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  1. Have you guys seen this article? Thoughts? https://smartereum.com/187047/ripple-news-today-ripple-secures-another-win-as-moneygram-partners-with-amazon-and-google-march-6th-2020/
  2. Why do people think it is wrong for Ripple to profit from XRP sales? Ripple is a business that created XRP. XRP has proven its value and utility. Ripple invests heavily in creating an ecosystem that adds value to XRP. How is this different from any business that sells a product?
  3. Impossible to know at this point. It could be just another sucker’s rally.
  4. You're correct. It is only sold OTC, but I don't think matters that much. If they were selling to customers OTC, it removes the demand that would have otherwise have been on the exchanges. And what do you think happens after they sell it OTC? The customers are then free to sell.
  5. Agreed. And given that Ripple has a lot of influence over the price, Brad's confidence is a good sign. Maybe they've changed their strategy and will start raising funds other ways other than dumping XRP on the market. Which could explain why he was recently talking about an IPO.
  6. Why do you think your selling helped contribute to the rally? Selling only has the opposite affect.
  7. Sorry to break it to you, but you fell for a scam. Most likely you'll never see those funds again, but I still recommend that you report it. Hopefully, you learned a valuable lesson. At least it wasn't a huge sum of money. Best of luck to you.
  8. That would mean we give Ripple our XRP and we get stock in return. Ripple doesn't want XRP, they want money. They've already got enough XRP.
  9. Generally speaking, if a company is able to issue an IPO it means that it is doing very well. For most companies, issuing an IPO is not a feasible option – they have to go to angel investors, venture capitalists, or banks to raise funds. If Ripple is doing well, that is generally good news for XRP. It’s also a good sign that they have become more confident about the regulatory / securities “black cloud” that has been hanging over XRP.
  10. I got it too. It's an extremely small amount. The entire scam probably only costed the scammers a couple of cents.
  11. This is great news for Ripple and XRP. It legitimizes the technology. Would you have sold Amazon stock in 1998 because other companies were getting into e-commerce? I never viewed Visa as a potential customer of Ripple’s anyway. There are many companies that are too small to realistically create their own crypto or token. Other companies will watch Visa and want to get into the crypto game. Why create your own when there’s already a technology with excellent liquidity that anyone can use?
  12. A bounce always feels good even if it’s from the bottom of the barrel.
  13. Excellent point. I was in BTC back in those days and trust me those 4 bear years seemed like eternity. Many people began to think BTC was just a one-hit wonder that would never see $1,000 again. After most of the get-rich-quick speculators lost patience, the strong hands eventually realized returns that no other asset class could match. I believe history will repeat itself.
  14. There are a lot of countries that Ripple is not doing business in. Why are you asking specifically about Russia?
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