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  1. Re, You answered at the same moment I was posting, so yes it looks like exactly the service I was targetting to make but without fees on my side and a bit of knowledge to make users independant. I will play a bit with gatehub.net to see what they propose but mostly this is the same thing I target to do for cheaper and at first without the possibility to buy assets, just to store them. I will see on my side if it's worth the time to do it. Thank you for your answers, it was very enlighting. Regards.
  2. Re, I opened an account on gatehub.net to check it, there is my wallet with an address looking like a xrp ledger one, I tried to look up the address on the ledger and couldn't find it. Maybe I will try to send some xrp later to test it. If it works it means that gatehub is actually doing what I am targetting but with 0.2% fees per transferts. So they kind of own accounts in a way. I couldn't see any tags to enter so maybe you are right, it creates an address on the ledger you to fill to activate like a regular one. I'll keep you updated. Regards.
  3. Thank you ! I sent a request to the club, I need it to see the content. Regards.
  4. Re, Ok, I only read their linkedIn profile page, I will find more informations, if you have any more sources it will be much appreciated. Thanks for you answer.
  5. Hi Mr_McFearson, I checked Polysign but it looks like they are targetting big companies and institutions for massive adoption. I am targetting people who does not understand at all code, websockets, api, creating servers and address on the ledger and just want a nice and easy interface for a cheap price. Regards.
  6. Hi at3n, Thanks for you answer. Of course the number of accounts should unlikely grow to 7 billions, even 1 billion but let's just imagine in the 5 next years if xrapid is very used and XRP becomes the bridge it wants to be between currencies, it can be interesting for people to have their own account. So 100 times more accounts could happen in the 5 next years. Now I am not sure about the working of gatehub to be honest. For me each exchange have 1 to 10 xrp accounts max which cost to them 20 xrp to open and then they use their own server connected to their rippled instance to share the xrp between members. I could be wrong. Maybe someone can enlight me about that but when I check for example the gatehub address : rhub8VRN55s94qWKDv6jmDy1pUykJzF3wq (gatehub.net) it has about 18 777 067 XRP, when I go to gatehub.net stats there is no informations about xrp volume so I guess that they have one big xrp account holding all xrp and when you create a new account you are just put in their own database but no xrp account is created on the ledger. I am just assuming, I don't use gatehub. One quick way to verify this is to check if the address you have on gatehub.net is the same as the one registered under their name. Also when you need to put a tag it's most likely the same thing, the tag is used as your id in an external database and the website is just an interface between the unique account holding all xrp of members of gatehub and them. After they take 0.20% fee which is pretty expensive when you see that the price is about 0.000012 xrp for a transfert. I hope they don't do that though, because it would mean the 20xrp taken are just taken by gatehub without any new account created on the ledger. If someone has a gatehub account could he put his address here so everybody can check this ? Anyway my idea was to dramatically lower the prices of transferts, they seem too expensive for me (like 2.99$ for a transfert on uphold or transferts fees of 0.2% which mean you pay 2 xrp for a 1000 xrp transferts whereas it really cost 0.000012 xrp to make it, even transfering 1 xrp will cost you 0,002 which is about 200/100 times more than real price, 10 to 20 drops = 0.00001 xrp). I also want to give the opportunity to create a real xrp account that people can use as they want, with some tutorials and plug and play style services with nice design. Easy to use like any banking system. Something which could cost about 0,99$ a month and you can do as much transferts as you want in and out, no limit and no fees. The 0,99$ are just enough to be sure the server can run and expands accordingly with people and new comers. But first I want to be sure I am proposing something new. About the sources, mostly it's from gatehub.net (fees : https://gatehub.net/fees and stats) and XRP stats (https://ledger.exposed/rich-stats) or directly you can ask the ledger on the websocket address https://developers.ripple.com/websocket-api-tool.html#ledger_current or API. Transactions are there to explore the costs : https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/transactions/ Thanks for reading. Regards.
  7. Hi all xrp enthusiasts, I have a question I couldn't find in discussions about the 20 xrp needed to open an account on the ledger, which are blocked after the account creation. First let's dream and say all humans on Earth decide to open an account on the ledger. it means 7 billions accounts for 140 billions xrp total (7billions people * 20xrp) which is more than the 100 billions xrp out there. Now let's go back to reality, when I am writing now, there are 1 347 165 accounts which means 26 943 300 xrp are hold in the ledger forever. With a growing utilisation it means that more and more xrp will be blocked. I know there is the possibility to vote to lower the need of xrp blocked on each new account but even with this, if there are 100 times more accounts in the future, it means that about 2 to 3 billions xrp will be hold on the ledger which is about 3% of all xrp, that sounds a lot to me. Is there further thinking in this ? I mean it seems like the xrp isn't made right now for a global use. If the account opening cost was about 1 xrp it would be more realistic on a global human scale, because it would mean about 7 billions xrp blocked on the ledger dedicated to account opening. Also don't forget some people could want several different accounts. It's also possible that if in the future xrp costs more, the account opening will become very expensive in fiat money. These are just some questions I was wondering about because of a possible online wallet business I could make where every users would have their own xrp accounts. Basically a service for simple xrp account creation and managing but not in the way exchange do it, because exchanges actually use 1 to 10 accounts on the ledger and then manage it internally. My purpose was to let people have their own xrp account but I guess such a service would dramatically block a lot of xrp. Thanks for reading, I hope I was clear. Regards.
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