difficulty you are having... the following is an admitted over-simplification and leaves out a lot, but it should work for our purposes here. You're conceiving of the process wrong and borrowing mentally from legacy concepts involved in correspondent banking. With Ripple tech and ODL, it is so much lower friction and it literally flows like this: SENDER --> Exchange A (purchase of XRP) --> sent as XRP --> Exchange B (sale of XRP) --> RECEIVER. Money and information flow in a matter of seconds. XRP is the vehicle by which money is sent and
  10. Just to sort of bring this full circle here. My experience with the ACH/NACHA system in the US and how deficient it is, as well as how inflexible money can be, is really at the basis for my massive support for Ripple and XRP. What they are doing is revolutionary. Your thoughts on creating something are similar to that of my own which I have had in the past, however I do have a programming background and a staff member who could roll something out along the lines of that which you mention. And yet,,, I have also determined the immediate ROI would not make it worth it. It's a matter of me a
  11. I own a small business as well. Honestly, if you're talking about daily amounts of $100K or under, getting an ACH debit function on an overnight basis or even same-day basis through your bank is the way to go for now. That's if all you care about is getting money fast from customers to you. The cost is minimal and money moves pretty fast on this basis, as it is. Not nearly as fast as it should, but much faster than money moving across borders which can take days. I can get 99K from a client in under 24 hours if they give me their bank account info. I'd love to get it within minutes, but
  12. Honestly, while I would love if this were true, if I had to guess I think this magazine did some lackluster online research and got it wrong and just wrote some incorrect information that people are latching on to with way too much vigor. I think that if Swift is doing anything it's via the pathway of GPI to R3/Corda with use of XRP for settlement, which is great as well. But this whole headline just seems to me like a relatively obscure publication getting it accidentally wrong.
  13. Did the Celsius Network pass your sniff test for legitimacy? Nexo did for me. I'm still not going to put my bag of XRP on their platform, but I think I could safely do so. I admittedly only looked into Celsius in a very cursory manner, but when I did I just wasn't sure I was every going to trust them with any of my holdings. Then again, I barely trust Binance with my holdings.
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