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  1. I've seen a few of your posts over the last year and I'm surprised to see you write something like this, or even to start a new topic about it. But I think, right now at least, you're being extremely short sighted. If you listen to all of the sessions from Swell, especially the 800 pound gorilla session, there are sooooo many good things on the horizon. Not just ideas or thoughts or maybe-this, maybe-that; but actual real world, contracts-signed adoption. Listen to Cuallix, MercuryFX and Catalyst's words on xRapid and XRP adoption. It's actually insane. Listen to Siam bank talk about working with Ripple and incorporating the technology into their bank - it's actually CHANGING their business models. This is huge! Companies see so much value in this technology, specifically Ripple and specifically XRP (with those already signed up to xRapid), that they're building NEW products and changing their business models because of it. And remember, yes xRapid is live but MercuryFX and Catalyst are not transacting on xRapid just yet (they will by end of the year). Just stop looking at the price all the time, and if you do, you certainly cannot expect it to be one minute at 0.50c and then the next 1 euro - that's absurd! If you want that, look now, then look at the end of the year - then you might not be so disappointed and write a post that makes the topic listing look depressing. There is nothing depressing with what is happening right now (and Jesus 2 weeks ago the price was more than half what it is today!)
  2. God. no one, expect the foolish and gullible speculators, said that large institutional Bank's will use XRP for their on-demand liquidity solution (by using xRapid) tomorrow. NO ONE. Anyone worth their salt knows it will take years before this is likely to happen. But guess what? Another step was taken in the marathon to creating the IoV today. Another step was taken for members of RippleNet (which INCLUDE your regular large institutional-named banks) to be the corner stone of that. Another step was taken for banks to adopt the technology. So of-bloody-course a bank won't adopt it tomorrow and stop acting like it's not a GOOD thing what was announced today. I swear it's some peoples sole job to move goalposts around just so the players can't score a goal - you sound like one of these godawful post-movers...
  3. I expect a that a lot of good news will be shared behind closed doors. One thing I do expect (and I know this isn't a popular opinion and has been shot down many times in the last few weeks) is that they have been secretly testing xRapid. Now hear me out. We know xRapid has been tested in Beta for years. We know they've used to software to test small transactions to ensure all the bugs are squashed out of the coding. But what's one thing that is still unknown? How a large volume of transactions over xRapid is going to affect the market, and whether it will dry up the liquidity. David Schwartz and others have openly admitted this. We also know that xRapid is going "live" with one major bank by the end of the year. So what do they have to do to convince more members of RippleNet to make the switch? Well, you do what anyone does to make a convincing argument: you present evidence. So they test the software, they start running some high volume transactions through the system (with the bank and exchanges that are set to go live soon) and they gauge the market reactions to the transactions flowing over the network. They gather the data in order to paint the picture to present to their clients. What event can they present this convincing evidence? Well, of course that would be the event all of their clients are gathered at once place; Swell! Say what you will, but they have already confirmed a couple of corridors, and the corresponding exchanges, they have said that they will go live before the end of the year, they have said there's some good news coming out with the release, which we'll find out about within a month, or so, and they have the perfect opportunity to do so at Swell. I believe this is why we've been seeing these random pumps, as of late, they have been slowly accumulating data and evidence to present at the forum and hopefully sway more members to use XRP as the bridge currency for cross-border transactions. I don't think that they'll tell the public though - this will all be presented behind closed doors in those private meeting because, as anyone can imagine, if they know that xRapid release will positively affect the price of XRP, then this will be something they'll want to keep close to their chest to avoid a huge "false" bubble from speculators that will surely pop, right when they wouldn't want it to. So they won't announce it. To round off my thoughts, my hypothesis does not have any evidence to back it up (contradicting what I mention about making a convincing argument). But, to me at least, it makes complete and utter sense. Whatever happens, I think xRapid going live on RippleNet, even with one or two corridors, it will be the start of big things to come.
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