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  1. First off, props for being honest. Secondly, I am sorry for my tone. Sometimes the written word can be more harsh than intended and - in fact - I thought you might be just spreading FUD. As I re-read it, it definitely did come off as elitist and that's not a productive stance, I agree. The good news is that your XRP speculation is not - at least in my opinion - endangered by Transferwise. Time is scarce for everyone, but I do think it's important - if you sunk a lot of money into XRP (that's relative to everyone's income) - that you deepen your knowledge so that when XRP increases in value, you can know whether or not you will want to exit at a given price. I personally am in a longterm HODL and almost all of my current research extends to largely the regulatory environment. My concern as of now is that sort of thing and, quite frankly, when to exit even though I know that if all of my XRP hopes and dreams come to fruition then I may not need to exit. I do think the XRP community of those who are well-researched and even borderline fanatical (which is me) need to learn about how to deal with folks like you who simply bought in through FOMO and who haven't done the research. I would hope you can imagine the inverse position where if you're like me and you bought XRP many years ago and you've been deeply involved in researching it, then it can be annoying to see people pop up and expect to withdraw information like an ATM when it's all freely available online. I don't mean that to be a jerk in saying that; it's just honestly how I feel at times. Anyway, I'm a big boy and I can handle criticism. It's the only way I know how to grow, quite frankly. I appreciate the honesty. Most people when confronted with a lack of research lash out in a very dishonest way or some other manner intended to obfuscate the fact that they didn't do their research. I respect that you didn't do that. I have listened to what you have said and I will consider how to better handle others like you in the future.
  2. I hope you're kidding. Or I hope you're just spreading FUD. If you're serious, then I am sorry for the harm you're doing yourself by holding XRP when you don't even understand it. It's literally impossible to have been well educated and well researched on this particular space and not have heard of transferwise. It's like saying you're a gold investor and freaking out when someone mentions copper. Sending insignificant amounts of money across borders has been done quickly for a long time now. Maybe you've heard of Paypal. I am in the US and I have a freelancer several continents away who I can pay hundreds of dollars too in real time anytime I want. It's when the amounts get larger where risk increases and liquidity is problematic and this is where ripple and XRP come into play. I am very pro-XRP and I will be the first to admit that there are some very real threats that XRP will face en route to the "moon." But Transferwise is definitely not one of them.
  3. This advice is - by far - the most value to be had in this whole thread. OP, create the site and nurture it and it will be worth something. Otherwise, this is a total waste of effort and not worth the annual renewal cost of the domain.
  4. I would like to offer you $0.0 USD ($0.0 CAD) for this premium domain. I feel this is more than generous and deeply reflective of this domain's value. Will you cover escrow fees?
  5. Ok, great stuff dude. You've added so much to the discussion in this thread. Would you like the last word?
  6. I love the insult du jour of calling people autistic. It's about as intellectually adept as calling people retarded. Nice work. You could have brought some amount of insight or discussion to this public forum, but you've just given us so much more. Thank you. Oh, and definitely kudos for responding to something from weeks ago. I understand you've been busy just killing it with the ladies, of course.
  7. What do I think? I think that XRP is the only Crypto actually being used outside of the crypto space and beyond a mere store of value. BTC, ETH, LTC, XMR, etc are all used as basically electronic money that is problematic because it fluctuates a lot. I do like this use of crypto, but it's value is minimal to me. BNB, Nexo and other sort of things are being used, but only within the very small crypto ecology. XRP is being used to send money across borders for cheaper than it would otherwise be done, which benefits either or both the end user by reducing the cost and the company by increasing their margin. But neither the sender or the receiver have any idea about what XRP is. This is utility. This is innovation. This is how things change and this is where it starts. If you think it's a scam, then you either have an agenda against XRP or you aren't actually informed.
  8. This article made my week. Everyone wanted it to be some quick flip of a switch and for us to all be millionaires overnight... me too, of course... but that would fly in the face of everything I have ever known about business. Bringing actual value to the world takes time and it tends to be gradual and often in the face of deep criticism. We live in an age of startups painting a picture of near overnight disruption when - in fact - things generally only change gradually... this is the very beginning, but the reality is that XRP is being used in a way that brings value to the world. Not just as a store of value, like other cryptos... people are sending money quicker and cheaper. It was a big deal the first time they did it, and now they're doing it more often... and they're going to keep doing it and - eventually - it will reach a volume where it will be reflected in the XRP price. This is great and I hope to have the opportunity to support MercuryFX at some point in the future. I don't have frequent occasion to send money internationally, but if I do I will definitely look at using this company first.
  9. Old news, but I think Western Union should be very scared of XRP/Ripple and I think their posture reflects this.
  10. This has been covered and is subject to the due-diligence you - of course - did when buying XRP. Short answer: no, it is not true.
