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  1. It's nice to see the jump------ Is Stellar is about to take #4?????
  2. They will have to: 1. xrapid 2. competitor to xrapid (when they catch up) 3. Come up with something on their own, maybe it will work 4. slowly (or not so slowly) go out of business
  3. Western U will have to after competition takes away their massive profit margin. This will happen when the people who send money back home, where ever that is sees a large cost difference. The company (like Money Gram) that goes Xrapid first is going to own the industry. And this is also the time when WU will know they Fudged up. WU used to do something magical. It is no longer magical.
  4. It's dead, stick a fork in it. Oh and contact me and I will give you info on where to send any and all of your crypto-it's dead.
  5. He said "blah blah blah, it's hard, blah blah blah, adding another chain is hard, blah blah blah". .
  6. The best. Love this guy as much as the guy who does the "revised" chevy commercials. I thought nike was bad. Then under armor came along. People are people (lemmings).
  7. Yes, facts matter, not opinion.
  8. This is from September 1, 2015. I am gong to do my research and see if they have dropped and newer info.
  9. Apple is a marketing company just like Nike. There is value in the cult of corporations, I just wish I knew 25 years ago what I do now.
  10. There are some solid things going on with XLM. If you do not invest in it, be warned. There is a little company called Microsoft and a little company called Apple. Nuff said.
  11. Agreed. No one knows how this new asset class is going to perform. I can see dizzying new heights for only coins that have use cases and not alot of forks/hacks/drama. They just work and work well. XRP, XLM maybe ADA but Ada is sort of a crap shoot with the drama. Right now these coins are laying down "microsoft style" 1st to market dominance. There is a reason we are hearing about new partnership daily with XRP/ripple. If a coin/token isn't moving now with a viable product that works as easy as you tube or google search, the market will cut them out and leave them for dead. This is how i
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