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  1. A few hours before the bitcoin halving. People hodl !!! I guess we will be in for a ride as we do for years now
  2. Just wondering if the whales are still able to manipulate the market when the price is so low. Same when it is very high at some point. Any thoughts?
  3. its about time, love these green candles, mesmerizing
  4. it's amazing that I start feeling excited at 0.23 dollar
  5. BTC up a bit slowly and rest following. Are we getting out of the swamp?
  6. 2023 is I think a point where I say stop with this ^&$dt when price is still around $ 0,25 - $ 0,50. By then ODL should be in place by many institutions.
  7. I think we might see a big move up when BTC goes up a bit
  8. It will be about time, waiting so long for a break. When BTC goes up nowadays, XRP will follow and goes up faster, it's like it wants to explode
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