  11. I don't particularly care to get into the personal significance the play itself holds for me. You just decided to attack me. So I attacked back and then you defended yourself with the always strong, "YOU DON'T KNOW ME!!!" defense that I recently saw invoked by a mentally disturbed homeless woman at an angry convenience store manager who wouldn't give her a free cup of ice (this is literally the last instance I heard someone use this retort out loud and it was this morning). Good on you for being able to employ the degree of argumentative sophistication that a floridly schizophrenic, unbathed homeless woman defaulted to as well. I don't know you. I didn't want to know you. I don't want to know you. But yet, you inserted yourself into my day, so now I know of you and I am dealing with you accordinly. BTW...Did it ever occur to you that you also don't know me? I know it didn't. Angry people like you tend to love to never look inward for the most blatant examples of the criticisms they love to dole out. But yes... setting all of that aside, you are absolutely correct that I don't know anything about your life experience. But in my experience, the people who have time to blatantly antagonize others online - entirely without provocation - tend to have quite the deficit of other positive things in their life. As such, I doubt you're just crushing it with the ladies. Feel free to tell me otherwise. I won't believe you. You can move along with your life at any time since, again, I didn't ever address you directly in the first place.
  12. I am responding to you and giving you attention, so that is how you can know - based upon your life experience so far - that I am definitely not female.
  13. Realize, with all due respect and as others in this thread have pointed out, that you are lacking in A LOT of critical information... but the good news is that if you're holding a lot of XRP then your fears of an insignificant ROI not occurring from the long-term position - because of an Xpring investment in gaming - are invalid and emanate from this misunderstanding based on a lack of knowledge. That's good news because you can just get the knowledge and then realize that the sky is not falling... Is the goal to win an internet argument or to make money? For me, it's the latter. First off, Ripple =/= Xpring. That's a big distinction. Plenty of other people have already explained the difference and a simple Google search should enlighten you as to how Xpring funds are NOT in any way Ripple defocusing from its primary use case. Ripple earmarked a lot of money for Xpring and those folks are not the folks expanding bank and other payment/fintech partners. Xpring money does not mean Ripple is getting distracted. That's just how you took it. That was incorrect. It's ok to be wrong. I am wrong all the time. Nonetheless, even if you accept the above, you might not accept the viability of gaming for the XRP use case. That's fine and you are entitled to your opinion. that's totally your right to argue against... But I am pretty sure you are not considering all of the angles, and one of the more important ones you are not seeing is as follows... It's important to understand how important Xpring and the XRP ecology growing through initiatives/companies other than Ripple is to the survival of XRP itself. These non-Ripple Labs initiatives are not only an attempt to make XRP become more widely adopted with more use cases. Yes, that's a big part of it, but to me these initiatives are right now more important as proactive and self-protective measures for XRP. I don't think there are many huge threats to XRP. But, nonetheless, absent precise regulatory clarity, I think the biggest threat to XRP is - in my opinion - it being it being regulated as a security. I don't think it's a security, personally, and I agree with all of the arguments as to why it is not a security... but I think that if the SEC decides it's a security, then it's a security. Hard stop. All the petty arguing about the Howey test and Ripple Lab's control of XRP being no different than the primary bitcoin miners' control of Bitcoin is just a bunch of noise if the people in power disagree. I don't think the SEC has an anti-XRP agenda, by the way, or the inclination to be anti-XRP, but the chance - the off-chance - of XRP becoming regulated as a security is the biggest threat for XRP, at least to me. Xpring and other initiatives not related to RIpple are some of the very best ways to get away from XRP being potentially seen as a security because it expands the ecology using this digital asset well outside of Ripple itself. The greater the number of different companies from different industries using XRP, the further we get from XRP being seen as a security. You have probably heard the Ripple executives say, "If Ripple Labs disappeared tomorrow, XRP would still exist and have value"... this is true, to an extent, but we all know that if Ripple folded overnight - right now - the price of XRP would likely take a huge hit... so how do you solve this? You deepen the pool of others using XRP... Xpring is very important in this regard. Honestly, from this perspective, I want to see as many new use cases for XRP as possible... and while I'd love for all of those to be successful, I am good with them just existing for now until we can be more assured that there is no chance of improper regulation. This is a good thing, dude. It's not defocusing for Ripple. It's giving a powerful, gaming-focused company a huge incentive to deepen the use of XRP outside of Ripple and further protect an investment in XRP.
  14. Ok, setting aside the fact that the "simple" mistake of calling it "LocalRipple" means you have to - necessarily - be ignorant of the history of Opencoin, Ripple, XRP and such... and setting aside the fact that not knowing that is a problem for me since I only want to support true supporters of the XRP ecology... setting that aside... Can you elaborate on how your escrow system works? Each XRP wallet created requires 20 XRP as a minimum reserve balance. Exchanges address this by having a single wallet under their control and then destination tags for each user which they manage. But your comment above ("the difference that we don't want to keep people's XRP in a 3rd party wallet managed by us") indicates you have some other model. How do the economics of this work? If the minimum trade on your site is 1XRP and - if I understood correctly - peer-to-peer trades are free if they did not originate from the listings, then how does this makes sense? I could be totally misunderstanding something or overlooking something, so please enlighten me. How does your model work and how is it profitable? This is the sort of information people will want to have answered if they're going to send XRP to an address you present to them as the escrow address. Please note that I understand multi-signature escrow for bitcoin and other coins with no minimum reserve. I also understand that multisigning is available via the XRP ledger, but that doesn't address the 20 XRP minimum in light of your trade minimums.
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