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  1. The world of cryptocurrencies is uncharted waters. I think the tendency is to equate holding xrp to holding shares of stock. There really is not a direct equivalence. Even though the stock market has major flaws, publicly held companies have a primary responsibility to put thier shareholders interests first. Ripple's legal responsibility in terms of the value of xrp is primarily to the company Ripple. The interest of holders of xrp is coincidental to that purpose. It may be asking too much but, I hope it's always remembered who actually provided that wonderful treasure chest that the company i
  2. Will this RippleNet Accelerator program act as a dilution of xrp? Basically we are talking about xrp being distributed off market without market price influence. Would like to hear a valid response before calling this question fud.
  3. Definitely should have put "from a banking perspective" as " FROM A BANKING PERSPECTIVE" because this wasn't intended as a speculation topic. It was intended to explore big money's influence and objectives.
  4. Put in all I think I will at the beginning of the year. So not much risk from my perpective
  5. Maybe I give big bank and financial interests too much credit in thier ability to manipulate markets, but then again, maybe I don't. I was basically asking the question in the interest of getting closer to the answer and hedging my own bets.I do appreciate you input.
  6. Ok, that was a solid answer. So if that is true, then it becomes a question of how much money will eventually be moved around using xrp at any given time.
  7. So then what price would serve the liquidity provider's best interest? I mean I have no idea what price XRP will end up at, but I do believe this pig will fly. It just has too much functionality to fail. So if it becomes common usage, what price would best serve the banks, - ie, the liquidity providers?
  8. Those are interesting points but not really relevant to my question. My question is from a banking perspective, what would be an optimum price for XRP. My thinking is - due to the intrinsic functionality of XRP, banks might likely in the end be the biggest stake holders and try to drive the price one direction or the other. If that is or became the case, which way would they likely drive it and why? I think the answer to this question might serve us all.
  9. Would like to hear anyone's opinion of the pros and cons of a high price ($500-$1000) for XRP from a banking perspective. What price is in thier best interest? Or is it inconsequential from thier standpoint?
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