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  1. He had to exchange it for sexual favours.
  2. Also add "you're not being rational about it"
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    JP Morgan lies

    This is good for Bitcoin
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    dotcom bubble

    Yea. We're more like the South Sea Company buble. Just sell more shares/theter
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    Hodor and the Bitcoin maximalist

    Atm : Carbon footprint per transaction (kg of CO2)199.7 thats approx to burning 100L Diesel with your car.... In Europe we switched ligthbulbs for energy efficency...
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    Hodor and the Bitcoin maximalist

    I don't get it. Why not spread this in environmental and climate change communities? Yelling at each other in a echochamber seems like such a waste of time.
  7. hmm....a greek MEP. Easy bribe.
  8. Interesting read. https://www.americanbanker.com/news/is-this-swifts-answer-to-ripple “If you are a bank in Oklahoma and you need to make a payment to Mexico or Vietnam, unless you have relationships with banks in those countries already, you’re going to need an intermediary bank,” he said. “If the two banks don’t have the relevant KYC information, they’re not allowed by their compliance departments to send or receive payments between each other because they don’t know each other. In this situation, the only way to get to get a payment to a bank in Vietnam is to go through a correspondent bank. Whether that’s using SWIFT or another provider, it has nothing to do with the technology, it’s to do with legal, contractual and compliance agreements between banks.” That is why the connections between correspondent banks are necessary and technology cannot remove them or even change them much, Raymaekers said. Agreement with R3 At the end of January, Swift announced that it is partnering with R3 to have GPI Link work with its Corda Settler distributed ledger. News accounts gave the impression that the giant payment network was embracing the idea that faster distributed-ledger technology will replace the framework of correspondent banks, nostro accounts, and the store-and-forward messages that Swift maintains, and that Swift was going to use XRP, the digital currency of Ripple. The price of XRP shot up. However, none of this is true. Companies use R3’s Corda Settler to trade among one another. R3 is adding Swift’s GPI to the options Corda-Settler-using companies can turn to when they want to initiate a payment, besides using XRP. The payment itself will settle between banks as usual over the Swift network and the corporates will be able to track the payments. So this is actually a win for Swift over Ripple.
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    Instant payments in Europe

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    BTC, XRP, the XRP ledger and evangelism.

    No judgement thougth. I think it's only natural to have an urge to defend your own investment. Especially if most of us are condemned to sit on the sidelines. I just think its important to distinguish between noisy people and the comunity as a whole. We still have some smart cookies around here and there. If you excuse me, i'll have a nice sunday walk with my dogs now. Thanks for the read and have nice sunday.