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  1. all depends on your appetite for risk, I'm around 10% I believe.
  2. Grayscale has banner ads on cnbc (cable television), sooooooooo
  3. he claimed xrp would be on coinbase last year, and look how that turned out.
  4. a different take: throwing more developers at a problem doesn't necessarily make it happen faster
  5. they should probably look into getting a real certificate hmmm
  6. *tin foil hat on * who wants to wager that BW will basically end his dumping around November 5th?
  7. found elsewhere, but people are pointing out that there are alot of unopened champagne bottles on desks in the ripple video. When Cory is talking and devs are in the background at desks.
  8. "That industry has since gone bust, and XRP is in the cross-hairs of regulators who may classify it as a security with extra restrictions." "Many users may not want XRP or to have anything to do with crypto. They can luckily ignore the feature." "The XRP integration could potentially save Omni money on transaction fees. But the whole idea sounded a lot better when cryptocurrency was perceived as a gold rush rather than a gamble." Yup. Author seems to be living under a rock imo.
  9. So it still didn't recover. In fact it looks like it immediately got pushed back down again.
  10. I believe that 3 million just went to a bitstamp address. Has it been established that every time a big amount moves, there are huge sell orders after?
  11. His answer didn't inspire a whole lot of confidence in me. Maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way but... Under the Howey Test, a transaction is an investment contract if: 1.It is an investment of money 2.There is an expectation of profits from the investment 3.The investment of money is in a common enterprise 4.Any profit comes from the efforts of a promoter or third party The speaker used the example of Ripple shutting down, leaving XRP to still function as it normally would thereby disproving number 4. However for the time being, Ripple is very much alive and kicking, th
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