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  1. lol, they can't be serious. Did any of them do any research before they bought?
  2. Power piggy program is pretty good on bitrue.
  3. Should be buying casinocoin. Never say nobody told you to buy when it was under a penny 😉
  4. CasinoCoin (CSC) at $1+ GameFundGold (GFG) at $1+ Ripple (XRP) at $10+
  5. People are going to be struggling to feed themselves, much less investing in crypto currency. The average person doesn't even have $5,000.00 in savings. This recession is going to hurt a lot of people. And many didn't even correct the behavior from the last one unfortunately.
  6. Sadly, I think the upcoming recession will hit the world a lot harder than even the last financial crisis. People are going to be struggling to feed themselves, much less investing into crypto currency. Most people don't have even $5,000.00 in savings.
  7. Their progress is nothing short of amazing given their limited resources. Truly a testament to their knowledge and experience within the industry.
  8. CasinoCoin is doing great, so excited for their future. The developers are mostly working for free, and deserve to get rewarded for their time and commitment.
  9. Yeah a couple months back when I first started buying CasinoCoin on nuex.com before it was available on the amazing bitrue.com There were several times where my buys would move the price by +20% lol But the daily volume is a lot stronger now on bitrue especially, so you see less on an impact. So excited for the future of CasinoCoin. 😎
  10. Great team of people working on CasinoCoin. Excited for the future.
  11. I don't think they understand how tired people are of using multiple content sites. The broader they can make it the better it will be. Content is non-existent.
  12. Would rather see it delayed than implemented when it's not ready.
  13. Quite a few Bitcoin operations are already running on renewable energy like solar, which is certainly a step in the right direction.
  14. Based on the two prices, I now have more invested into csc than xrp now. From a pure ROI it's an obvious better scenario. Xrp going from $0.50-$100+ is going to take a lot more work than csc going from $0.001-$1.00+ 😎 I will buy investment property , both residential and commercial. Setup a financial advisor company, probably as a nonprofit.
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