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  1. I'm pretty sure every alt coin they listed pretty much lost whatever gained at the time. Hard to expect much during a bear market.
  2. Don't get your hopes up, the Coinbase effect is dead. Nevertheless, it's still amazing news that it's finally been listed on CB, but there's a plethora of exchanges to buy XRP these days relative to 2017.
  3. No. Why would would someone invest in something that they're competing with if you have a groundbreaking, innovative, and significantly better technology? (literally I think the only real-time gross settlement system). They're slowly taking over SWIFT without having have to take over SWIFT. The Ripple ecosystem is faster, more cost efficient, and transparent, and same goes for everyone else who offers the same type of services. It would literally be a waste of money to buy them out... assuming that's even possible, which I don't believe it is. Besides, I doubt Ripple would pull a Jeff Bezos and obliterate any competition... but who knows. I don't like speculating about things like this because it's not healthy for the price of XRP or Ripple overall to be honest.
  4. All the signs are pointing towards Q1 of 2019, but the flip side of that is, whenever everyone is expecting the market to go up, i.e. BAKKT (delayed), ETF approval, yearly consensus, wall street bonuses, etc etc etc, nothing ever happens. I think the bull market is gonna be something that takes everyone by surprise and will (hopefully) happen when nobody is expecting it.
  5. I don't know, more of shill. We won't know until there's actual news. I have a friend who works with amazon's finance department. He told me they've been looking into how they can integrate blockchain and crypto in their system for a while now, but because of the volatility, it's been getting pushed back. Could XRP and Ripple be a good solution to what they're looking for? Sure. Does that mean they'll adopt their tech? Maybe yes, maybe no, we all just have to wait and see without shilling and artificially inflating the price based off of rumors. Organic growth is always key.
  6. Why is anyone surprised? Do you think a company that sends money globally wants to lower their transaction costs? That's how they make their money. Personally, I think WU messed up because they could've have crushed any and all competition by saving tons of money to send fiat anywhere. Just because they're lowering the cost to send money on their end, doesn't mean they have to lower their fees down to what their cost of sending is for the customer. I mean really, it's just a matter of time... WU is not some groundbreaking innovation that can't be copied. All it takes is someone with a lot of money to start a company like WU using Ripple's tech (i.e money gram), and WU will either have to find a cheaper solution than Ripple, or get Thanos'd. The only real advantage they have is that they're pretty much known throughout the world, but that won't last if they don't innovate and keep up with the competition.
  7. I was listening to a few YouTube videos and Podcasts about the world dumping U.S debt and hoarding gold and found an interesting article. How would this play out? If Swift can block transactions for entire countries, can those countries turn around and start using Ripple's tech as their new method and improvement to real-time gross settlement system, currency exchange and remittance network? https://www.albawaba.com/news/europe-and-us-diverge-iran-swift-financial-network-stuck-middle-1184096
  8. Yea pretty much. That's the one thing I never understood about XRP. At this point, I'm almost 100% habituated to not reacting over the price not moving when there's great news... but what I don't understand is, when other coins get some worthless news, great news, or mediocre news, they price jumps 10% to 20%. That's fine with me because 10%-20% increase isn't much relative to it's price potential, but I can't help but wonder why XRP is one of the very few coins that's only movement is down when there's "bad news".... and there rarely ever is, and when there is, it's "speculative bad news". Anyway. Thanks for reading my mini-rant.
  9. Must be taking lessons from Justin Sun.
  10. I know it's always better to have your crypto in a cold storage wallet, but I'm not understanding why in this specific scenario that it's more important? If Tether crashes, then the market crashes too? So are you saying that everyone should dump their crypto completely? Or are you saying that all the exchanges that have USDT pairings will halt their withdrawals and deposits? Either way, the prices of everything might crash, and I'm sure any exchange that has USDT pairings won't disappear (at least not the major ones like binance etc etc).
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