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  1. CEST Time zone, I work 3 shifts, also in the weekends, so I can't give a best specification of when it works out for me. If I'm not free, most of the time it's easy for me to trade shifts. The Best part of my job, is that I work behind a computer and I have allot of time left, to research further what I've Learned from you guy's. Sorry for responding this late, had some things past 2 weeks that needed to be finished.
  2. How you prefer to be identified. CNHquest , find me by this name on a social media platform (CryptoNewsHunter on it's quest in the cryptospace) Since I've stumbled upon.. XRP has drawn all my attention The other social media identities you use. twitter, here I post my research, follow the latest news, and have fun times whit the community while holding through this whole quest youtube, dedicated my home page to crypto https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTzzTfEnKjzJx8lEID3oVxg?view_as=subscriber (NeedsAnUpdate) Subscribed to some people who are part of this bookclub here, I see U. Work
  3. Flags in front of the UN building usually don't have ripple symbol on it. why not $500+ , I think he chose that number for a reason.
  4. the DvP stands for Delivery versus Payments which is for domestic payments they have developed this in project UBIN phase 2. Now there looking at models for cross border payments, in which they may leverage ILP.
  5. Cobalt: BFT Governance in Open Networks Ethan MacBrough Ripple Research Abstract We present Cobalt, a novel atomic broadcast algorithm https://arxiv.org/pdf/1802.07240.pdf The reason why I mention cobalt is because the atomic weight of the chemical element Cobalt = 58,933195 u ± 0,000005 u
  6. Could also be something about the comex 589 rule, that has to do whit shortage of liquidity. https://www.silverdoctors.com/silver/silver-news/french-analyst-someone-is-cornering-the-silver-market-to-cause-a-silver-shortage/
  7. Yes that's one way and many of us do comply whit NDA's, something you just cant spill, ofcourse) But there are also things you can't say out loud because of public relations reasons and media or because of a roadmap, but you can say it in others words that can have a double meaning.
  8. Think most of them hold on, cause what these figures have done as well, how ever you may see them, they had let community do research and hope most people see this as a new internet layer that brings the IoV that we are in need of in this modern age.
  9. I have been given a warning for posting in the wrong category, this topic is not about a price prediction. It's a general post about XRP what has been going on in its community. and maybe solving this issue, by seeing it in another light.
  10. What if you have done research on bitcoin, and than comes this company whit a trillion dollar solution whit a new internet layer, and you can't say anything about this but you want to tell everyone, what do you do?. I see bits of riddles posts from people working in those financial company's, because they aren't just allowed to speak about it out loud. What if everyone knew who satoshi nakamoto is? just like Andreas Antonopoulos said, it doesn't Mather it's open source, everyone can look into the code and verify that it works. But why doesn't satoshi reveals him self, there are good reasons
  11. You could look up what market cycles are, they play out since the beginning, it is long overdue. I'm trying to correct the price prediction here, this will never happen eoy.
  12. I'm also on a research now, I find more important, its concerning how projects are created all over the world for better and faster payments towards 2020 and this opens up openbanking, just connecting the dots.
  13. No, I wanted to try out an OCR reader to get text in an image into plain text to see if i got all the rules right, there's a whole lot of mesh going on in that picture. Haven't tried it yet, thought of it just a week ago.
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