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  1. Of course $589 is very much an unrealistic dream, but I try never to crush anothers dreams... Half of the fun of crypto is dreaming, at least for me. Cyn
  2. Up 5 % in less than an hour... Come in Korea!
  3. Managing expectations, especially ones own, is tricky business, but it must be done. Cyn
  4. Give it about 4 hours and we will see...
  5. Of course, I understand... got your PM and will respond soon. Cyn
  6. Very thought provoking and well written post @XRPto50dollars . Fascinating subject. Maybe Paul was on to something in that cave on Patmos... No implant for me; facial recognition, or retinal scan for me, I didn't take "the mark" and I can still transact with my Zerps and Chips! Cyn Chips = CasinoCoin CSC (get some)
  7. @Gismapper Me too Brother... (But I always capitalize Jesus' name) And I'm curious, the concept of which you speak of, from Revelations I presume, is not exactly an endorsement of a one world currency or a DA for that matter, would you care to expand upon this point? Why did you invest in something that would help promulgate "end times"? My entry story: In 2009, my son came home from school and told me about BTC. I did some research and decided it was a hoaky pyramid type scam, BTC was $20 at the time and I almost bought 50 coins, "shoulda, woulda, coulda" indeed! Last December, after rubbing my nose in my BTC denial, he told me about Ripple/XRP, this time I listened! Peace and Blessings, Cindy Lou
  8. Similar to XRP and Ripple behind it, CSC with The Casinocoin foundation and Team, is very very promising. I believe that the use case of CSC fills a real world need and will eventually drive the value of the CSC coin itself. The Foundation and Team behind CSC have actively avoided hyping this coin in any way, there was no ICO to raise quick cash, this is a very real initiative and project. Casinocoin has an amazing product that will revolutionize online gambling and the buying and selling of the CSC coin, including cashing out to fiat to ones bank account. At .0004 cents a coin, the upside of its value reaching even 10 cents is obvious. With just a few successes, that are coming soon, we will ALL know about this unique and amazing coin. Add in a little bit of fomo and a crypto bull market, CSC could quickly get to $1 and SOON! Cyn
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