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  1. might keep the bit I've left because there is still life in there
  2. I feel like the XRP-value is set to pause. Nothing will happen until the SEC court decision. How long will this take: months, years? Starting to have enough of this waiting.
  3. I wonder if this up has something to do with ripple not selling at the moment
  4. I knew it would be a rollercoaster, but didn't expect this Probably need to wait another few years now ?? I can't imagine this whole XRP-digital asset will be over.
  5. $ 0,45 now, so much going on with crypto, just forgot about the security case. It's taken to long anyway. I guess we need to wait a bit longer to see a price blast off. Like a mentioned earlier, some people don't want XRP to succeed. If the outcome is it is NOT a security, is that the moment we blast to the sky
  6. I am also curious what XRP does with the 'afterburn'. I mean when BTC stands still, XRP has some power left to go up. That was what always happened in the past anyway.
  7. Exactly, but then I think it is heavily manipulated. There are people out there they want you to throw the towel. The moment you do that it will go up.
  8. I'm getting a bit pessimistic now. $0,47. Even when BTC reach 20k, I doubt XRP will be $1 Last week I was sure of above $1 when BTC reach over 20k, you'll never know with crypto, I guess we need to wait longer...
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