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  1. Yes, a correction now, wonder when we reach $3.00 and after that passing the ATH... It is great to see the silly rockets, lambo's and all that. loving it
  2. XRP does exist for 9 years now. Why didn't the SEC bother with XRP for so long? That for me is a reason they probably lose this case against Ripple. What are your thoughts?
  3. back to where we were I think we need to wait for more SEC clarity
  4. We just passed $0.52 and we didn't have a decision yet. It is starting
  5. getting tired at looking at xrp stablecoin
  6. Take care, you're not alone. Another thing that can f*ck things up is when we are so focused on XRP is when BTC goes down massively. BTC down, all down. one day XRP will MOON All eyes on SEC, although is the world so bothered with what the USA thinks of this coin??
  7. Yes, i think in 2 1/2 hours from now. But i don't think this rocket is easy to stop at the moment
  8. just wondering what it is that pumps the price, is it: - the answer from ripple - Telegram pump and hold group - wallstreetbets I don't fecking care, as long as its PUMPING Yahh
  9. I sure hope so, waiting for years for this show
  10. not a lambo to the moon yet, but we're getting there
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