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  1. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/11/23/ripple-seeing-good-progress-in-sec-case-over-xrp-cryptocurrency.html
  2. They are not "admitting" anything. It's a prediction. JP Morgan has many financial analysts that write reports on various industries and commodities. They probably have 20 or so positive reports on Bitcoin and just as many to the contrary. This is interesting, but I wouldn't read too much into it.
  3. If they really did "know something big was going to happen", they'd quietly fill their bags and then keep it to themselves. There would be no benefit for them tell the world about it.
  4. I could see that happening if there was a favorable settlement or ruling in the SEC case.
  5. Lol…I’m not sure BTC is “following” XRP. XRP just happened to spike first.
  6. Lol, I don't think 5% of Americans own XRP. 5% of XRP is owned by Americans. Big difference.
  7. My thoughts exactly. This seems open to exploitation. Although there would be some risks involved with doing so. You’d have to lock up XRP for every trustline for something that could end up being worthless.
  8. Thanks for the reminder. This airdrop seems a bit odd to me though. Are there any risks associated with setting up a trustline?
  9. There’s P2P trading as well and arbitrage between them and Bitrue. While it’s a small market, Bitrue is the best price indicator at this point. We’ll see as other exchanges come online.
  10. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is. I wouldn't expect returns to remain this high.
  11. It's in the initial price discovery phase. I saw it briefly hit $1.9 before going down to $0.25 a few minutes later. Expect extremely high volatility before it settles down in a few days.
  12. I tried logging out and then going back in and I never got an option to use a recovery phrase; just the private key.
  13. Yeah, and 90% have less than 2200. Keep in mind, a lot of people have more than one wallet and/or keep a few extra wallets with small balances. So, these numbers are likely a skewed view of what people really have.
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