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  1. a number of names that came by, hsbc, ubs, xoom, (german bank) ABN. (Dutch) i have No timeframe
  2. I ask him if I can or may place some screenshots of the documents. but I can't promise it. give me a few days...
  3. I can only say patience, I don't want to be put away like a bearableguy123. I know from a reliable source that a number of European banks are seriously sitting around the table for using xrp. and believe me, this is not nonsense, I have been able to view various papers and e-mails from my client.
  4. Here is your hope, best news ever!!! I've been waiting for this for a whole year! The resistance of central bankers to the libra, however, appears to be high. On Friday, US President Trump also turned out to be skeptical. He tweeted that "Facebook must apply for a banking license," and that the value of crypto coins is "air-based." Incl BTC. xrp is embraced by banks, Investments shall now go for safety and embrace massive ripple, mark my words!!! 👍🏻
  5. Come on... nothing new, we've known this for a long time don't make it biggen than it is
  6. True!!! PANIC 😁 if you have to work hard for money then you should not invest in crypto
  7. 🤪 please going down to - 10 cents is ******* positive filling my stack!!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
  8. Ripple (XRP) is on the verge of a historic breakout. The last time XRP/USD printed this pattern on the weekly time frame, we saw Ripple (XRP) rise to a new all-time high. Now, the question is, “Could the same happen this time?” Throughout the trading history of Ripple (XRP) we have seen it print the same patterns as it has before. For instance, XRP/USD prints the same four consecutive long candles when it breaks out against Bitcoin (BTC). We have seen this happen many a time before. The interesting part is, largely the whole price action leading up to the rally seems the same as before.
  9. Sepp

    Trump’s hand

    Nu weet ik het zeker, het is de hand van trump die met het poppetje (marionet) speelt! China heeft een enorme dominantie over Bitcoin China is veruit de onbetwiste wereldleider in het minen van Bitcoins. De Chinese miningpools zorgen voor meer dan 70 procent van de hash-rate van het Bitcoin netwerk. Hash rate is de snelheid/verwerkingskracht waarmee een computer een bewerking voltooit in het Bitcoin netwerk. Verschillende experts in de Bitcoin en cryptocurrency wereld hebben hun bezorgdheid geuit. China heeft teveel controle over de Bitcoin. Het bedrijf ‘Bitmain’ dat geve
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