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  1. I don't know, if you can tip every currency issued on XRPL. If so, then this would be huge. With the upcoming trustless stable coin AUR (Aurei), it would be possible to tip USD. So it is great that flare network offers a trustless bridge to XRPL.
  2. Non-custodial tipping using XUMM You remain in control of your funds! https://tipbot.tips/
  3. It is quite easy. Create or import a xrp wallet with XUMM. Then create a trustline to Bitstamp USD inside XUMM. Now you can withdraw USD from Bitstamp to XUMM. Inside Xumm you can convert USD to XRP. Or you use xrptoolkit or solodex to create a market order on DEX.
  4. Meanwhile you can use Sologenic DEX (https://sologenic.org/trade). There you can trade against all markets. You can sign the transaction aslo with XUMM. :-)
  5. Hello Robert, I have checked. And yes, you are true! Actually the base is always XRP. This is odd and should be changed by Towo Labs AB as soon as possible. "Auto Bridging" is a standard functionality of the DEX. So it should be possible to trade e.g. ALV/USD
  6. Actually you can't do trading directly inside Xumm. When you have a PC you can use XRP Toolkit and sign the transaction with XUMM. So you can trade all assets which are availlable on XRPL. (e.g. ALV/USD; CSC/USD; BTC/EUR; ....) There is an DEX XApp in development. Then you can also trade inside Xumm without any other application. See Twitter In future also more assets are availlable on DEX. With the launch of Flare Network it is possible to issue decentralized assets on XRP DEX. The first should be Aurei. It is trustless USD (similar to DAI).
  7. With Flare you can now issue trustlessly any F Asset (Doge, Xlm, Ltc, Ada, and comming many more)
  8. https://xumm.community/tokens
  9. you can use XUMM in combination with xrptoolkit to trade directly in XRPL DEX. Also DEX xApp for XUMM is in development.
  10. use DEX of XRPL. You can access the DEX with xrptoolkit and sign with XUMM.
  11. Everybody (US, and all the world) can still use DEX to buy XRP. Just buy USD on Bitstamp. Send the USD to XUMM. Than trade XRP/USD with xrptoolkit on XRPL (DEX).
  12. Many of us has set up the message key for the flare snapshoot. Additional you can now use this key for encrypted messaging. See tweet from WietseWind https://twitter.com/WietseWind/status/1010177041143140352
  13. Can you plaese also do a "savings plan calculator" for XRP? Similar to https://calculator.for-bitcoin.com/
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