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  2. https://zycrypto.com/saudi-british-bank-teams-up-with-ripple-to-use-xrp-for-cross-border-payments/ From this article XRP has actually been on a bad trip for some time now, starting with the company admitting that all banking institutions had dropped xRapid because of controversy about its status. The asset can really use this new partnership it gets back on its feet and who knows? It may encourage other financial institutions to sign up and XRP and Ripple may have a better future once again. When was this said, anyone know?
  3. If everyone on FB gets exposure to cryptocurrency and blockchain can only be a good thing for more adoption.
  4. That is an option but knowing my luck atm, the moment I sell....
  5. Thanks for all your replies, was a bit sulky about it last night, but will have to face the facts. Looking at starting a second part time job as extra income and will be keeping extra money from salaries in said Bank account (for now :)) Will also try to do as much of the kitchen by myself in my own time, which should save me a bit of money as well, time to learn some new trades on Youtube!
  6. Refinancing house loan, bank says you have paid lots of money to invalid/unrecognised financial institution. Basically everything checked ok but my money to a Crypto Exchange
  7. Yes but now it is at least 3 months as they are all "connected"
  8. Well today went to refinance my home home loan, long story short had some money set away but needed more to finish my 10 year house project. I invested most of this in XRP as what I had was not nearly enough to reach the dreams. So after a lengthy discussion with the bank person who covered every transaction I make to determine what I can afford with money tracker, the big problem was why have I transferred X dollars to Crypto exchange. This has now made me illegible to borrow money as its not recognised by banks. Even the money sitting there is not valid as an asset. Sigh
  9. Ripple being the founding member could make this some big news anyone have any ideas? https://inatba.org/ The event will be live in 8 hours
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