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  1. I hope you are right. Is r3 the new Swift? I've seen variations of this picturing circling the web and I don't know if it is legit, but it certainly is plausible that we are witnessing something really big unfold.
  2. opaopa

    Mercury-fx using XRP

    I need to correct you on the last part. Nostro accounts are normally handled by the FI and not by the company sending the funds. Hence, the cost of the Nostro is already included in the 26 USD cost that transferwise would charge. Still, these are significant savings!
  3. opaopa

    How does coil work?

    Cool! I learnt something! It seems to suggest collaboration between Ripple/ILP and Google then. Like... active collaboration.
  4. opaopa

    How does coil work?

    But wouldn't that mean that every content creator on twitch need to sign up for an XRP wallet? Because the donations are working on every channel thus far for me on twitch. That doesn't seem realistic. Edit: Ok i actually opened the extension and found this Esit 2: And that was exactly what op posted too...
  5. Not to be rude, but you really need to improve in the way you communicatie if any meaningful discussion on this subject is going to take place. I can't decipher the above.
  6. Well, of course? I'm in no way saying that money = fiat. I'm in fact trying to argue against such a definition. Your argument that 1. this is categorization and 2. therefore it has nothing to do with subjectivity makes no sense to me. Why would they be mutually exclusive to each other?
  7. opaopa

    How does coil work?

    *SPECULATION* Me too! I was wondering the same thing actually and this is my guess: Youtube and Twitch are using some 3rd party payment provider. This provider is in no way connected to the ILP or ripple. Therefore, micro-payments are not an alternative. Coil still gives the impression that micro transactions are occurring when watching youtube/twitch, which is kind of dishonest. Instead, I think that Coil sends larger batches, maybe hourly/daily/weekly through the existing tipping infrastructure of youtube/twitch. Just maybe, maaaybe, XRP is involved on the way to twitch/youtubes 3rd party payment provider. The last leg of the trip though i think definitely uses a traditional payment system, and the chain is no stronger than its weakest link therefore it seems impossible that actual micro transactions are occurring to these sites. *SPECULATION*
  8. I mean that if you want to have "discussion with an individual member, without others judging", maybe PM would be better? Since that is literally the function of PM. Otherwise I think you will have to put up with other users interfering, me included. It was intended as a humerus remark to your question, but i guess it went straight over your head.
  9. I feel that this is nitpicking and there is no reason to discuss in that level of detail. I'm sure that he did not intend to say that fiat is an "absolutely objective term", I'm sure he described fiat as objective relative too (see what i did there?) money. Anyway, I'm glad we could finally agree.
  10. This is exactly why fiat it is less subjective then money. The more narrow a definition of a word is, the less room there is left for subjective interpretation.
  11. Hey, listen, I'm sorry if I came across as rude. I honestly have nothing better to do with my life at the moment then to argue with complete strangers on the internet, so let me summarize why I attacked your post. When you refer to the fact that all definitions are subjective you are not incorrect. I understand what you are trying to say and share your conviction. However, when you use this argument in a discussion you are effectively undermining the discussion in itself. How can we have a discussion in the first place since everything is subjective anyway? In my opinion, it is a cheap trick you are using to try and save your face in a discussion you are losing. It is dishonest and it is counter productive to the discussion. Maybe this wasn't your intention, in that case I'm sorry for my frankness.
  12. Yes. Fiat is less subjective then money, @Professor Hantzen explained this sufficiently. End of discussion.
  13. Haha! Maybe you could just concede that @Professor Hantzen raises a valid point instead of creating a straw man argument with nihilistic tendencies...
  14. opaopa

    Price manipulation

    The sun stopped shining a year ago my friend. However, I do agree that there are some exchanges, i.e. Bitmex, that are manipulating the market for short term gains. I read your first comment as if you were saying that there is a general incentive for every / most exchanges to manipulate the market with these "Bart-patterns" and i would argue that instead these movements are hurting most exchanges, it's the minority of exchanges that are profiting from this and the minority of exchanges that are manipulating the market.