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  1. Interesting. If you don’t mind me asking, did you sell some of your holdings last time price went over $2?
  2. At what point do we start to feel we are comfortably at #2, and this isn’t just another temporary flip?
  3. A stateless digital currency with a fixed supply could definitely have value for institutions like the IMF or World Bank, considering the endless printing and supply of all the major fiat currencies in the world.
  4. I completely agree that speculation, including institutional speculation, will drive the price ahead of the utility. My only concern is that it will be followed by a significant correction again somewhat back to reality. I got in as a long term investment, but it’s painful to watch it hit the highs and follow it all the way down again.
  5. Regardless of price, I think liquidity will be much better in 5 yrs than today. I don’t think offloading will be an issue... unless you are Chris Larsen
  6. I think the next big market rally will start after all theses tokens have production ready projects behind them. I think that will trigger an institutional investor based valuation bubble that will be much larger than .com bubble
  7. I agree with your sentiment that positive news is adding momentum. I think more important than quick price movements, all the momentum of positive news has converted XRP haters and newcomers, both retail and institutional investors, into believers in 2018. I think this will eventually impact price when it starts to move.
  8. I don’t think price has moved much from prior quarterly reports, can’t imagine it will be any different this time.
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