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  1. Bob, thanks very much for your time and the insight provided in this week's interview with Brad Kimes, especially on the subject of growing XRP value as a bridge currency through increased utility and liquidity, focusing on exotic corridors, allowing MMs to make more money, and most of all, lowering the cost to users. I have a few follow-up questions: 1) In your interview and on your "About the patent" thread you speak about the most practical path for XRP adoption being a gradual and somewhat predictable upward slope due to the factors I mention above. Without having a crystal ball, wh
  2. Hi Bob, When you say the "mechanism is NOT in action yet," is this because it's not finished technically speaking, or is it because the RippleNet volume has not reached the necessary threshold to actually "drive XRP into the bridge currency position?" Whatever the reason, when would you expect to see the mechanism activated? Thanks very much for sharing your point of view and for helping to keep us XRP speculators grounded in reality. Walt
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