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  1. Switch (Kava Labs) A new wallet for non-custodial crypto trading. 💸 Swap BTC, ETH, DAI and XRP in seconds. Keep your private keys private. 🔒 https://medium.com/kava-labs/swap-btc-and-eth-in-seconds-keep-your-private-keys-private-554a76c0c574 https://github.com/kava-labs/switch#get-started
  2. Many thanks for the detailed answer. Today it is not possible to use U2F on XRPL. Especially in future, you can optionally enable U2F. But this need a change in rippled and validators. It could be paid with a fee for enable U2F and a fee for each transaction.
  3. OK, sorry. I am not a native english. But is it possible to implement conterparyless 2FA on XRPL? If someone knows the secret key, no transactions can be done, because you need the second factor (2FA). According PSD II this is a very high security.
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/WietseWind/status/1138895334594289666
  5. According PSD II the 2FA is mandatory in europe from September 2019.
  6. Create multi signing is easy to create with bithomp tools. But I think it is more user-friendly to have 2FA without counterparty direct on XRPL. Is it possible to do that with rippled? You could use some fields to store some encrypted information, which are necessary for 2FA. I think such a function should be implemented in future rippled.
  7. I would like to see 2FA implemented on XRPL without counterparty. Save the encrypted secret of the 2FA in a field (e.g. memo field) of the account. Than use google authenticator. Such a function should be implemented directly on XRPL without a counterparty. Validator verifies??
  8. How to improve the level of security of my xrp account? In my opinion it is very unsecure, when I can access my account only by using the secret key. If someone has access to the secret key, then you can already execute transactions. This is unsecure. Solutions: 1. Set up MultiSigning. How much key pairs is preferred? 2. Set up 2FA for accessing the account and for all transactions. I would prefer a 2FA method. But this is currently not supported for XRPL. Is it possible to implement such a function in upcoming release of rippled?
  9. Every account should be a multi signing wallet. Each keypair should be stored seperatly and should be encrypted with different key.
  10. Thanks you. I thought the regular key and multi-sign key pairs need to be activated accounts. Good to know that keypairs of un-activated accounts also work.
  11. You can set regular key or multi-sign key to a xrp address which is not activated. Is this a bug? Or what are the pros and cons of it?
  12. Coolio

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    I would like to join the club again.
  13. There is still a counterparty risk on the issuing account (raEQc5krJ2rUXyi6fgmUAf63oAXmF7p6jp). When do you set the regularKey to a blackhole address and disable masterKey? Than ALV becomes "counterparty risk free".
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