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  1. It all has to do with the liquidity. XRP price must be higher in order to fill all the orders and it’s the only path to major adoption. Liquidity and utility are the major drivers for XRP’s price. They won’t dump coins any more since they want to see higher price because otherwise there won’t be any major utility.
  2. Capitulation phase...that one for which everybody believed it was over a while ago.
  3. Today I bought 3k XRP more. Because of this: https://www.ccn.com/ripple-disastrous-year-xrp-worst-performing-crypto-2019
  4. Sure. One word for you also: Accumulation! Why so many negative news for XRP last few days? Dumb/sell to let MMs accumulate more. Simple.
  5. One word: Manipulation! If you have bought btc higher I’m not responsible for you...now please leave me alone. Would not like to argue. Sorry, to much other activities.
  6. BTC is a shitcoin. PoW...come on...51% attack, double spend,...would you like more?
  7. It’s a long squeez. They killed all longs with stops around 30c. 😁 Now it’s time to buy. 😉
  8. Thank you Karma. I much appreciate your answer. My thoughts are the same.
  9. Thanks buddy, I believe this also. But how the price of XRP would be affected? That is the question for million dollars. 🤔
  10. Thanks for your post @KarmaCoverage. What do you think will happen to XRP in this case?
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