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  1. Sorry if this has already been posted, but the Fed is looking for public opinion over 16 different possible solutions including Ripple. These solutions include TCH and others. No decision yet. You can see all the proposals here: https://fasterpaymentstaskforce.org/effectiveness-criteria-and-solution-proposals/

    Some keen observers on Twitter pointed out, our tweets don't matter, we need to contact them via one of the following:

    1. Email

    2. Website 

    3. Post

    4. Fax

    You'll find this information in this link. 


  2. I'd been following this crypthawk guy too, and I don't think he'd spread information he didn't believe is true. If he's wrong, it's not a knock on his integrity.

    But honestly ... if I'm Amazon with distribution centers all over the world and experimenting with P2P type deliveries or Uber whose drivers around the world want to get paid immediately for big or small jobs, why the hell wouldn't I want to jump on this asap? It's a competitive market out there. Imagine what RippleNet can do for every independent contractor, especially those in other countries 

  3. 13 minutes ago, Zerptime said:

    He never said 10 dollar at all. Was just a retweet from a crap article saying that,his social media person retweets lots of stuff whether it's positive xrp or negative...

    Haha fair enough. But the $1B daily volume XRP does now is nothing compared to the kind of volume FIs will bring in the FX market. JPY alone accounts for $900B daily volume. At it's peak, I think BTC did about $22B; this was when it had a $320B market cap.

  4. Once xRapid kicks in, there'll be a flood of institutional investors, whose best interest it will be to have high liquidity/high price, and they'll keep XRP out of the hands of BTC whales. So I don't see a massive drop like last year.

    I'll go with Yoshitaka on this one ... $10+ by year's end. Though it becomes much more if the rumors/speculation of foreign reserve de-dollarization are true.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Seoulite said:

    Yes I do think that. I think there are all sorts of things that will be stopped by regulation. That’s why I think this xrp move to the ATH might be the last cycle of pump and dump. After that crypto markets might move very differently. I have no idea what happens after we break the ATH.

    I totally agree and I think we'll see several exchanges disappear as well. The other indirect effect of regulation is that once large institutions start entering the crypto market, the whales will become tiny players and won't be able to manipulate the market even if they were allowed to.

  6. 10 hours ago, cmbartley said:

    If he's computer illiterate, have him download Uphold to his mobile phone. Send a test deposit to it. Once confirmed you can send the remainder. It's free for him to deposit XRP. At that point he has full control of his assets and you have no obligation to him and you will not have to pay taxes because you did not spend them or convert them to another asset. You can also send a separate email or letter or print out a simple statements that you both sign affirming that you were holding the XRP on his behalf and that they have been transferred back to his custody without conversion to fiat. Therefore there's no taxable event. Honestly though, just sending him his XRP should be sufficient.

    I second Uphold. It will also be easy for him to buy XRP himself using fiat in the future without dealing with the exchanges. They also have many different currencies and commodities. The cryptocurrency selection is a bit limited. According to their website, they also say that they hold 100% reserves of member funds, and they don't loan out your money the way traditional banks do. These days we gotta be real careful, so as always, DYOR ?


  7. Old news from last month, but Bittrex appears to be working toward becoming a regulated exchange with institutional support. Not surprising, since they are working with Ripple. DYOR, but many of the big exchanges out there (Kraken, Bitfinex, Binance) are facing some very controversial issues around USDT and BNB


  8. 1 hour ago, aavkk said:

    Doesn’t Bittrex also support USDT?  I know Ripple is really supportive of Bittrex lately and as a bittrex user who really likes their platform Id love to hear why They will weather the future tether storm better.

    I'm thinking Ripple did their homework while aligning with Bittrex. All the exchanges do use Tether because it's standard to do so. I think this is why Bittrex added stablecoin TrueUSD, which is regularly audited and should actually be backed by USD, unlike Tether. 

    Bitfinex and Kraken are in trouble because they've been accused of market manipulation using Tether. 

    By the way, here's today's snapshot from CryptoCompare of XRP and BTC trading volume by currency. USDT is about 55% of BTC's volume ?. I'm thinking XRP is relatively healthy, look at all the fiat pairings:

    XRP volume:



    BTC volume:




    I don't use Bittrex or tether, but after reading a little more, saw they have a USDT-TUSD (tether to TrueUSD) pairing, so I'm thinking they want everyone to transition to TUSD as it's safer. Just speculation on my part, and not financial advice, but if you have USDT I would consider swapping it out for TUSD. But anyway, do your own research and let us know what you find!

