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  1. Very smart product !!! most have not even realized what is accomplished by. The CEO, apparently not so much.
  2. Even without crypto or ripple... SWIFT is challenged, or/and "falling" !!? Get it? So, now wonder and ask why that is?
  3. i give you the "now" - knowing, the future belongs to me Bob. never in my life i made **** up.. if i do not know..i shut up, always. but i will say this without saying much about myself. Be not surprised, if it unfolds as something much bigger than ever thought of, despite all the hints dropped and speculations made .. Money talks, wealth whispers... Sorry to hear, that lost tons of money.. somehow i thought so feeling the frustration in you.
  4. Ripple is (was) already interacting/cooperating with SWIFT. Did you miss the R3, Corda, ripplenet, SWIFT GPI story?
  5. "Hopium" is why you both figures are sniffing back-tail gases in this forum.. seeking "confirmation" that you are not following pipe-dreams while being smart-asses about it ?? I asked two questions above.. i put it differently.. SWIFT is a REGULATORY organ.. the other is settlement and transaction technology (doing SWIFTs job better btw) So, how please they can operate without interacting? That SWIFT will vanish to make this statement of "non-cooperation" become true.. not over night..far future maybe. time will tell.. we shall see (they are thought what to think, not how to think.. crosses my mind...)
  6. but if you really want a conspiracy fart for pure entertainment... here: let´s see what is at 589$ first.. XRP or BTC
  7. what role and purpose has swift? what role and purpose has ripple-net? interaction is unavoidable ! unless one makes the other totally obsolete, which is not going to happen over night. this has nothing to do with "connect the dots per-mature brain ejaculations" (seen too often in the so called xrp-community), however, retroductive thinking does help to reconstruct and see facts unfolding, instead of abductive and inductive reasoning or "parrot-ing" Who founded Swift, when and why. What did it became over the years? Are there other alternative ways and methods to full-fill its role? While you are waiting for "confirmations" (good luck).. other people worry about other questions like the ones above.
  8. If you see a Camel, you don´t need someone confirming it to you by statements, that is indeed IS a camel.
  9. SWIFT : the tracking, controlling, sanctions and tariffs enforcing- and KYC / AML-Tool, the US petro dollar dominance "pistol" - AND - the exchange rates impacting on trade. "Level paying field". It can not be, that ONE nations economy and policies dictate the rest of the world. Does it work? did it? The New Global Financial System of 2030 << #XRP >> UN - The Sustainable Development Agenda 2030- SDR / SDG << links Global STABILITY, SUSTAINABILITY and GROWTH. If you have problems understanding the growth importance, think about the exponential growth of human population in the last 40 and next 20 years. Probabilities : National crisis = civil war. Global financial crisis = world war? many trees.. so difficult to see the forest .. wait..
  10. Make XRP a $1 Stablecoin << that replaces the "global credit bubble" only with a different naming ... what you think, sustainability, stability and GROWTH means in context to ever increasing population and "numbers" ? XRP HAS to explode in reference to US$ in order to reset.. yes RESET.. the current monetary system (if studied and understood historically) is so deep in the ****.. that the only way out (no other way of fixing available)..is to re-set (set to a new) system. To make it clear.. all "others" to be ******, are already ******.. to the point of being left with ******* each other, and no one left - even in the own ranks anymore to be ****** .. consequently remaining "**** yourself" or RESET. if you think, ripple is just another company with a product.. you can not see the forest due to too many trees.
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