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  1. bitrue, a great place for xrp and it's wonderful fork, CasinoCoin.
  2. Zero now. I ran the numbers on the likelihood of xrp hitting $100+ versus CasinoCoin just needing to reach $1. CasinoCoin won. If I had the same amount roughly that I now have been able to accumulate of CSC, instead in xrp, I could have been at around 20-25k xrp. But I much prefer having 15 million CSC.
  3. Lots of people left or lurk now like I do. I mostly spend time on the CasinoCoin discord. Just not worth it talking to most people here. Many still cling to their delusional $100+ xrp price predictions. Another reason why I switched to CasinoCoin. CSC hitting $1 and making me millions is a lot more likely than xrp doing the same type of movement to $100+. 🍻
  4. Xrp going sub $0.10 soon at this rate. Not even the impeding Bitcoin halvening can save it for long. But a great time to buy more of CasinoCoin, xrp, vet and Bitcoin. Which I am definitely going to do. Be greedy when others are fearful. 🍻
  5. Yeah, been here for almost two years, and a very well respected member. I like xrp, but with the market conditions how they are, it makes sense to be in a similar crypto like CasinoCoin. Which is a fork of xrp for quicker wealth generation and accumulation. Been a very successful stock trader and investor and blogger since 2006. As well as a forex trader for over six years.
  6. Yes, to some degree on the utility and speculation that comes with further activity. Remember the BRM is going to be out soon, CRNs are coming soon too as well. Cammegh has thousands of active wheels in most major casinos all over the world. They sell around 500 new wheels a year. Every new wheel is coming equipped and ready to go with the tech, using it isn't a requirement or condition of purchase though. This is still just one use case too, have the most likely lottery Crazy8Token too. GoodGaming and their live csc use casino e
  7. Yeah, I don't think most people realize or understand how long the price appreciation is going to take for xrp. One of the reasons I switched to csc for the next few years. Even $10 is going to be a long shot for xrp.
  8. Good to also diversify, lots of other great crypto projects out there like CasinoCoin (CSC), VeChain (VET), and also important to get Bitcoin (BTC). Never want to risk losing everything because you have no diversification. It happens a lot in stocks, look at Enron. I also hope you are only investing money that you can afford to lose, and effectively flush down the toilet, and have it be gone forever.
  9. Historic day in the crypto currency and blockchain community! Cammegh, the world's number one roulette wheel company, with wheels in 90% of the world's casinos. Has gone live with their token Cammo (CAM), powered by CasinoCoin (CSC)! This is only the beginning. More use cases are coming in 2020 with Cammegh. Most likely integration of their supported card games like Baccarat and blackjack and Texas holdem etc. Integrating with their PitBoss software and suite of services. Next will be further details about yet unannounced token
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