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  1. Would be good to see some great news of the SEC case.
  2. I think we reached a bottom here from now on UP UP UP ...
  3. exactly, when BTC recovers and we get a result from the SEC sh*t-lawsuit, you'll see what a pump means It'll go berserk
  4. $0.94, we should be at least 5x this price if it wasn't for this SEC lawsuit. And now the SEC wants more time(60 days) to investigate ripple after all those years preparing for this lawsuit. It's just plain crazy.
  5. OMG, crypto is brutal I don't want to look at this anymore for a while...
  6. just wait and see with the crypto market enjoy the show
  7. Whatever comes out of the lawsuit at the moment, XRP is still following BTC Unless we get really big news, than pumping PUMP it up!
  8. Yes, a correction now, wonder when we reach $3.00 and after that passing the ATH... It is great to see the silly rockets, lambo's and all that. loving it
  9. XRP does exist for 9 years now. Why didn't the SEC bother with XRP for so long? That for me is a reason they probably lose this case against Ripple. What are your thoughts?
  10. back to where we were I think we need to wait for more SEC clarity
  11. We just passed $0.52 and we didn't have a decision yet. It is starting
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