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  1. Right i understand those basics, my question is why in 2013 is the circulating supply 7 billion? When does CMC update these numbers?
  2. Hello everyone, I have read a lot of references to CMC and exchanges adjusting the way in which they account for all available coins in circulation, but have yet to receive a clear explanation of how this would happen. Can someone explain?
  3. This space is full of hypotheticals and speculation, however, I would appreciate someone’s opinion on this scenario. Say the world adopts XRP and facilitates all trade through Ripplenet essentially bypassing USD’s use as a medium of exchange through international trade. Meanwhile, the SEC cracksdown and for some reason deems the token as a security. Wouldn’t this have a huge negative effect on the US economy, basically shooting ourselves in the foot? Does anyone has a good understanding of the ramifications of this scenario?
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