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  1. This is not even a correction. Minor hiccup maybe. We're still up 25% over the last three days, 88% over the last 7 days.
  2. This is nothing to freak out about. It's just a little profit taking on the way up. Expect the volatility to continue.
  3. We're in the 1st inning of the alt coin rally. I truly believe we'll blow right through $5, even $13. Taking a little off the table makes sense, but I think you'll regret not being fully or mostly invested as this thing takes off.
  4. The naysayers seem to be mysteriously absent lately....
  5. The rise is accelerating. A new ATH could happen really soon.
  6. We spend like 3 years stuck between $0.21 and $0.23. Now we're going up $0.22 per day.
  7. The $1.00 range is starting to get boring. Wake me up when we're at $2.00. Should happen in the next few hours...
  8. It's hard to know. It's probably safe to say there is some correlation between the IOU price and what it will actually trade for post airdrop. But this is crypto, so anything could happen.
  9. We'll blow through the old ATH. It will be a distant memory. Hitting $30 and then settling in at $10 for 3 years is a more likely scenario. And I think even that is a conservative forecast. We could potentially go much higher.
  10. On Reddit, they are talking about how XRP was just relisted on Crypto.com. If this is true, it's definitely a positive sign. I would expect more exchanges to start trading XRP in the following days and weeks.
  11. Yep, they were the ones saying to sell in the low $0.20s. Now they are jumping back in. The buy high sell low crowd is fun to watch.
  12. It went from $0.75 to $0.85 in about 15 minutes. It looks like FOMO is starting to kick in.
  13. Let's start chewing through dollars like it's nothing. I'm tired of XRP being the loser coin.
  14. FLR IOUs are up 42% today to $1.19 on Bitue. Wouldn't it be amazing if someday XRP were worth as much as the token we're getting airdropped for free..:) FLR just might end up being XRP's saving grace. We might just forget about XRP once we get FLR. Who would have thought...
  15. Has anyone heard any news regarding the airdrop date and mainnet launch? It seems odd to me that it's been 3 months since the snapshot date and we're not hearing much. I would think they'd be doing more to build excitement around this project by now. They originally said Q1/Q2 and then it was just Q2. I wonder what's going on. Have they run into issues with testing?
  16. Yep, his selling has picked up. https://jed.tequ.dev The good news is at this rate his supply will be depleted by mid-Summer.
  17. Wow, XRP at $35K. Is there even enough money in the world to support that?
  18. Exactly! There was clearly a large number of people on the call. They could barely control the sound interruptions throughout the meeting.
  19. The defense sounded strong. I remain hopeful for a dismissal or early settlement with a slap on the wrist.
  20. FLR IUOs are up 60% ($0.71) this morning on Bitrue. Is there something going on there?
  21. Interesting. I'm no legal expert, but this could be significant. Maybe the SEC is coming to the realization that they have a weak case?
  22. This is a typical rotation of money out of the alts and into BTC. XRP, Stellar, Chainlink, and others are all sinking by similar percentages.
  23. a) or c) or some combination of both. b) Not likely as we all know the SEC could have a significant negative long-term impact if they wanted to. Although I really don't think that's what they want. d) Not likely as this rise doesn't follow the typical signature pattern of a pump and dump. We definitely could see some profit taking around $0.70, but $0.20 is unlikely unless there's is some unforeseen bad news.
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