  9. Actually, I think tipbot would work best for something like this (like twitter/reddit) ... isn't coil based on time spent? So a forum it would be difficult for individuals to get paid, or am I misunderstanding?

    I know there was talk a while ago, but any updates on XRPtipbot for this forum?

  10. I think we're close to the bull run ... XRP is finally decoupling from BTC, we have Swell and xRapid announcements on the way, and I honestly think bitcoin will plummet once regulators get their hands on tether (which accounts for half of bitcoin's volume), which many believe was printed out of thin air and was never formally audited. Once all this happens, XRP will finally break free from bitcoin's price, and speculation will turn into usage. 

  11. 5 hours ago, mr_lazy85 said:

    I don't really know about the Bitcoin Ben guy. At first it sounded like it would be plausible but then he started to talk about there was going to be a "war" between Bitcoin and XRP. This to me sounded like a fantasy in his head that would live in the mind of a bitcoin maximalist or litecoin maximalist. That there were only going to be five really big coins fighting and that one of those coins were going to be Ethereum classic also sounded like a fantasy to me. It just sounds too much what a BTC maximalist would make up in his own head. I think he might just have made that story up or perhaps parts of it. 

    I totally agree, ole Bitcoin Ben is pretty outlandish.

    Ariba was oddly specific and not a name thrown around much, so I researched out of curiosity, and it's pretty interesting, especially since Ripple has been tied to SAP before (Ariba is SAP's B2B supply chain network). Considering that, a connection between Ariba and Ripple doesn't not make sense. That being said, I'm not jumping to any conclusions but it's fun to speculate on other possibilities. More of a popcorn for thought post.

    Also, that mysterious phone call sounds like such a load of ? but maybe he did some digging on XRP after it started blowing up. Maybe Darth Ripple prank called him lol.

    I thought it was weird how specific he was about ETC and LTC but maybe he thought it adds credibility to his story while giving his viewers hope? Who knows

    As for the war, meh. I think he was catering to his audience. But many real Bitcoin supporters have an anarchist streak, and they viewed Bitcoin as the messiah in their efforts to bring down big banks and government. To them it is very much a war and XRP overtaking Bitcoin would be a major defeat. Chris Ver (while no longer supporting Bitcoin) is a pretty good example of the ideology of the early crypto pioneers.


  12. I don't mean to fill this with so much SAP Ariba information, so you can ignore this if you don't care.

    But if Ripple is working with SAP, I'm sure they will be working within the Ariba supply chain network.

    Here is Ariba's VP of sales talking about a networked economy. More high level. http://www.argylejournal.com/chief-financial-officer/vp-of-sales-at-sap-ariba-discusses-implications-of-the-networked-economy-for-the-cfo/

    Also, here is an interesting snippet from another article about Ariba.

    SAP Ariba boasts over 2,000,000 companies within a system that transacts more than $2.5 billion in transactions every 24 hours across 190 countries. Adding the global payments structure of First Data means that companies can now complete the whole procurement process through to payment from within a single system. 

    Full article: https://www.enterprisetimes.co.uk/2016/01/21/will-b2b-online-payments-work/

  13. On 9/8/2018 at 2:55 AM, lucky said:

    Integrating RippleNet payments into SAP business software would be an absolute killer feature. Of course they're testing with it, SAP is a partner for years already.


    This may or may not be relevant to XRP, so bear with me ... 

    I did some research on AribaPay after watching Bitcoin Ben's video; I'm guessing SAP Ariba is SAP's business network you're referring to?

    For those who don't know, AribaPay is a B2B payments solution for the SAP Ariba network (suppliers and buyers), that SAP worked with Discover to implement into the US, and FirstData in Europe. This is a massive B2B ecosystem which for the better or worse, incentivizes suppliers to work within the ecosystem (I've come across scathing reviews by suppliers during my research). About $40B payments processed in first 18 months after AribaPay launched. Not sure about now.

    Here are some links on SAP AribaPay:



  14. On 9/17/2018 at 11:58 AM, EWH2020 said:

    Sorry I am a Coil noob. How may Coil affect XRPs price?

    I don't think it will directly affect the price, but hopefully the usage of XRP will gain more traction by having more and more use cases. But I think the goal is less about XRP price and more about being able to stream micropayments through ILP. This will lower the friction of signing up for subscriptions or entering payment information.

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