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  1. DividendGamer

    If XRP was a security (good outcome)

    This has been talked to death.
  2. DividendGamer

    NEW XRP Sentiment and Projection Charts

    Used to use a similar website for stocks. There is useful things if it can collect and parse data quick enough.
  3. DividendGamer

    As predicted

    Yeah if this stays even remotely near a lower range for a couple months I could hit the 1% range before my earlier estimate of July 2019. 😀 That would be a good birthday gift for me!
  4. I view Ripple and XRP as the Microsoft of the new millennium. Microsoft created 3 billionaires and an estimated 12,000 millionaires from employees.
  5. Only want to sell when a small portion is worth $100k, and then a larger amount once that portion is worth at least a million dollars+. After that I won't care about money, and will work on buying real estate with my newly wealthier family and building my financial advisor company.
  6. Buying more coins. I will buy every month even when it is well over $1, etc. Even when I will eventually sell some hopefully over $100 in 5-10 years I will still be buying xrp every month.
  7. Exactly, the United States of America is responsible for saving millions of lives, feeds and protects the world. Has revolutionized nearly every industry on the planet.
  8. A disease? You have a clearly biased and misguided agenda steeped in rhetoric. I am not going to argue with someone that has clearly no intention of using logic and facts.
  9. Not sure if I should take your rhetoric seriously or not? Are you joking? lol
  10. Don't put the cart before the horse here. This type of adoption takes a lot of time and very careful planning. Especially when a country like China is concerned.
  11. It was never a security, just takes a while for governments and regulations to catch up. The up side to this for most of us long term xrp holders is a longer accumulation phase. Most of the retail traders are still in the dark about crypto currency at all. People only really know about stocks and bonds and mutual funds. Less than 1% of the world population is even aware of crypto currency. This bodes well for Ripple and XRP. But I still see a long road until major price appreciation over the stratospheric hurdles of $5, $10..$50..$100.. This is going to take years, I am investing with a timeframe of 5-10 years.
  12. It is possible. That is what I thought too.
  13. Exactly, that is the PPC (price per coin) that I am holding for too. $100 would give me and friends and relatives potentially millions of dollars collectively.
  14. DividendGamer

    I just bought more

    Just got some more around $0.33-0.34 range.
  15. Just saw this and wanted to make sure more people were aware of it. https://www.google.com/amp/s/zycrypto.com/swift-embraces-blockchain-introduces-new-electronic-payment-system-to-reduce-delays-and-knockout-ripple/amp/