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  1. This is an interesting topic. On what grounds do you propose that xrp has better liquidity then Bitcoin? Given that bitcoin has aprox. 10-fold the daily volume of xrp? I realize some of that is crypto to crypto volume... does anyone have numbers to compare fiat volume per crypto currency?
  2. Probably not. However it may be convenient to pruchase these securities with an instant settlement cross border payments service which is integrated in the same system as the securities. A service that requires XRP.
  3. Project Ubin: (http://www.mas.gov.sg/Singapore-Financial-Centre/Smart-Financial-Centre/Project-Ubin.aspx) Project Jasper: (https://www.payments.ca/sites/default/files/jasper_phase_iii_whitepaper_final_0.pdf)
  4. Well. You and me both. Possibly. My apologies.
  5. https://bittrex.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024542691-Bittrex-Technology-Update-What-You-Need-to-Know "Some of these features will include: Maker-Taker and other features for liquidity providers and high-volume traders" "Once the update is completed, Bittrex and Bittrex International users will enjoy noticeably faster orderbook updates and overall order execution, as the new engine will have the capacity to execute even more orders per second. In fact, after the upgrade, your orders will be processed at a rate 20 times faster than before." Doesn't this sound xRapid-related? The two main features they are pushing are speed improvements and Maker-Taker features, which would both be crucial components for an xRapid transaction. Does anyone know in detail what the Maker-Taker features are?
  6. I clicked around some and found these commits: https://github.com/corda/corda-settler/commit/fbfb46cf85184c1dad74bbebf9b93167b61a9d99#diff-5036148a5bfa39d7545412122565ec9bR50 Theres a couple of XRPL adresses, however when i search the XRPL i get "adress not found". ctrl + f : "RippleAdress" rNmkj4AtjEHJh3D9hMRC4rS3CXQ9mX4S4b ra6mzL1Xy9aN5eRdjzn9CHTMwcczG1uMpN Looking at the commits not relating to XRP i could find BIC-code. ctrl + f: "bicfi" CITIGB2L The above code is, indeed, CITI Bank. Make of that as you wish. My theory is that this guys i working in a project with Citi and R3, exploring the possibilities for Citi to utilize R3's service, which include XRP.
  7. Nope. There are no grounds for your speculation. Twitch is not directly affiliated with Coil.
  8. Basel III is already in effect and has been for a while, at least in EU. The banks response is simply to buy more bonds. Banks have money, they aren’t scrambling for change to try reach their liquidity coverage ratio. They don’t need XRP to reach their LCR. You are fantasizing!
  9. Basel III liquidity really has nothing to do with instant settlements. Liquidity in the perspective of basel is the kind of liquidity which helps your bank to not get bankrupt, Hgih Quality Liquid Assets (HQLA). A liquidity buffer of government bonds for example, meaning that the bank holds the asset to be able to sell it "fast" because the market of government bonds are highly liquid.
  10. I hope you are right. Is r3 the new Swift? I've seen variations of this picturing circling the web and I don't know if it is legit, but it certainly is plausible that we are witnessing something really big unfold.
  11. I need to correct you on the last part. Nostro accounts are normally handled by the FI and not by the company sending the funds. Hence, the cost of the Nostro is already included in the 26 USD cost that transferwise would charge. Still, these are significant savings!
  12. Cool! I learnt something! It seems to suggest collaboration between Ripple/ILP and Google then. Like... active collaboration.
  13. But wouldn't that mean that every content creator on twitch need to sign up for an XRP wallet? Because the donations are working on every channel thus far for me on twitch. That doesn't seem realistic. Edit: Ok i actually opened the extension and found this Esit 2: And that was exactly what op posted too...
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