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  1. I personally think they are after the technology ripple offers but they are going to use their own currency which is more likely to be a stable coin. I am not sure why ripple doesn't make her products be used only with xrp , same way as stellar lumens
  2. I agree with the analogy you mentioned however here is the catch , the computer needs a software system for it to work in this case the Microsoft software but in the case of ripple and xrp you do need xrp only in xrapid but not in xcurrent and xvia , combining them into ripplenet things are still not clear to me as fas i know ripplenet combine all the product as one so the banks and financial institutions will have all 3 products and they can get to choose the one they want , this doesn't mean they will use xrapid , in this case i agree with Riseup post as of ripple the company that will benefit from this but xrp won't ,i am more than happy to hear you counter argument about this.
  3. That's exactly my issue with the xrp token since the beginning , xrp is not ripple xrp is used in one of ripple products moreover there is a bit of a confusion i am not sure if its intentional or not regarding xrp and ripplenet ,the good thing is it is decentralized but the down side it lucks some of the properties for it to be a currency, and there is a limited amount of it and it can't be mined.
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