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  1. Thank you Karma. I much appreciate your answer. My thoughts are the same.
  2. Thanks buddy, I believe this also. But how the price of XRP would be affected? That is the question for million dollars. 🤔
  3. Thanks for your post @KarmaCoverage. What do you think will happen to XRP in this case?
  4. Not talking about trade. Just want too see bigger picture. What is behind the scenes. I don’t trade these pair, just hold xrp. It’s about correlations and behaviour in connection xrp to btc / xrp to usd.
  5. Nice Spekul. Our thoughts/analysis are the same. My opinion is it’s a shake off but we will see. Look at the XRPBTC. Longs on this pair are increasing. Could be also BTC dump. From my point of view something big is preparing. 😬😁💪
  6. Yes I understand. Life is too short for all of us. Keep it as much you can. Go with a small and you will turn it big. Dont regret anything cos it takes off your energy.
  7. The question is from whom are coming. MM’s probably not. Look at the history...usually there is bear following. We’ll see in a few days.
  8. It’s not from Estonia. It’s from Slovenia. The news is about It’s fully licensed in Estonia. It’s also fully licensed in many other EU countries. 😉
  9. XRP/BTC...hidden bullish divergence on daily. MACD is ready to make a cross. 👍😉 It’s coiling, that’s for sure. Will happen soon.
  10. Yes you are right. My mistake and I appologize. Kitao said that. He was saying this in context of adoption of xRapid. https://www.google.com/amp/s/ambcrypto.com/japans-sbi-group-launches-crypto-trading-platform-ripple-xrp/
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