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  1. Are there any XRP or Generally Crypto Trading Apps out there? An app that can alert you when a bull run is on and alert ON price consolidation after a run?
  2. Looks like we are in the same dilemma, i'm also wondering if i will sell if it reaches 3$ , heck will i sell if it actually hits 10$ ?? lol (my actual practical target).. The thing with XRP is we all know this security has 4-5yr type of potential, the biggest winners are the ones who buy bulk and hold for 4yrs plus. XRP can actually hit 15,000$ like BTC,that will be the mother of windfalls something to pass on to your kids. I'm trying out the daily type of trading to accumulate more coins . I'm impressed you actually cashed out and took care of your financial needs ,im new at c
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