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  1. If the SEC declares that XRP is a security, only US exchanges would have to delist it. The US is only 4% of the world's population. Most exchanges have delisted Monero and it's still trading around $83. Granted it would be really bad news, but not the end of XRP.
  2. If a publicly traded company goes bankrupt, its stock price goes to $0 and it ceases to be traded. Unlike a security, XRP cannot go bankrupt. In the worst case if Ripple goes bankrupt, XRP will still exist and it will be worth something (even if it’s very little). It will still have utility with or without Ripple. With its fast transaction speed and minimal energy consumption, some other group / entity would take advantage of the opportunity and find a way to utilize XRP if the worst case occurred.
  3. Basically, this petition is asking a company to flush its most valued asset down the toilet so our assets will go up in value….good luck with that!
  4. I’m guessing that they’re talking about partnering with banks as they are part of the private sector. I hope you’re right, though. If so, this would send the price of XRP through the roof.
  5. Sounds great, but I doubt it. The Federal Reserve wouldn’t want to rely on a small company like Ripple. I think it’s far more likely that they would copy Ripple’s concept and do it themselves.
  6. Companies go through hiring phases. I wouldn't worry about this at all.
  7. No doubt this is good to see, but I wouldn't get too excited about it. Getting a patent for something and actually implementing it are two totally different things. Big companies get patents all of the time; the vast majority of these patents never see the light of day. They'll get patents for things that they are considering, even if there's only a 1% chance of actually doing it.
  8. Bitcoin is the only crypto word they know. They use bitcoin to refer to the entire crypto market. It’s clear that most politicians don’t understand the first thing about cryptocurrencies. And naturally, people fear what they don’t understand.
  9. The downside is when you send them your XRP, it's not yours anymore. You might get it back and might not. All it takes is one hack and they could go bankrupt.
  10. Sorry to hear about that. I hope you learned a lesson and you're more careful next time. If you've already reported it, there's not much else you can do. You can continue to track the destination address and see where it goes, but I doubt that's going to lead to getting your XRP back.
  11. I feel no need to convince you either way. If you feel confident in XRP’s future, then hold it. If not, you should sell. It’s a gamble either way. If you’re losing sleep worrying about it, then it’s probably not worth it. Personally, I think the crypto space as a whole has a long way to run. And I think XRP is one of the best. It seems like yesterday when BTC was at $150 and everyone was jittery and saying it was maxed it. I know what I’m betting on.
  12. Most likely it's a glitch. If not, I agree that it's very strange.
  13. Don’t worry about when. The longer we have to wait and the further BTC goes up, the bigger XRP will eventually rally.
  14. You long term guys must be going mad...Not really. Ripple has been selling XRP OTC for a long time and they will continue doing so. As long as they do it in a controlled manner, it is no different than Bitcoin mining which introduces new BTC into the system. And they can’t do it forever as they have a fixed supply.
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