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  1. Based on the two prices, I now have more invested into csc than xrp now. From a pure ROI it's an obvious better scenario. Xrp going from $0.50-$100+ is going to take a lot more work than csc going from $0.001-$1.00+ 😎 I will buy investment property , both residential and commercial. Setup a financial advisor company, probably as a nonprofit.
  2. Got quite a few people invested into xrp and csc. The next couple years will be fun.
  3. I can expect to see xrp over $10 and csc casinocoin over $1 in a year or so.
  4. Can see xrp over $10 and csc casinocoin over $1 in a year or so.
  5. You should look into Casinocoin, CSC. Cscchat.com Right up your alley.
  6. Lots of xrp fans on Twitter spreading the word, and discord too. The momentum is building 😀
  7. $10k? it will be 5-10 years for it to hit even $100. Now we need to be able to hold past $0.35, then climb from here. We have a long road ahead 😀 But the future is bright, you best bring shades 😎
  8. Still in the education and information stage of introducing a new concept to most people. I bet not even 1% of the world has ever heard about crypto currency at all. We are a long way from mainstream adoption. Bitcoin has the biggest global presence and still is years behind their adoption roadmaps. But history will show the forks from Bitcoin were some of the worst decisions they could have done.
  9. I have had about 30+ people educated and invested into xrp and some also into csc now too. They are all eclipsing my investment amounts by now too I bet lol. A collection of white and blue collar professionals, a doctor, three college professors, a lawyer, business owners, a couple eager entrepreneurs. Old wealthy gadabouts too, and other busybody bluehairs.😀
  10. That's great, is it run by the same people? Is it available for Twitter, Reddit etc like xrp's?
  11. There's plenty of room for other companies. Monopolies build and foster corruption and stifle innovation.
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