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  1. Interesting info on exchange processing time in there. Im guessing that might be why ripple are working on their own exchange, to get those processing times right down.
  2. This is the daily I'm watching. Hoping we break 8K convincingly by EOY for a bullish breakout. If not and we stay in a downtrend, Im looking for low 5Ks in January. I'm thinking a move up from here in the medium term is more likely due to being oversold on the daily RSI.
  3. Following BTCUSD at the moment as XRP seems to be following that. I'm watching this ascending wedge. Breakout would be at 7400 to the upside and would then expect seeing 7600. Breakout below 7000 could see us lower. With the RSI high on the 15 min could see a retrace to the 7050-7150 and settle in that range for a bit before breakout. Expecting the breakout around 29th of November.
  4. I'm guessing it means accounting for 50% of the Ripplenet volume. Strangely worded though!
  5. Dipped below that trendline I posted. seem to be coming back up though. Interestingly on that breakout of @baobeiiiii 's triangle we seemed to bounce off what was the bottom trend line of the channel @Molten posted previously.
  6. I'm watching this bottom trend line. Not sure if this means anything... Looks like since we broke down out of that channel its been recovering at a steeper rate? Almost like the bitcoin drop pulled it off course and now it's fighting to get back on track.
  7. Yeh looks like we're still in an uptrend vs BTC. Feel like its bitcoin price action thats dragging the USD value down at the moment, will be interesting to see what happens if bitcoin drops further. Alternatively could see bitcoin springing back after this drop and accentuating an up move on XRP/USD?
  8. XRP holding its ground on this BTC drop... nice to see!
  9. Giving this TA thing a whirl. Possibly bullish pennant on the 4hr uptrend channel?
  10. https://www.cnbc.com/video/2019/02/14/jp-morgan-crypto-currency-bank-blockchain.html Thoughts on this?
  11. In the grand scheme of things I don't think 2 years seems like a long time, especially in the fintech world, when considering this is a high profile bank and software thats still in its infancy. They'll want to make sure it's perfect before rolling it out and using it live with customers funds. Time will tell
  12. Just to add to this, i'm not a personal believer ETH was being manipulated when XRP took its spot. Think it was maybe just natural market behaviour due to people selling XRP thinking it wouldn't stay at #2 for long. Just my opinion though.
  13. So i read a few posts here and there about people thinking Ethereum was being manipulated to maintain its position as #2. Whether that be ethereum being bought back by the big players to inflate price or some other means. Thinking a step further ahead here... What are people thoughts on what will happen if XRP starts fighting for the #1 spot. Could it spark a bitcoin bull run in retaliation like what seemed to happen each time XRP passed ETH, or could it cause a bitcoin sell off in favour of XRP? Personally i can't imagine the big holders in bitcoin going down without a fight. Interesting to theorise about and was wondering peoples opinion on this?
  14. I first found out about XRP from looking into cross border payments with my company. I run a music events company and we were constantly working with agents and artists across Europe and worldwide. I was getting incredibly frustrated with sending payments which took days to clear and paying stupid fees on top of that which chewed into our profits. We'd regularly get emails from agents saying payments were not coming through or the full amount hadn't gone through due to banks on their sides charging fees on receiving then having to send more to cover that with further fees because of contractual agreements. It was incredibly time consuming and stressful sorting out. At the same time i was getting more interested in cryptocurrency and thought there must be a solution for this problem in there somewhere. Then i came across XRP and it just seemed like the perfect solution and i could genuinely see how it was going to help large and small businesses alike. Now here i am. Excited to see where this all goes. It's not a big business venture by any means which makes saving money on fees even more important for us. Will definitely be using these payment providers in future where the recipient allows.
  15. So this is interesting. This news from Coinbase comes out the day after this meeting: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/09/24/lawmakers-venture-capitalists-and-crypto-companies-descend-on-on-capitol-hill-to-debate-regulation.html Both Ripple and Coinbase in attendance. Interesting how they say they will be adding assets that comply to local law, maybe finally some regulation clarity after this meeting?
  16. Hello all, been on here a while but finally made an account and first post Just saw this: https://www.coindesk.com/binance-reveals-plan-to-launch-crypto-exchanges-on-almost-every-continent/ Very interesting considering this is a month after the meeting between Binance and Ripple in August. Could this be Binance providing new global XRP corridors. Thoughts?
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