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  1. I suppose it is now about educating the idiots, this will take time.
  2. Hate to say it but cannon for you "Facebook is in the better position than Ripple" lol
  3. I just felt like I read of everything RIPPLE has been saying for years.
  4. It really is doubly funny due to users name ...Karma
  5. Wow Hi bearableguy123! Long time fan!
  6. XRPanding

    Zerpening Club

    Can I have an invite to please!
  7. https://zycrypto.com/saudi-british-bank-teams-up-with-ripple-to-use-xrp-for-cross-border-payments/ From this article XRP has actually been on a bad trip for some time now, starting with the company admitting that all banking institutions had dropped xRapid because of controversy about its status. The asset can really use this new partnership it gets back on its feet and who knows? It may encourage other financial institutions to sign up and XRP and Ripple may have a better future once again. When was this said, anyone know?
  8. If everyone on FB gets exposure to cryptocurrency and blockchain can only be a good thing for more adoption.
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