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  1. For KYC/AML pre authorized trust line could be used. https://xrpl.org/authorized-trust-lines.html
  2. "CoinField's Gateway connects to the XRP Ledger via existing rippled nodes in place on the platform. Each corresponding tokenized asset has an XRP address on the XRP Ledger that has an established TrustLine to the main SOLO issuing Gateway on the XRPL." Is it possible, that I also can add a trustline to the tokenized asset? If yes, than it is great, because you can trade dirctly on XRPL. (use Habor Wallet; Gatehub; Toast; ...)
  3. Is it possible to trade the stocks on XRPL by adding a trustline? If yes, than it is great.
  4. no, all EU countries with EURO SEPA transfer are affected
  5. Kraken has massive problems with EUR SEPA deposits and withdrawals for more than 10 days. Does anyone know more? I think they use Fidor as a bank account. https://status.kraken.com/
  6. Money is protected by BitGo’s $100 million (USD) insurance policy. This is great.
  7. https://www.bitstamp.net/article/bitgo-provide-custody-our-crypto-assets/
  8. Great to see more features on gatehub. The ILP connector of gatehub will participate as market makers on the XRPL exchange. Increased number of payments via ILP will directly improve the volume on XRPL markets which will in turn lower the cost of cross-currency payments and attract more traders to use XRPL (and XRP!) https://twitter.com/enej_p/status/1179398458496737285
  9. Can you please explain the purpose of the issued currencies (USD / BTC, …) inside the MFS account (razccN2G1Q3UcGSiRjGNM8xqgowMxDiGhv) more deeper . Especially in case, when they have to be traded.
  10. Actually, everything is processed manually. I hope that in the future everything will be done in an automatic process. In addition, I hope that Codius can be used for the warranty service. Nice project and a lot of potential for the future.
  11. And all other accounts, which opened a trustline in September? Do they also get the Airdrop? I hope so.
  12. Please send the airdrop automaticlly to the trustline owners. Only a view accounts has opened a trustline in September.
  13. Many of us has opened a trustline in September. Please also send airdrop of 10.000 MFS to these accounts.
  14. I think for KYC/AML authorized trust lines are used. KYC is done by gateway.
  15. Telegram is a killer for your Airdrop. You should initially send to everyone with add a trustline. Later you can change that. And no, I will not send my address here.
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