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  1. Hey @CryptoEri!, nice to see you here, thank you so much for all the hard work, you are my favorite XRP youtuber.
  2. Nobody knows for sure what will happen in the future but i one thing i could not believe was how XRP went from 0.2 to almost 4 dollars in a matter of weeks and in that time XRP did not have the progress it has today, there are so many variables in play but i tend to think that we could break previous ATH just like before, maybe history will repeat itself, maybe.
  3. I am not familiar with that method of creation, the pass phrase is the keyword to decrypt the data, i do not know what to response to that. But @PunishmentOfLuxury gave you a great resources to create your paper wallet, either option you choose is really good.
  4. Hi JasCrypto In my case i used toast wallet to generate my paper wallet, the software generates an encrypted json string which you can restore in toast wallet afterwards, i am a bit paranoid so i created my wallet, sent a small amount of xrp, backed up the encrypted string, uninstalled toast wallet, installed it again and i restored the encrypted json string just to check that everything was ok.
  5. $20 by 2023? I don´t want to sound discouraging but I would say that is a pipe dream, i´ve been in this scene since 2017 and here we are at 0.2c. i would be happy if it gets to $1 by then.
  6. XRP´s utility is increasing day by day, the snowball is getting bigger, just wait and see.
  7. LOL BSV 337.5% increase in 30 days, i have never met anyone buying that coin, what is going on!?, only in crypto ...
  8. Strange, is there any other way to check the TPS from the ledger?
  9. A must watch, thanks for the video. May the Schwartz be with you
  10. Preparing my last buy this year if it goes to the teens., it is my Xmas present. hehe
  11. I don't have a give up date but i have a price targets set for certain portions of my stack, if it doesn't reach those price targets I consider my investment lost. I like to think that this is money I have already lost.
  12. Thanks @Hodor for sharing such an awesome information. Wish you the best in your new journey.
  13. My favorites are: Crypto Eri and DM Logic's XRPhilosophy.
  14. Yes, i know. It is interesting how charts are interpreted, just that. I don´t even have the courage to start trading, i am just holding long term.
  15. Thanks @Molten and @dr_ed for all your insights in the current market state which is really useful to someone like me who does not know anything about TA.
  16. It is not listed according to the source. Listed cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC.
  17. I think if it reaches that price i would have a heart attack and i´d die happy. i have not though about my exit strategy, i am here for the long haul (about 10 years), so that thought haven crossed my mind yet but i think i should start thinking about it because sooner or later the time will come.
  18. The title of this thread should be changed, its misleading.
  19. He also talked about the the recent attack against the ledger. (Memo Spam)
  20. At last!, i have been waiting for this since last year, i am excited.
  21. I am more bullish than ever, seeing the patent, watching the interview and inspecting the Corda settler code repository, this is going to be a fun ride, hold tight.
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