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  1. Hey guys! I just created a media press to promote altcoins with potential to disrupt many industries! Of course, the first article had to be something about XRP as well ;) If you are interested in receiving info about XRP and some others, leave a follow on Twitter so we can stay tuned! Thanks. https://twitter.com/CryptoNotebook/status/1163581229217792002
  2. I'm very curious about this. I see a lot of validators, e.g. MIT, Berkeley, whatsoever... But my question is: What do they get as a reward for running an XRP validator? How is the electricity of this validators being paid? Are those institutions who pay the validators? What's the motivation for an institution to run a validator? (please avoid this classical answers like "being part of a new revolution" blahblah) Thanks in advance
  3. This post is for everyone to be able to express their thoughts about real potential price of XRP. The only driver I want you to have is to say a REAL ACHIEVABLE price, taking into account actual demand, potential demand, total amount of coins, global money, competitors, etc. I know it's not that easy, but let's guess P.S. Please, if you are going to say 589 with no real mathematical support, just don't say anything Real achievable prices!!!!
  4. You talk about the whales as if they were waiting for a 99% loss in value for coming back to crypto. Dude, lets be realistic, Whales make huge profits even with 10% gains and that's what they are used to do because they are used to stock investments/derivatives and so on. 10% profits is a lot in those markets. There may be some potential in crypto, but... how much % loss is enough for whales to come back in your opinion? we are around 75% already.
  5. I think that assuming that if someone complains is because "we are near the end of the bear market" is a childish thought. It has nothing to do with it, if it was true why didn't the whales cashed in and out last year? being around 75% loss in the whole market would create such gains with it.. What are we expecting? to be 99% loss comparing to 2017? I think our analysis has to go beyond that, and not only repeting what the 589ers and dreamers say.
  6. I don't know why people talk about crypto in the same economical logic as with real life products. Real life products (Oil, stocks, derivatives) have a proven real utility/value. What's the proven real utility/value in digital assets? Pure speculation and hope still. Should we keep the same economical logic about the cycles? why? I'm open to answers, thanks for the discussion
  7. I've been a huge XRP supporter for more than a year, but this so called "Bear market" starts to make no sense. Come on guys, let's be honest. A lack of interest for investing in this is not a just a bear market with the hope of a Bull market sometime. Simply the "products" (Tokens/cryptocurrencies/digital assets/whatever) are not in the interest of investors anymore, because of their lack of real utility/value. I'm open to discussion. I've always loved being positive about these things, but let's be realistic. What are your thoughts about the imaginary concept of "Bear market"?
  8. IMO a chart which numbers dont fit is not a graph I would put attention in. Even more if the graph intentionally motivates a fake fantasy. Not fair in my opinion, I hope it was not done on purpose.
  9. Please stop sharing this Chart, which is absolutely fake. The multiplication is not right, the red boxes on swift should be divided by 10 actually! My gosh, people share things which they don't even check
  10. Thank you, Sebastian. I'm new at posting, so by addressing what do u exactly mean? Thank you in advance
  11. It looks super attractive to all of us, but when you go directly to the numbers, the fairytale fades a little. It's not like XRP has no future for increase, but at least I think redefining this chart could bring all of us down to earth. We should spread the word of not using this chart anymore, it just creates fake fantasies.
  12. Hey guys. I know we all want XRP to explode, but the next chart makes absolutely no sense, and a looot of people tend to share it here. SWIFT amount simply doesn't match with the multiplication. The multiplication of all the boxes makes 50 trillion, no 5 trillion as it mentions. Sad but true, I also made that sad face. All those boxes should be divided by 10, and only have 50 boxes.
  13. I am not really sure. None knows
  14. Hey. Could you show us the source of that? sounds huge. I haven't seen any news about a 4.5 billion XRP wallet being created.
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