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  1. If XRP is worth $589 it's worth... $589, you guessed right. Marketcap still isn't the same as corporation value.
  2. This! Market Cap doesn't mean anything in terms of valuation.
  3. I use NLexch: https://www.nlexch.com/, but since yesterday there are more possibilities: NUEX Exchange: https://www.nuex.com/ STEX: https://beta.stex.exchange/ or BitFlip: https://bitflip.li
  4. Take a look at CasinoCoin! We will never see such low prices again!
  5. https://www.hoardinvest.com/vote/ Type 'CasinoCoin' and Vote! ?
  6. At least 20k - that's the life changing amount. ?‍♂️
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