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  1. I don't know why your ticker is moving that slow. Mine is donating at a much faster rate.
  2. Has anyone seen one of these twitch donations go through yet?
  3. Do you think, and I'm not saying that this will happen to be clear, that if Coil usage generated more or as much revenue as their ad-monetization that they wouldn't try to incentivize use on their website? -edit- Or if it surpassed their subscription model? For the sake of argument.
  4. I saw a few more expensive tiers grey'd out when I signed up. If coil really takes off I can see websites like twitch, youtube etc., offering adfree viewership if they detect active donations. It might motivate people to buy the more expensive tiers so they can use the service longer.
  5. Everyone would just set the values to max.
  6. Is that just for youtube? I'd be curious to know if they're doing that for every site you visit.
  7. I've never actually seen a coil twitch donation go through, but I think with twitch they're using fiat to donate twitch bits, as there's already an existing monetization scheme in place so no real need to use ILP at all.
  8. I think the best thing to do is to use it earnestly with the mediums that it supports right now, and people that are excited to use it. If the content creator isn't deep in the crypto space he may not have many users that'd be using something like coil. It's still in closed beta, so who knows how many users with coil there are floating around. It might have the opposite effect when content creators don't see much of a return from the tech. If they're only getting a couple of cents initially it might spur people that are less technically excited or technically inclined to write the whole thing off.
  9. Did we ever get a formal response to the data collection issue?
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