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  1. If that is true, they will lose a lot of momentum and excitement by waiting that long. People will have moved on and forgotten about it by June 2021.
  2. This is what you call competition. Every successful company has to deal with it. I don't view this as bad news at all. If anything it validates what Ripple is doing and it shows that this sector is heating up. When Microsoft came out with Bing, some people were saying that would be the end of Google.
  3. It seems a bit convoluted at first, but updating the MessageKey field on the XRP ledger makes a lot of sense. I couldn't think of a better way to securely prove account ownership while providing your ETH address. If you don't feel comfortable doing it, I would recommend not participating. There is no sense in potentially risking your XRP for tokens that could very well end up being worth little to nothing.
  4. I know it hasn't been announced yet, but does anyone have an idea (or care to speculate) on when the snapshot will take place?
  5. Thanks, but can we trust www.xrptoolkit.com? Seems a bit risky connecting a hardware wallet to this site. How do we know this isn't a scam?
  6. Lol...exactly. Chasing the hottest asset never works. It's the people that got into the asset before it became hot that are making the money.
  7. XRP lagged behind other cryptos for a long time. XRP's market cap used to be higher than ETH's. ETH's market cap is now three times XRP's. The money is finally rotating to our favor now. There doesn't have to be a logical reason. There is a lot of manipulation and investor psychology at play here. Enjoy the ride.
  8. This rally definitely has a different feel to it than what we've seen lately. All cryptos are going up. New money is coming in. Reminds me of early 2017.
  9. Don't get too excited folks. This could turn out poorly like we've seen many times before. Although I see some green shoots with this rally, you shouldn't get overly confident about it.
  10. Well, what period of time was he talking about? The previous year? The last five minutes?
  11. I remember back in 2018 when I first joined this group. Some of the people on here sounded really flakey. They were saying things like XRP was sure to go to $100 any day and that were planning to buy lambos, yachts, ect. Those people seem to be long gone now. The crowd now seems more mature and down-to-earth, yet somewhat cynical and demoralized. It’s understandable given XRP’s price performance relative to other coins. I’ve been in Bitcoin since it’s early days and jumped on the XRP bandwagon a few years ago. The current time we’re in reminds me of the 2013-2017 doldrum. It seemed like foreve
  12. Not necessarily. When buying a company, you take the good with the bad. And the bad can come in many different forms. Typically, dying companies have a lot of debt and other liabilities.
  13. "She currently understands very little about it so it's safe"....that's what she wants you to think. Besides, if she knows there's something valuable there it's not that hard to learn. If you break up and then your crypto mysteriously disappears, what's your recourse? I'm not trying to belittle you, I just think you're setting yourself up for a bad situation. Good luck to you.
  14. Thanks for sharing. I definitely think maybe someday this could lift XRP's price...
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