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  1. Right! Page / VH was about 50/50 with a slight nod to VH. Bob is good to go!
  2. That is actually correct.
  3. @BobWay Hi Bob. Thanks for this great thread and insightful ponderings. There remains just one more set of questions which, if answered correctly, will prove your worth and true identity. It is called the Binary Musical Triskelion Verification or BMTV and is listed below. 1) Beatles or Stones 2) Page or Van Halen 3) Mariah or Whitney Good luck!
  4. I tried to last night but she insists on being hysterical.
  5. I just noticed that Tiffany created her XRPChat profile 3 days after I created mine. I'm wondering if maybe I'm her. This is weird. Though I'm not even sure if she likes Zeppelin or Van Halen. I will heavily be looking into this issue and hope to reach a satisfactory conclusion forthwith.
  6. A Theoretical Conversation for display purposes only: SEC: Hi, this is Steve Snodgrass from the SEC. As part of our Retail Investor Outreach Program (RIOP), we’d like to discuss with you, a random retail investor from the internet, our plans for the security classification of XRP. Retail Investor (RI): OK, shoot! SEC: Though we have many billion dollar financial institutions, global corporations and worldwide central banks awaiting our guidance in regards to the digital asset XRP and indeed, how we plan on dealing with the newest asset class in multiple centuries, we felt it was important to contact you, a random retail investor from the internet, and let you know how we’re coming along. RI: That’s great, I really appreciate the concern and the call. So what’s the verdict? SEC: Unfortunately, we can’t tell you. You’ll just have to see what happens. RI: Oh I see. Is it ok if I write about this on the interwebs? SEC: You may freely write about this on any interweb forums but please do not give my name or the last 4 digits of this phone number. If you do, I will disavow this completely unenlightening message. RI: Sure thing man. SEC: Bye. RI: Adios.
  7. This is the FAKEST post on Xrpchat since that guy said his wife divorced him after buying the Jan 4 high. Not even remotely believable in any way. On the entertainment scale - 3 out of 10.
  8. To my knowledge, no one of renown has ever made a public statement like this in the history of my lifetime. I don't think this has anything to do with bitcoin or blockchain; rather it pertains to the horrific analogy used possibly from someone with experience in the matter. This smacks of a forced confession, public humiliation ritual. The world's answer to Munger should resoundingly be - "NO QUARTER".
  9. Did you mean ETH represented reptiles?
  10. I think you're totally right. It's amazing how fast people forget. A few months ago the euphoria was insane. The next push should be the biggest of all-time when the real money comes in. Will probably be awe-inspiring. Aww...
  11. You're right. It's not an honorable thing to do if true.
  12. One of the Reddit posters seemed really angry about it and demanded the post be deleted. Then another post toward the bottom was deleted for apparently (according to the responses to it) calling the original poster a POS. More intrigue. Why would people be so emotional over a random rumor? Anyway, interesting.
  13. I agree. That should definitely happen at some point. "When?" is the question.
  14. Exactly. Everyone on this board could dump their zerps tomorrow and it wouldn't make a fart of a difference. We did our job already, providing liquidity and keeping the price fairly stable and moving it upwards slowly. This is the golden time of reaping. Just sit back and enjoy the show. This is a worldwide phenomenon with Ripple leading the way. Other cryptos will benefit too. Things couldn't be better. Also, completely lambast any Fudster who comes on the board. Stop being understanding of their fake stories. Next three paragraph first post story and I'm gonna hand them a new one. And it will be done artistically. Enjoy the new phase of your lives.
  15. That's right. It'll be worth more than all the fiat currency in the Europe, in the Africa, in the Asia, in the America and in the Antarctica combined. Times 100. And you can take that to the in bank.
  16. Do the opposite of whatever he says. He is an investment figurehead for the masses. In a few years if he says he was wrong about crypto and it's now a good idea to get in, get out instead. He would likely be part of a group that makes it end badly on purpose (MIEBOP).
  17. Possibly the founders of Bitstamp, also Slovenian, might be able to help you out.
  18. Rock and roll and crypto wars, I can't take it any more(s)...
  19. Thx. I got it to work after 2 attempts of authorizing the device. Appreciate your help.
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