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  1. Wow, XRP at $35K. Is there even enough money in the world to support that?
  2. Exactly! There was clearly a large number of people on the call. They could barely control the sound interruptions throughout the meeting.
  3. The defense sounded strong. I remain hopeful for a dismissal or early settlement with a slap on the wrist.
  4. FLR IUOs are up 60% ($0.71) this morning on Bitrue. Is there something going on there?
  5. Interesting. I'm no legal expert, but this could be significant. Maybe the SEC is coming to the realization that they have a weak case?
  6. This is a typical rotation of money out of the alts and into BTC. XRP, Stellar, Chainlink, and others are all sinking by similar percentages.
  7. a) or c) or some combination of both. b) Not likely as we all know the SEC could have a significant negative long-term impact if they wanted to. Although I really don't think that's what they want. d) Not likely as this rise doesn't follow the typical signature pattern of a pump and dump. We definitely could see some profit taking around $0.70, but $0.20 is unlikely unless there's is some unforeseen bad news.
  8. Sorry to hear about your predicament. Research has shown that this is how it ends up for most day traders. Most just don't want to talk about it. Hopefully, you learned a valuable lesson.
  9. It's hard to say and I don't think the charts can tell you the answer. I speculate that in the long-term there will be BTC and just a handful of other alts that move up. And the rest will sputter out.
  10. No offense, but this is the very mindset of someone who hasn't been in crypto very long. I remember 2013 when BTC hit $150, people on the chat forums were telling everyone to sell and lock in their profits. They thought it couldn't possibly go any higher. BTC at $200 was simply unreasonable in their opinion and it could never sustain that high of a price. Here's a question for you. Why did you pick $100K as your return? Why not $1 million? Or even $10 million? There's a lot of money out there. Think of all of the corporations and wealthy people who are just starting to hear about this new asse
  11. Oh, is this the XRP is awesome and all other coins are stupid forum?
  12. Digital gold, inflation hedge, inexpensive remittance, store of value for people in unstable countries - these seem like real uses.
  13. I see your point to a degree, but I also see a lot of differences. WSB is coordinating group pumps, targeting stocks like GME whose fundamentals don't even come close to supporting the pump price. These PNDs don't don't create any real value. One's gain is another's loss and vice versa. To make things worse, they advertise their plans to the world making it so easy for others to take advantage. It seems that they are preying on people that are financially uneducated. Crypto, on the other hand, is creating value and solving real world problems. BTW, I haven't bought BTC since 2013. I'm good.
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