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  1. Thanks for posting this, and thanks everyone for contacting them. Many XRP supporters dismiss this and say the decision's already made, but we need to do everything in our power to make sure this happens. Instead of sitting on our couches waiting for the moon, haha.
  2. Sorry if this has already been posted, but the Fed is looking for public opinion over 16 different possible solutions including Ripple. These solutions include TCH and others. No decision yet. You can see all the proposals here: https://fasterpaymentstaskforce.org/effectiveness-criteria-and-solution-proposals/ Some keen observers on Twitter pointed out, our tweets don't matter, we need to contact them via one of the following: 1. Email 2. Website 3. Post 4. Fax You'll find this information in this link. https://www.federalreserve.gov/newsevents/pressreleases/other20181003a.htm
  3. I'd been following this crypthawk guy too, and I don't think he'd spread information he didn't believe is true. If he's wrong, it's not a knock on his integrity. But honestly ... if I'm Amazon with distribution centers all over the world and experimenting with P2P type deliveries or Uber whose drivers around the world want to get paid immediately for big or small jobs, why the hell wouldn't I want to jump on this asap? It's a competitive market out there. Imagine what RippleNet can do for every independent contractor, especially those in other countries
  4. Haha fair enough. But the $1B daily volume XRP does now is nothing compared to the kind of volume FIs will bring in the FX market. JPY alone accounts for $900B daily volume. At it's peak, I think BTC did about $22B; this was when it had a $320B market cap.
  5. Once xRapid kicks in, there'll be a flood of institutional investors, whose best interest it will be to have high liquidity/high price, and they'll keep XRP out of the hands of BTC whales. So I don't see a massive drop like last year. I'll go with Yoshitaka on this one ... $10+ by year's end. Though it becomes much more if the rumors/speculation of foreign reserve de-dollarization are true.
  6. An announcement to make an announcement ... sounds like Justin Sun ?
  7. If that happens, I'll make it rain XRPtipbots .... I'm thinking/hoping that there's no better time to flip the switch on xRapid ...
  8. I totally agree and I think we'll see several exchanges disappear as well. The other indirect effect of regulation is that once large institutions start entering the crypto market, the whales will become tiny players and won't be able to manipulate the market even if they were allowed to.
  9. This is normal correction after initial FOMO. I'm thinking it will move back up soon, which will be a good sign of a healthy uptrend.
  10. BTC is holding all other alt coins down. Massive market manipulation through whales, along with unregulated exchanges and tether are holding crypto back imo. Once regulation starts and the dust settles, crypto - not just XRP - will be allowed to thrive.
  11. I second Uphold. It will also be easy for him to buy XRP himself using fiat in the future without dealing with the exchanges. They also have many different currencies and commodities. The cryptocurrency selection is a bit limited. According to their website, they also say that they hold 100% reserves of member funds, and they don't loan out your money the way traditional banks do. These days we gotta be real careful, so as always, DYOR ? https://uphold.com/en/how-it-works/holding-money
  12. Old news from last month, but Bittrex appears to be working toward becoming a regulated exchange with institutional support. Not surprising, since they are working with Ripple. DYOR, but many of the big exchanges out there (Kraken, Bitfinex, Binance) are facing some very controversial issues around USDT and BNB https://coingape.com/bittrex-coinbase-regulated-trading-platform-fiat-trading-xrapid/
  13. I'm thinking Ripple did their homework while aligning with Bittrex. All the exchanges do use Tether because it's standard to do so. I think this is why Bittrex added stablecoin TrueUSD, which is regularly audited and should actually be backed by USD, unlike Tether. Bitfinex and Kraken are in trouble because they've been accused of market manipulation using Tether. By the way, here's today's snapshot from CryptoCompare of XRP and BTC trading volume by currency. USDT is about 55% of BTC's volume ?. I'm thinking XRP is relatively healthy, look at all the fiat pairings: XRP volume: BTC volume: EDIT: I don't use Bittrex or tether, but after reading a little more, saw they have a USDT-TUSD (tether to TrueUSD) pairing, so I'm thinking they want everyone to transition to TUSD as it's safer. Just speculation on my part, and not financial advice, but if you have USDT I would consider swapping it out for TUSD. But anyway, do your own research and let us know what you find!
  14. Tether will fall, it's only a matter of time. Printed out of thin air and artificially pumping bitcoin for years. Bitfinex and Kraken will follow, and bitcoin will plummet. This is when XRP will take over ...
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