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  1. I posted a video in the press section but maybe better to have used general discussion. Anyway, take it with a grain of salt (it's a mysterious phone call to Bitcoin Ben ?) but it does raise some interesting questions. Around 16:00 he talks about AribaPay which I am unfamiliar with but it looks like a joint product between SAP and Discover global network. Sounds like a massive payment network. Sorry if it's too speculative, but does anyone have insight/knowledge on AribaPay?
  2. CryptoEri tweeted this YouTube video by "Bitcoin Ben." Not the most credible source by any means but around 16:00 he said some interesting things about AribaPay. I'm not very familiar with AribaPay. but they appear to be a collaboration between SAP and Discover Global Network for B2B payments. Could be big news, I don't know enough to draw any solid conclusions, but does anyone have insight into this? Also keep in mind, this is a YouTuber who got a mysterious phone call, so take it with a grain of salt ?. But interesting nonetheless.
  3. Sounds like a lot of work, I really think the rate of new adopters will snowball soon and it may be hard to draw any conclusions about future volume and market cap. But if you put something comprehensive together I'll be sure to tip you ?
  4. Get paid directly based on engagement and not ads? I think Coil is every YouTuber's dream.
  5. #bullish https://dailyhodl.com/2018/09/18/you-can-now-accept-xrp-on-youtube-and-twitch/
  6. I love the idea of Coil, but I agree it's hard to see the 'real' benefit right now … here are some thoughts so far. Bear with me, lots of this is speculation but I'm trying to piece together the future of Coil. So feel free to disagree or raise concerns. Anyway, here's a good read if you haven't read it before: https://medium.com/coil/coil-building-a-new-business-model-for-the-web-d33124358b6 I think Coil in a nutshell aims to reduce dependence on ad-based income and reduce the friction of paying small amounts for products/subscriptions. I don't know if it will be Coil, but Coil is the la
  7. Yes, I think once adopted for cross-border transactions, FIs and countries will 'accept' XRP as a legitimate currency -- because it'll be highly liquid and its value will start to stabilize (sooner rather than later) Being legitimized by FIs and governments is the best way to gain mass acceptance for payments. If any crypto is ever to be widely accepted and used for large purchases (cars, houses, etc) which require financing, more than likely it needs a blessing from the FIs. If a crypto is widely used for large purchases, that crypto will have real value to consumers.
  8. Excellent post, thank you for taking the time to put this together. Not there yet, but I hope to install this soon. I wonder if someone can pin this post, or maybe we'll get another sub for Coil and tipbot.
  9. I think crypto will be heavily consolidated into a few major players, but there will still be quite a few. The beauty of what Ripple is doing is bringing all the ledgers onto one protocol, very good for the future of crypto in my opinion. Also, Brad Garlinghouse said he views Ripple as a payment solutions provider, not a cryptocurrency company, alluding to the idea that many different cryptos can exist serving different purposes/markets. He used the example of Yahoo in the 90s being a 'media company,' not an 'internet company' (internet is merely the vehicle). I think XLM can co-exist wit
  10. Here's another 2016 article (11/21/16) from when Goldman and Santander left R3. Sounds like they weren't expected the consortium to have as many members as it had (70+). Interesting, but I don't know a whole lot about R3. http://fortune.com/2016/11/21/goldman-sachs-r3-blockchain-consortium/ Here's a 2018 article (6/7/18) that provides a look into R3's current state. Not too optimistic. It may be because of its large membership but it doesn't sound like R3 moves as quickly as it should. http://fortune.com/2018/06/07/blockchain-firm-r3-is-running-out-of-money-sources-say/ I g
  11. Yes. It may start slow, but anyone with xCurrent (100+ banks) who ever needs to exchange currencies will eventually get on board. There's too much savings in nostro/Vostro to not use a liquidity solution. As for competitors - from a business onboarding standpoint, if they're happy with xCurrent the banks will want to stay in the same ecosystem with xRapid. Same contacts, support, more business leverage, etc. Any bank without a settlement solution like xCurrent will need to get one soon or be left behind. They'll need some kind of ILP. Given that Stefan Thomas and Evan Schwartz of Ripple i
  12. Thanks for clearing that up. Julian_Williams was very helpful too. Honestly, xRapid just makes way too much sense, especially if a bank is already using xCurrent. Ripple is smart to focus on FIs … they have a huge headstart changing an industry that doesn't like to change. The usage for P2P transactions, non-banked users, etc. … once Coil and Tipbot start rolling, the content creators will make this happen.
  13. Thanks! Yes, even without the 'need' for nostro/vostro you would think banks still want to somehow hedge against fluctuations in their native currencies. 3-5 Trillion seems like a reasonable estimate, which is why I'm using that as a basis. And yeah, I think $50 is very reasonable, especially considering there's going to be tons more uses of XRP. Anything beyond that is gravy. If XRP is accepted as a bridge currency throughout the world, it becomes a trustworthy currency, and I would think countries are more likely to accept XRP for other types of transactions, not just exchanging currenc
  14. Ah, thanks for the clarification. Okay, that makes sense. Yeah, I do think the central banks might want to hold their own reserves also. But the great benefit of using XRP is central banks hold much less in reserves (which is in line with what Ripple and the community have been saying). This is a huge benefit, beyond the benefits of just using ILP. But anyway, I guess the collection of market makers would need to hold large amounts of XRP to support liquidity for the exchange ... which the current market cap of XRP is not nearly high enough to support even if Ripple held 0 XRP (if/when of
  15. Thanks for the great writeup. Yes, this is my understanding: ILP can be used with any ledgers, with any currencies The benefit of using XRP is that central banks no longer need to hold large amounts USD or a combination of many currencies, and instead can use a 'neutral' currency like XRP to provide liquidity in exchanges I can see central banks wanting to hold XRP reserves, and they would need very large amounts if they want to support the daily volume of transactions. About $5T of USD is held in reserves, right?
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