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  1. Looks like a classic short squeeze. A lot of people got caught on the wrong side of that trade and are now jumping ship.
  2. It looks like we bottomed out at $0.46. We're at $0.53 now and trying to climb higher. Hopefully, that support holds.
  3. Are we headed right back to $0.22? We're already halfway there from the recent highs.
  4. You should have waited 5 minutes because now its at 0.53.
  5. So far this isn't a big drop at all. It's just consolidating. It's taking a breather before it shoots back up.
  6. I'd like to do that too one day, minus the "find work for a day" part. Replace that with "find fun for a day" for me.
  7. Yes, and XRP's market cap used to be on par with ETH's. Now, ETH's market cap is 3 times XRP's. We still potentially have a long way to run. Lots of catching up to do.
  8. I see people are back to talking about their future vacation homes in Europe and their exotic super cars. Reminds me of 2017. Lol...the good times are back!
  9. I believe we could in the beginning stages of a long multi-month rally that could bring us to new ATHs. There will be pullbacks along the way of course. But if you try to time those you risk missing out. It's best to HODL during these times.
  10. It's a good day for XRP. And it's way overdue. We definitely needed this. We'll see how long it lasts...
  11. Saving. They will most likely be worth very little in the beginning anyway.
  12. Exiting times? or Exciting times? Lol, those are two entirely different things.
  13. I originally invested equal amounts in both ETH and XRP at the same time. My ETH investment is now worth about 15 times my XRP investment. I'm still holding out hope that XRP could one day skyrocket. But I'm becoming more and more pessimistic as time goes on. Now we're seeing Garlinghouse talking about moving the company to another country. It's never a good sign when CEOs start blaming (scapegoating) external factors like regulation for their own shortcomings.
  14. I don't think Chris Larsen knows what influences the price any better than most of the people on this forum. At best it's an educated guess. Even though each buy order is matched with a sell order, I have to think that increased use and improved liquidity are a plus for XRP's price.
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