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  1. This is great news for Ripple and XRP. It legitimizes the technology. Would you have sold Amazon stock in 1998 because other companies were getting into e-commerce? I never viewed Visa as a potential customer of Ripple’s anyway. There are many companies that are too small to realistically create their own crypto or token. Other companies will watch Visa and want to get into the crypto game. Why create your own when there’s already a technology with excellent liquidity that anyone can use?
  2. A bounce always feels good even if it’s from the bottom of the barrel.
  3. Excellent point. I was in BTC back in those days and trust me those 4 bear years seemed like eternity. Many people began to think BTC was just a one-hit wonder that would never see $1,000 again. After most of the get-rich-quick speculators lost patience, the strong hands eventually realized returns that no other asset class could match. I believe history will repeat itself.
  4. There are a lot of countries that Ripple is not doing business in. Why are you asking specifically about Russia?
  5. Your example about a transfer of $216 trillion in a 24-hour period not affecting price assumes all that it all happens in a perfectly even manner. Also, if XRP gains utility it will also become seen as a store of value and a very attractive asset to own, especially for people in countries with unstable governments.
  6. The problem is you’re not going to know if the bottom is in until its well behind us. This year alone we’ve seen several rallies, and at the time it appeared that the bottom was in, only to fizzle out later. And when it actually does go up, it’s usually in quick bursts. The best thing to do is hodl or you’ll miss it. I agree that it could easily go into the teens or even single digits from here, but if you have a long-term outlook I believe you’ll eventually see big returns.
  7. If a lending platform is offering 8.6% interest I would wonder why. That's far above any rate you'd get for parking your fiat anywhere. What are they doing with it to make that business case work? If your crypto private keys aren't in your control, then it's really not yours. If the lending company goes bankrupt you lose everything. Remember, Mt Gox?
  8. I've been in crypto for a while and this is typical. It goes down for a long while before it spikes out of the blue. I remember back in 2012 when people bought Bitcoin at $200. Then it went down to $150, then $100, then even lower. At the time, those investors were freaking out and panicking on the message boards. Trust me, all of them did very well if they kept a long-term outlook. Even the ones that bought at the high of $200. There will be a time that you wished you had the foresight to buy at these prices.
  9. Yeah, hopefully I’ll know long before 2028 but I’m willing to wait that long. Actually, if it goes way down I’ll probably just hold onto it forever and forget about it. I’m fairly confident we’ll eventually see a nice rally though. It’ll probably happen after most of the get-rich-quick XRP holders lose patience and drop off.
  10. We're all idiots or we're all geniuses. Only time will tell.
  11. I’m not sure, but the latest news headlines suggest this surge is due to BTC futures contracts liquidation on the Bakkt platform. If so, this rally will probably sputter out soon. I hope I'm wrong.
  12. The only way one could really know if Brad commands attention or not would be to actually work with him at Ripple. Most of us on here don’t. I wouldn't make that kind of judgement based on his media interviews. Some of the most successful leaders (Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, ect) are awkward public speakers and don’t exactly come across as suave or polished in their interviews. We don’t want a used car salesman running Ripple. But rather someone that knows what they are doing and knows how to assemble a great team.
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