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  1. I would only buy directly from the company that develops the wallet. The fewer hands on the final product, the better.
  2. "xCurrent, the service that B of A appears to have at least tested out, does not involve XRP,..." Good news for Ripple, but will likely have no lasting impact on XRP.
  3. This sounds like a position to explore the possibility of someday using Ripple. I wouldn’t expect anything imminent in the near future (or ever) from this. But it's still a cool find. Thanks.
  4. That's good to see, but I'm still wondering why the short sellers piled on suddenly. Market manipulation?...maybe. Or, they know something that we don't.
  5. Exactly, that's why I don't feel too confident in this little rally.
  6. I had to Google that one…:) I normally wouldn't, but in this case I am deriving pleasure from someone else's misfortune...lol. Makes me wonder why the shorts were piling on though.
  7. Yep, the shorts are starting to get squeezed. I love watching this happen.
  8. Sounds like another initiative that could maybe someday be positive for the price.
  9. I see a lot of people obsessing about the price on a minute-by-minute basis and getting super frustrated. Obsessing over the price won’t help. Here’s some advice that will hopefully make you feel better: forget about it for a while. Check the price once a day at the maximum. Go do something productive. It will make you feel better. The price is going to go where it goes regardless of how closely you watch it. At this point, I’ve pretty much mentally written off my whole XRP investment off as a sunk cost; with the knowledge that someday the price will probably skyrocket. Until then I’m going to focus my attention on other things in my life that I can affect.
  10. That's a good sign for sure. It would seem like we'd see some positive price action from an additional $200-400 million weekly. Unless, the affect is being negated by individual investors selling.
  11. It's great to see the price moving in the right direction, but we are still only a few cents away from some of the worst prices we've seen in recent memory. I wouldn't get too excited at this point. This could easily end up being a sucker's rally. I'll believe it if the prices marches up to say $0.50.
  12. Take a good look at this guy. He looks like the type that lives in his mom's basement while working part-time at Taco Bell. Nope, I'm not going to waste my time.
  13. You sold your XRP at a multi-year low and then bought into BTC at a relatively high price. Buy high sell low. Interesting strategy.
  14. So each shareholder will get 30 XRP regardless of whether they own 100 shares or 1 million shares. What do you think people are going to do with their XRP? I guessing the majority of them will just think it's a gimmick and forget about them. I mean $7.50 worth of XRP isn't going to motivate most people to open an account on an exchange or learn about XRP use cases. I think it's great that SBI is trying to teach at the public about XRP, but I don't expect too much out of this.
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