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  1. I found this version of the ad on their official youtube chanell. Its slightly different but in all the same. It was posted on november 28. 2017 And this is their ad from april 3. 2018 The table tennis scene isnt there for nothing. Its a visual representation of money being sent from one place to the other in seconds. Like in xrapid ?
  2. Hi guys, been watching Teeka's interview the other day and he was talking about his pick for where to invest next. Can you help me with the clues or does anyone have his report where that coin was named. the clues from the interview are: market cap under 100 mil best potential usage roadmap launched by internet company with 100 mil users by the end of march it will have 5 mil users by the end of 2018 they expect 100 million users one of the guys helping launch this crypto is one of the biggest names in crypto and he just became multi billionaire. He has become one of the faces of crypto currencies. he has launched another crypto last year that was up 8866% in 8 months (golem?) the other guy whos is helping this crypto is a silicon valley power player this crypto is undervalued, by the end of the year it could go up to 4$ right now its value is well under 0,50$ (from the speech presume 0,34$) over the next few years the coin will go over 10$ Thanks You can find the interview here. He talks about that coin at 1:12:30
  3. Has anyone watched this video on Business insider with the Goldman Sachs investment chief? She said that btc and eth are certainly in a bubble. But whats more interesting are her thoughts on other crypto currencies. She doesnt name any but she says quote “..is there room for digital currency sponsord by one of the major central bank like the FED, yes! Could it be incredibly useful, could it reduce transaction cost, yes! But not these ones (btc, eth).” Is it me or could she be talking about xrp? What are your thoughts?
  4. I know that the name has been thrown around many times and as everyone i would be glad to see it confirmed. Thought i missed it and you knew something more. Thanks doc ??
  5. Is this a guess, a wish or something that you now?
  6. I cant say if the email from Amex is true or not nore what would it mean for xrp. But from researching the information from the news lately i came across some clues that maybe involve mastercard. SEB is a bank and FI in Sweden https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/SEB_Group that in the late 60's introduced Eurocard, which was their answer to Amex. They than signed a deal with a Interbank card association that would eventualy become Mastercard. Their joint venture introduced us to Eurocard Mastercard credit card and Maestro debit card. They merged in 2002. more info here https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eurocard_(payment_card) SEB was mentioned in the news recently when they transfered 180 mil USD from Sweden to USA using RippleNet So maybe both Amex and Mastercard are preparing to use Ripple?
  7. It would be a really nice move from Ripple if they invited someone from this community. I think this community deserves it. @nikb @JoelKatz It would be a pleasure and an honour for all of us to hear the news from the event first hand from someone like us.
  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I think it is a great post. Glad to see people with your way of seeing things involved in a xrp community.
  9. I dont usualy post. Largly cuz i dont have anything to bring to the table. But i like to read and observe. I think that people are under the influence of other cryptos and their own expectations of becoming rich over night. Followed by that, they read the news and posts of people who are in the same situation and are frustrated why arent they rich already but are not so knowledgable to understand the situation and break of from that cycle. And that brings pressure on them. Posts like these help ease that pressure and bring the much needed breeze of fresh air/peace of mind to the xrp community. In my opinion, the crypto world is not like any other market out there. But some fundamentals from time to time still apply. Nothing is impossible here. Xrp to 3$ In three months? Why not? Would be glad to see that moment. But there are some many factors here that no one could tell for sure. Just dont pressure yourself with it. If you invested the money you can spare and belive that Ripple is doing the best they can, just be calm and hope for the best. Thanks R8. Your input is largley appriciated. Im glad you're in our team.
  10. Was wondering the same. Thanks for bringing it up.
  11. Thanks R8. We appreciate it very much. Personally, you are one of my favourite people on this forum. Keep up the good work.
  12. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/11948222/Bitcoin-is-tax-free-European-court-rules.html maybe this helps
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